Common Problems With Oneplus 5t And How To Fix Them

Oneplus 5t has received a lot of positive reviews ever since it launched and it is loved by lots so much that people passed on to 6, 6t and now waiting for oneplus 7; it is receiving a lot of complaints as well regarding some issues to be fixed and some features that need to be worked on.

One plus 5t came with lots of updates ever since it has launched, yet it is receiving many complaints in the oneplus forum. Although it is a good option for replacing by 3T or 5 yet some issues should be taken into consideration.


  1. Battery life issues:

As the new update launched, people have started expecting increased battery life. The battery issue has been a problem for every android phone, other phones have been fixing these issues with each new phone launched, and people have started expecting the same from oneplus 5t. The reason behind this could be anything like mobile data consuming the battery even when the phone is idle, some misbehaving apps, and so forth.


  • The solution is to turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi when not using.
  • Turning the brightness down as that is also the reason behind the consumption of the battery.
  • We also recommend you turn off the locations option as well.
  • Consistently closing the apps running in the background.
  1. Wi-Fi connectivity issues:

Something we notice on every phone these days, it is the issue with Wi-Fi connectivity. Either the Wi-Fi doesn’t connect on the first go, or it drops; people have been complaining about all this from a long time.


Although the phones are upgrading; people still seem to find some issues. They can always work things out and fix problems from their end.

  • Try turning it off and then back on in the settings.
  • You can try putting the phone on a flight mode for a few minutes and then turn it off; it works in the cases of mobile data it might work here as well.
  • Try turning the Wi-Fi router of your house down and then turn it back on, it has worked for some.
  • You can also try going on the settings, forget all the networks and reconnect from scratch.
  • Stay upgraded on the latest version, always update the phone whenever there’s an update announced, you can go to settings>about the phone and upgrade to the latest version. Being on the latest version of the phone mainly solves a lot of issues.

Digital camera issue

  1. Digital camera issue:

There are still many complaints regarding the camera of oneplus 5t. from the quality of the camera to the overall user experience.


  • Make sure you are on the latest updated version; it has made a bunch of fixes like night mode, the sound of recording and HDR mode.
  • Restart your phone entirely.
  • Try turning HDR mode off, although the company solved this issue in latest update still if you face the same issue again, you can let us know, we will get it fixed for you.

4. Bluetooth connectivity issues:

Along with Wi-Fi, people also complain about the connectivity issue with Bluetooth. It gets the trickiest in the cars people have claimed that it took more than one restarts for them to get paired.


  • Again, unpairing with all the devices and starting over should help.
  • You can restart the phone to give it a fresh start as a temporary solution.
  • Upgrade to the latest version software on your phone, this should fix the problem regarding the same. The latest pie update has improved the user experience.

5. Face unlock:

The face unlock feature has been the best-known feature of the phone, it beats iPhone x in terms of the speed to unlock your phone.


  • Delete you registered face and redo it.
  • Make sure you do it while in the room full of light so it can get the accurate recognition of the face.

6. Fingerprint unlock issues:

People have complained that the phone scans to unlock while in the pocket, this makes it annoying for the user as it keeps vibrating in the pocket every time it doesn’t recognize the touch.


  • Since it is a hardware problem, you can re-enter your fingerprint and see if it happens again and if it does re-enter it without the phone case it will help it in recognizing the most accurate print and shall help you solve this issue
  • However, if all else fails, use the face unlock option.

7. Apps aren’t fullscreen:

The one plus 5t has an 18:9 ratio long and skinny screen some apps show the black bars at the top and bottom like widescreen movies.


In the version Android 8.1 OnePlus added a “fullscreen app mode” where you can control the screen resolution ratio. Go to Settings>fullscreen app mode, and toggle troublesome apps into fullscreen.

8. Audio problems:

It has been noticed that people are complaining about the sound problems during phone calls, while listening to music, while playing games and such. And we are wondering why, if you are using the latest version of the phone this shouldn’t be the problem. In the most recent update in 2018, oneplus has almost fixed all the bugs and complaints about the phone, so this shouldn’t be the problem anymore and if still is a problem in your case you can go for oneplus 5t repair or replace your oneplus 5t from the company.


Overall Oneplus 5t is a good phone to choose, the few bugs and fixes keep getting better as the it keeps announcing the new version of the software update. It is a good option to rely on, whenever faced any problem you can get your oneplus 5t repaired anytime in the nearest onplus service centers.