samsung repair NY

We all have that one phone which remains spare without anyone using it. So you or any of your family members decided to get an upgrade without considering what to do with the former phone. However, worry not since we have come up with some obvious yet overlooked ideas of re-purposing your old Samsung phone….Read More

Google Pixel

The modern touch screen devices provide the elegance and ease, yet along with that comes its own cons and drawbacks. People on average check their smartphones 96 times a day. And on and off when you pull your smartphone out of your pocket, you notice the calls you missed while you were caught up in…Read More


Protect your Oneplus from Viruses Around the Web

It’s as easy for your Android phones to catch viruses as your computer systems. Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system and it is considered as an ‘open’ operating system, which allows it to be altered by manufacturers easily. But on the downside, this means that the Android operating system is more prone to…Read More