Cell Phone Parts on The Verge of Getting Damaged

  • by Wireless solution
  • November 7, 2013

In this day and age where technology has peeped into almost every sphere, cell phones too have undergone dramatic changes. These are widely used to establish communication between people residing in far-flung areas. However, with the passage of time and with revolutionary features like camera, internet, games, music player etc.. it is no more just a means of communication and has greatly simplified the lives of a modern man.

With the availability of innovative and technologically advanced smartphones, there is increased risk of their getting damaged. As such, it is essential to take care of your sleek and stylish gadget for smooth and hassle free functioning. Below are some of the most common cell phone parts that are prone to get easily damaged.

cell phone parts

Intuitive & Sensitive Touch-Screen:

To ensure its protection from dirt, dents and scratches screen guard is applied on to the screens of the phone. It acts as a great means of keeping your screen moisture free, as at times you might happen to pick the phone with your wet hands. The screens being highly sensitive they are at the risk of easily getting damaged. The reasons of damage may vary from accidental slippage from the hands, to spilling of water on to the screen and more.


Since over a period of time smart phones available today have substituted most gadgets and are sort of a boombox, one gadget offering functionality of a wide number of other gadgets. Hence, it is obvious that the power consumed to support uninterrupted functioning of the various features is quite high. Most advanced phones including i-phones, Blackberry, HTC have limited battery back up. If proper care is not taken at the proper time, there are high chances of the battery getting damaged easily.

cell phone parts


If the charger is not handled with caution, say often dropped then it is very easy to get damaged. Frequently dropping off of the charger of snatching of the wire can lead to its malfunctioning.

Built-In Stylus:

Many mobile phones come with a stylus and special place is allocated for its storage. However, regular usage of the stylus may loosen up the lock, resulting into increased chances of falling or dropping off at any instant. Hence, it is essential to take care of the lock whenever you are taking the stylus out or putting it back or else there is high risk of it getting lost.

cell phone parts

Each cell phone parts being highly sensitive, it is always advisable to handle it with care for longevity of usage. If you are careless and fail to keep up, you can always search online or visit a physical outlet for things that are broken or misplaced.