Points to Keep in Mind When Your Samsung Galaxy s8 Screen Breaks

In 2017, Samsung launched its 8th version of Galaxy S series. This model has advanced battery power. Also some new added features which customers loved like AR emoji. Its edge to edge QHD+ screen is what makes it stand out among all other phones in the market. Although it is named after galaxy, it is not immune to the gravity. The screen is so fragile that people have claimed it broken even after falling from the height of 2 ft.

The Phone has a sleek body structure which ultimately makes it vulnerable and sensitive which makes it prone to cracks. It offers a 5.8-inch screen, a rear camera resolution of 12 MP, and a front camera resolution of 8 MP. The live translation feature is also one of its features to leave the audience awestruck.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen

Its the 21st century and mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. Our daily tasks are dependent on the device whether it be an Alarm to wake you up or even reading a piece of news; these days we get everything done through this single device. We don’t realize it until we lose touch with it. But ultimately we are human beings, and we are prone to make mistakes. So just In case you are one of those humans you have landed on the right place.
Here We will tell you how you should repair your Samsung Galaxy S8 or get it fixed in case of damage.

These are the possible damages that can happen to your phone:

1. It gets broken
2. It gets wet
3. It is cracked
4.Display issues

In any of the above cases, follow these steps:

1. Look for professionals:

It is your Galaxy S8 you can’t afford to choose an amateur over a professional for a few bucks. Always go for an excellent professional service technician to get it repaired. You would surely try your DIYs to fix it, but the best way to sustain repairs is to get it fixed professionally.

Galaxy S8 Repair

2.Cost & Time effective:

You have already paid a good price for your Samsung Galaxy S8 you better choose a cost-effective company to repair it as well. Along with the cost you should also look for a service that saves your time, it is generally an hour or 2 jobs to fix a screen and one business day for the worse cases, do not opt for any company taking longer than that unless there is an exception. Research on your own regarding the prices for the repair to get some idea about the market price for the same.

3. Use screen protector tape until you find a way to repair:

When you broke your screen and cannot immediately go to the store you can use screen protector tape, you can use your packing tape as screen protector; that would work if your screen is responding to touch and the display is working. That’s a temporary solution for the problem.


These are the things that you should consider while opting for a store to repair your phone screen. Always look for a professional service provider that will be time effective, cost-effective and will offer excellent quality service. If your screen gets damaged and you can’t go and repair it right away, you could use the option of a screen protector and continue using your phone.

galaxy s8

Since galaxy s8 has easily breakable screen, you can get it insured from the nearest Samsung galaxy store; this will help you with the damages that can happen to your phone in the future.