Know How To Repair Oneplus 5 Screen Before You Spend Your Money

Breaking your phone’s screen is as major and serious as losing your smartphone. A lot of people prefer to keep the screen that way instead of replacing it. It is solely because the screen repair sector happens to be the most brutal one in the smartphone world. It can be very expensive, and finding the right place that will not rip you off is next to impossible.

So before you rush to your nearest vendor for your oneplus 5 screen repair NYC, refer to these solutions you can try on your own.

The first and foremost thing you have to do while you break your phone screen is to remain calm. There are many ways where you can repair your broken screen before you spend your money.

The display is one of the most easily damaged parts of mobile phones. But before you lose hope and buy yourself a new phone, stop and try these simple steps towards fixing your phone.

Assess the damage

If the damage to your phone is slight and on the surface, then you can live with that damage than afford to repair or replace it. If your screen is cracked around the surface and not bothering your view or your fingers, you don’t need to spend on fixing the screen.

Repair your phone temporarily

If you notice your oneplus screen has damaged to the point that the glass of your display may cause blisters to your fingers its time for some temporary repair. Buy a screen protector from any oneplus 5 screen repair shop. The screen protector will prevent the phone from further damages and will make it smooth for you to use your touchscreen phone.

Back up your data

As soon as your screen cracks, arrange the back up for your data stored in your oneplus 5. Having a backup will be a secure option, just in case, you lose your data during your repair.

Check for insurance of your phone

Check it if your phone is insured, be it through your home insurance or as a part of a specific gadget policy. See to it if you are covered under that insurance for accidental damage. Fixing the damage caused to your screen via an insurance company might be the cheapest way to get your phone repaired.

Look for a phone repair shop

Finally, when you are done assessing the damage and trying a temporary repair, the time to take your phone to a repair shop has come — research the nearest stores for oneplus repair NYC online.

The screen repair range will vary as per the type of damage caused to your phone.

You can go to the oneplus repair stores and contact the expert who is experienced technician to fix the damage, or you can go to a third party repair shop which doesn’t guarantee the quality of the service. The third party shops will be cheaper than the manufacturer’s repair stores.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

There are so many DIY videos available on youtube that can guide you to repair your damaged screen at home. If you are mechanically sound you can get the necessary tools online and try repairing your screen on your own.

However, unless you are highly confident about it, this should be avoided in any case. As per the policy, any unauthorized repairing attempts can void the warranty of your oneplus 5.

For the smaller damages, you can try one of the below-mentioned methods that could fix the damage temporarily:

  • Apply toothpaste

If there is a small crack in your phone, you can apply the toothpaste over the crack and rub it with a cotton bud. While doing that make sure it doesn’t affect the buttons, sockets or other such vulnerable parts of your phone.

  • Use a plastic bag

If the screen of your phone has shattered into pieces, you can protect it with a plastic bag. Assemble all the broken pieces in its place then tie the plastic bag around your phone.

The plastic bag will hold the pieces together, making it easy for you to use the phone and saving it from any further damages temporarily.

  • Apply baking soda

It is a remedy circulating online; it suggests that a paste made from two parts of baking soda and one part of water can fix the screen. Make sure the paste is thick and use the cloth while applying it on display.

This should solve the issue for a while and let you use your smartphone.

Buy a new phone

  • Buy a new phone

When you see the bill for your repairing going too high, don’t refrain from selling it and getting a new phone.

Even after spending so much on your screen repair it might not work as smooth as it used to, so it is smarter to sell this phone and buy yourself a new one.

Also, before you send off your phone, make sure you have cleared all the data you had in your phone, take the important files in your computer from your phone and do the complete factory reset.


So now when you break your screen into pieces, do not panic for there are solutions to handle it calmly and get it back to life. A little bit of research will help you find the perfect store to get the damage repaired. The home remedies must be tried on your own risk or under proper guidance as it might cause more damage to your phone if not done correctly.