What you should do right away:

A screen can break in many different levels of severity, from a completely smashed screen with a non-operating phone to small little cracks over the edges. So there are different solutions for every different condition. Here’s your guide to understanding the way to handle your broken iPhone screens.

iPhone repair

The first thing you need do is to gauge the damage happened to the phone. Try a little tapping and prodding to understand the intensity at which the screen has been damaged. If the screen completely falls out or sticks to the phone with whole spiderweb cracks. After you have identified the damage, you can decide the solution.

The solution for your iPhone repair as per the damages are as follows:

  1. Using Packing Tape:

So when the screen breaks, you can right away use the most easily accessible solution, I.e., to use the packing tape as a screen protector. Stick the transparent screen protector tape all around your phone covering all the cracks so that the screen doesn’t fall off or cut your fingers.

  1. Screen Protectors:

For the more finished solution, you can use screen protectors, applying it won’t solve the issue but still makes your phone screen manageable if it is functioning.

screen protectors

  1. DIY:

If you are a techie and have knowledge about technical stuff, you can try fixing the screen on your own. You can also watch tutorials online to do so; you might need a few tools to do the job. So if you are confident enough, go for it.

  1. Go to a professional:
  • Manufacturer repair center (Apple Store)
  • Local Repair shops
  • Call in a professional at home
  • Kiosks at Mall


  • Manufacturer repair center (Apple Store):


Apple’s online warranty guideline states that “You should not open the Apple Product. Opening it may cause damage which is not covered by this warranty. Only Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider should perform service on this Apple Product.”

Apple service centers might be a bit more expensive than the local stores and usually comes with a guarantee and if it is in a warranty period, you don’t need to think twice about it.

  • Local Repair Shops:

You can opt for local iPhone repair shops in NYC since they are not directly linked to the manufacturer it becomes hard to rely on them but if you choose a good shop based on online reviews, other consumers’ references, etc. then this might work out for you. Some shops manage to solve the problems at lower costs than the apple store.

Call a professional at home

  • Call a professional at home:

There are professional services available online that come to your home to fix the issue you are facing with your devices, pick your service provider; they are cost effective and also provide services at your home; turns out this is one of the great options to opt for.

  • Kiosks at Mall:

When we visit malls, we often avoid relying on the stalls for such big issues like broken screens on our devices. However, experts say that they have got good professional skills to solve your problems at very reasonable costs, you could go to the nearest kiosk and try getting your phone screen repaired from them.


These are the steps you should follow for your iPhone screen repair if it gets damaged. However, there many online guides that you can go through for the DIYs to repair your iPhone screen.