What Prevents Your Phone From Charging And How To Fix It?

Smartphones have become part of our everyday life. If something happens to this one of the most advanced devices, it becomes essential to solving it as soon as possible. Today, smartphones are made using advanced technology, and most of the models are highly efficient and reliable. Due to such use of modern technology, it becomes difficult to solve the problems that occur due to wearing over time.

Whether you are using iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or oneplus 3, you need to find an experienced professional who can give you a reliable solution. If you are using Oneplus 3 and you have faced problem such as a damaged screen or damaged charging port then look for the best shop that offers oneplus 3 repair in NYC.

The problem with charging port is often faced by the iPhone users also. When you insert the charging pin in your iPhone, it should start charging right, but in many cases, it does not. You might have to push the pin or set it in a specific position, so the phone starts charging. This is stressful and doing anything yourself without knowing the real problem can cause more damage to your device. The problem might not be serious, and you might not have to replace any parts. So let’s try to find out why your phone does not charge.

The reason why your phone is not charging

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It is important to note that when you face a technical problem with your device, you should visit a reliable repair shop for an accurate diagnosis. There can be a number of reasons for it. There might be some electronic issues, or it might be an environmental problem.

Presence of foreign substances:

Accumulation of dust or oil materials in the charging port can cause such a problem. When the phone does not connect properly with the charging machine, it does not start charging right away. You might have to make some efforts like pushing or pulling the pin and set it in a particular position. It is better to visit a reputed shop nearby and get it cleaned.

Such a problem is common among phone owners who work in open fields or dusty places. They to get their phones cleaned regularly to prevent the problem. There is no need to try cleaning yourself as it might damage other parts of the phone. You should give the expert for the best outcome.

Reactive chemicals:

When your charging port come in contact with reactive chemicals, it leads to the reaction between chemical and the port as most metals are reactive to the chemicals. This also can be the reason that your phone’s charging problem.

What else should you check?

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with your charging phone. There might be a battery related problem. To ensure that your charging port is in proper condition, you should do the following.

Check the wall outlet, whether it is fine or not.

You should ensure that there is nothing wrong with the plug

Check your USB cable for physical damage.

Switch off your phone and start again to ensure that there are no software issues with the phone.


Whether you need oneplus 3t battery repair or you are looking for solving the charging problem in your iPhone, you can trust an experienced shop. You should get your phone cleaned regularly and protect it from chemicals, oil, dust, dirt, etc.