Top iPhone Related Problems That Should Be Fixed By Experts

One of the most significant gifts of the twenty-first century to mankind is iPhones. It has been over a decade since the first iPhone was launched and today there are millions of iPhone users across the world. Though it is the most excellent technological innovation, there are several problems that users face. These are common problems, and not all of them are exclusive to the iPhone. So here is the list of some of the most common issues that iPhone users face.

Damaged Screen:

Those who look for iPhone repair solution are mostly have damaged screen to deal with. A cracked screen is frustrating, you cannot even enjoy your favorite apps, and eventually, you stop enjoying the videos, games, reading texts and other things. It is better to get it repaired as soon as possible. You can fix it yourself by using tapes, but it is not a permanent solution. You should look for a shop that offers.

Phone damaged by water:

Any electrical item is at high risk of damaging when it comes in contact with the water. If you have dropped liquid on your iPhone or you have dropped your iPhone in water, then you cannot bring back to life yourself. You will need help from professionals. The first thing you should do is to clean your device with a dry cloth. Do not switch on the phone as it might lead to short-circuiting. You can put the iPhone in a jar or bowl of rice to absorb the remaining water. Leave the device there for 48 hours. If you are lucky, then your phone will start, but in most cases, visiting a reliable apple iPhone repair shop is the best and only option.

Frozen Screen:

The frozen screen is a common problem in the iPhone, but it is easy to solve it. You can restart your phone and get your phone working as smoothly as before. You can also go for a hard reset by holding down the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time.

When you cannot power off the device:

When you are unable to power off your iPhone by holding the screen lock button, you should press and hold the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time. Keep holding these buttons until the apple logo appears on the screen.

The volume button is stuck:

apple iPhone repair shop

When your volume button is not working, you cannot put your phone on silent while receiving calls, which is annoying. There are a few tips that you can try to solve the problem. You should first turn on the airplane mode. The phone calls won’t bother you anymore as all the calls will go the voicemail. You should also go for muting all the sounds on your iPhone. This can give you peace for a while, but meanwhile, you should start looking for a nearby apple repair shop that can provide you a reliable solution.

When the iPhone does not connect with the Wi-Fi:

It is a minor problem and restarting the device should work. Once the device is restarted, the phone should be able to connect the device to the Wi-Fi. If you still cannot connect, then go in the settings, go to Wi-Fi icon and set the HTTP Proxy to auto.

Battery Drain:

A draining battery is also one of the common problems in iPhone devices. You should turn off all the apps that you are not using. Go to the settings and turn off all the unnecessary apps. If the problem continues then, you might have to opt for iPhone battery repair.

When the microphone does not work:

You need to ensure that all the plastic films on your phone are removed. Go to settings and open the app and check whether it has permission to use the microphone or not. If the problem is in the hardware, then visit a reputed mobile repair shop to get the best outcome.

Problems with Bluetooth:

Bluetooth problem is easy to solve. You need to follow these steps. Go to settings, general, and select reset all options and then reset all settings. This will delete all the saved settings, and you should be able to connect the Bluetooth.

Camera problem:

iPhone battery repair

Often this might occur when you have any restrictions turned on. Go to settings, general, restrictions, and ensure that the allow camera option is turned on. If you still cannot find a solution, then you should see a reputed technician who can cater to your requirement in the best possible way.


Whether you need iPhone battery replacement or you need to fix the charging port, you should always opt for a mobile repair shop that has rich experience and has a team of a skilled technician. There are several benefits of visiting such a shop and the first in the list is service quality. If you only look for cheaper repairing solution, you might end up getting poor quality services, which means more time for repairing and no accurate diagnosis of the problem. You also won’t get any adequate warranty on the repair job. So it is better to approach a professional who can give you the best in class solution for any iPhone related problems.