Dangers of Using iPhone 11 With a Broken Screen

  • by Wireless solution
  • July 6, 2020

Today, the screen of an iPhone is so expensive that it costs you the same amount of money as a new phone. Even though the manufacturers use acrylic display, one drop is enough is to shatter the screen. So, dropping your iPhone no doubt gives a mini heart attack to the person holding it.

But what if your iPhone 11 is already broken, you need to get it repaired immediately. It is not safe to use a cracked screen iPhone it might hurt you and many more things which are as below:

  1. Fingers Get Prone to Sharp Glass Splinters

First and foremost, you know that your fingers might get hurt or worse bleed while using a broken screen phone. Touchscreen have you swiping iPhone and it is possible that you might get sharp glass splinters that cut through your finger and hurt you.

It is painful even though it’s a small cut. So, you need to get your to your device to the nearest iPhone repair store.

  1. Touch Screen Malfunctions

Touch Screen Malfunctions

Using your phone continuously will only make things worse, the more you use the more touch screen capacity will be compromised and less responsive to your finger gestures. Not only that but also the chances of oil, dust, and external debris can get into your iPhone and it can damage the internal parts through time and use.

Hence, it is advisable to get your iPhone screen repaired when it is broken and not to keep on using it.

  1. You Can Develop a Sore Eye

Even though your iPhone 11 comes with an HD display, yet when it breaks it will be difficult for you to see the screen. It will be tough for you to view the content from the cracked areas. As a result, you will be left with a sore eye.

  1. Doing Everyday Task Becomes More Difficult

Just like any smartphone today that comes with GPS tracking, iPhone 11 is alike. Howbeit, if your screen cracks, it makes it very complex for daily users to navigate through uncharted territories. Chances of you getting listing in the areas becomes higher.

While you are unable to understand the directions, you glance at your device and under the circumstances making you lose focus on the road ahead. Giving rise to a potential safety hazard.

  1. Risks Of Unsafe Radiation

According to the International Agency For Research Center, radiofrequency from smartphones can determine very carcinogenic for people. Utilizing smartphones already emit some harmful radiation and when the screen breaks, you will get barer to the emission. Thus, becoming prone to health risks in the near future.

  1. Your Device is no longer Safe from Outside Elements

    Outside Elements

Your screen overall protects your phone from the external elements that could get into and harm your phone. Sadly, when the display is broken, your iPhone is no longer cushioned from the outdoor elements.

Water or another form of liquid is proven to be one of the most dangerous risks for your ruptured screen causing a short circuit.

Summing up,

These are the dangers of using a cracked iPhone. And there are a lot of ways your phone can actually get further damaged if you continue using it. Like the touch screen will function less and less, till it’s not working anymore.

No matter what, using an iPhone with a cracked screen can lead to serious issues. Thus, if you are worried about the cracked phone issues you can comes and visit Wireless Solutions and get your device fixed.