Step By Step Guide For Samsung S6 Edge Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is undeniably one among most amazing smart phones available in the mobile phone market today. If your Samsung phone’s screen gets dented or totally broken, can you replace it by yourself? The good news is, you can possibly do the repair and replacement yourself. Just follow this do-it-yourself instruction.

Just like any other types of gadgets and mobile devices, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is also not immune to any damages. How about if your Samsung phone’s screen gets dented or totally broken? Is it possible to perform S6 phone screen repair by yourself or do you need a professional technician to do the screen replacement?

S6 phone screen repair

The good news is, you can possibly do the repair and replacement yourself. However, you need to have a high level of expertise and to use the recommended tools in order to carry out the task successfully without damaging the other parts of the phone. You also need to make sure that your phone is no longer within the warranty period because if it is still under warranty and you do the Samsung s6 edge screen replacement yourself or have it repaired by a third party repair shop, the warranty will become null and void.

Let us say that your smart phone’s warranty has already ended, you have some experiences fixing a broken smart phone before, you have the right tools needed for the repair, and you have decided to do the task by yourself, you can follow the Samsung S6 screen repair step by step instruction below.

The tools you will for this do-it-yourself project are heat gun or hair drier, screen suction cup tool, tweezers, case opening tools or a few poker cards, screwdriver, and a spurge.

samsung s6 edge screen replacement

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to remove the battery door. To do this, heat up the back cover of the phone with the use of a heat gun or hair drier for a minute or less. Once the extremely strong battery door adhesive gets slightly loose, carefully insert the case opening tools or the poker cards into the edge of the battery door to widen the gap and to get rid of the adhesive.

Step 2

The next thing you should do is to remove the rear housing. First, you need to take out the SIM card tray and then detach the 13 screws. Once done, separate the LCD Assembly from the rear housing using the case opening tool and the suction cup tool. And then take out the 3 interchangeable side key flex ribbon cables. Finally, find the wireless charging coil and peel it off.

Step 3

Next, remove the different parts of the phone. Take out the motherboard by prying up the signal cables from the main board. Once done, remove the ear speaker, LCD screen and digitizer, flex cable connectors of the home button, and then the battery.

Turn the motherboard over. Disconnect the flex cable connector of the charging port, the ear speaker assembly, the microphone, and then the rear facing camera.

galaxy S6 screen replace

Step 4

Disconnect the charging port assembly and then unscrew the 2 screws located nearby the earphone jack. Slowly and carefully lift up the charging port assembly. Don’t mix in these two screws with the rest as they are smaller in size than the others.

Step 5

With the help of a plastic spudger tool, carefully lift up the battery. Separate the LCD assembly from the front housing and replace it with a new Digitizer Assembly and LCD and position it in a reverse order.

Now it’s time to put everything back to its position. Be extra carefully in disassembling and assembling your smart phone.