One plus 5 unveiled in 2017 and it has left an impression of a great phone on customers’ minds. Its sleek and slim body makes it a classy one in the market. And it is all the more powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The curved, bright and vivid AMOLED screen looks stunning along with…Read More

iPhone X repair

Apple launched iPhone X in 2017, it received fair demand since it was the new high tech smartphone in the market. A lot of people invested in it. If you too are on the list you also may find yourself confused with different features it offers. From how to operate without the home button to…Read More

Samsung repair NYC

This is the end of the year and as the tradition goes we all leave this year’s setbacks, miseries, and failed attempts there and move forward to a new beginning called a New Year. We enter a new year by unloading the baggage of the past year and embracing what new year has to offer….Read More