What To Do For iPhone 7 Screen Repair: Apple or DIY

So you dropped the iPhone accidentally, and the screen looks doomed now. Nothing can be disheartening than dropping an iPhone as it charges you hundreds of dollars just for the screen. Whether you crack the whole glass or the screen goes half black, it needs a replacement.

There are different options for iPhone 7 screen repair that we are going to discuss here. Also, we would explain how you can perform the DIY.

Your Options For Iphone 7 Screen Repair

If you are noticing any defects in the screen or the visuals, it is good to go for the screen replacement. However, those who have a shattered glass and there is nothing wrong to the display can use a glass screen protector so the cracks do not spread any further and you can use the phone without any repairs. Let’s head to Apple iPhone 7 screen repair options-

The Official Apple Fix

Apple always comes as the best option for any repair related to Apple devices. If your device still serves under warranty, you can take advantage of AppleCare+. The service covers the broken screen repairs for two times. For the first time, it charges you around $129 whereas for the second repair the price goes down to $93. To check if your phone is eligible for AppleCare+, simply visit the site and put down the serial number.

However, you can always take the device under Apple care even if it does not get under AppleCare+. In both cases, the charges would be relatively the same. You can either visit the store by yourself or send the phone to them that would charge you an additional shipping cost of around $6.

Usually, in-store screen repairs are quick, and they take about an hour or so and give the device the same day. However, it is not the case every time, and it depends on the local stores too.

Amazon as the Alternative

cheap iPhone 7 screen repair

Amazon is another trustworthy option that you may rely on if you can’t go for Apple due to any reason. If your phone has crossed the warranty phase, Amazon can be a great choice for a cheap iPhone 7 screen repair. There are always affordable options that provide you repair without making a hole in your wallet.

You need to book an appointment first by logging into your Amazon account and select iPhone repair service. Here you will be prompted to choose the model number and other details. Fill them up and proceed further on getting the appointment.

Select the date and the timeframe when you want to opt for the repair. Choose as per your convenience and proceed. Their people call you with some questions, and the repair gets done under $100. However, you should always review the final price.


If your phone is not under warranty anymore and you want to give DIY a chance, this is the way out. Always do it on your own risk when you have some experience dealing with iPhone screen repairs. Else you should always visit an Apple store. Let’s get to the DIY steps for Apple iPhone 7 plus repair

  • As the first step, you need to heat the adhesive straps of the device. You can make use of a dehydrator or a heat gun. Be careful in the process as you are not supposed to overdo it. Keep the heat low and do it until the adhesive seems loose.
  • Now you can work on removing the screws that you see in the bottom edge. Use a metal spudger and carefully remove the screws. Separate the adhesive completely while handling the device delicately. The body will open up from one side where you see the flex cable still connecting the screen to the battery.
  • Next, you should remove the silver EMI shield that is on the mid-right side of the phone by loosening those four tri-point screws. Now, you can detach the battery from the logic board using the spudger. Make sure you buy all the needed tools from an iPhone 7 plus repair shop or buy the kit online.
  • Go to the front panel sensor and unscrew the two Philips head screws there. It is a silver shield in the top section of the phone attached with a flex cable.
  • You should now detach the assembly connector cable from the logic board using a spudger. It is the connection that keeps the screen to the iPhone’s body.
  • In the next step, you can take off the LCD assembly from the body and be ready to remove the front camera and earpiece.
  • It is time to remove the silver bracket by removing the five Phillips head screws. Using the spudger, you can pull the camera and the earpiece speaker off.
  • Similarly, pull out the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. Do it with caution as there is a cable there that you can break easily.
  • The next phase is about removing the Home Button or the Touch ID. Do it with extreme care as any irresponsibility can make you visit Apple care and you are not going to save any money then.
  • There are the pentalobe screws that you need to unscrew to take off the Touch ID.
  • See in the bottom and look for the five tri-point screws and 1 Philips head screw. Remove them carefully, and you are doing right on iPhone 7 cracked glass repair DIY.
  • It will make you take the LCD shield away and detach the home button cable connector as well.
  • Now you are ready to replace the screen with a new one. Get the new screen and set it into the structure. Get the home button and set it there
  • Reconnect the flex cable you took of earlier from the home button. Take the flex cable through the LCD shield and the shield should be over the screen.
  • Now the screw part comes where you tighten all the screws and put things back. Tight the five tri-point screws and single Philips head screw.
  • Get the home bracket and tighten the four tri-wing screws.
  • Use the spudger and fix the ambient light and proximity sensor as you took off.
  • Get reverse in your steps and reinstall the front camera and the earpiece speaker as well.
  • Reinstall the bracket over the front camera by screwing the five Phillips heads. Put the flex back for the camera flex to the logic board. Screw the EMI shield with the Philips head screws.
  • Now it is time to reconnect the display flex cable. Get to the mid-right side of the phone close the flex EMI shield back using the four tri-point screws. The screw that is somewhat longer than others goes in the right corner.
  • Get the screen in the frame and press it a bit, so it clicks. Set it by screwing the two pentalobe screws and you are done.


iPhone 7 screen repair

Whenever being dubious among all your options, always opt for an Apple care for the iPhone 7 screen repair. Secondly, you can consider Amazon too if the phone is not under warranty. DIY should be the last option that only experienced ones should go with.