Google Pixel4A

Google has reintroduced itself into the budget smartphone range with a new “A” range of Pixel devices. The low price with great features is not the most admired part but also the fascinating history here. Source: tech radar The company used to manufacture and sell devices of a similar calibre prior to it introduced the…Read More

How to Optimize Your Xperia Battery Consumption?

There are a variety of reasons due to which contributes to poor battery life on your Xperia. New smartphone models are so much thinner, which takes a toll on phone batteries. With brighter screens, faster processor added background software and fast internet connections, which is why battery cases have gained popularity over the last few…Read More

one plus 7T

OnePlus 7T Most Common Issues And How To Fix Them

The OnePlus smartphone company offers one of the best-manufactured phones today. It has a reputed name in the industry. Hence, you can easily trust their cellphone quality and effectiveness. Source: rapid repair In their range, the OnePlus 7T was recently launched last year. Dispute being the best on quality, it is also the best budget…Read More