Different Ways to Fix Broken iPad or iPhone Screen

A broken phone display screen can be quite frustrating most especially if you do not know how and where to have it repaired. Here are some ways to repair any shattered, broken, or cracked iPad or iPhone display screen.

No matter how careful you are in handling your precious iPad or iPhone, sometimes you just can’t avoid it from accidentally slipping off your hand or pocket. Most of the time, when a phone is dropped on the floor, it lands with its screen down. Due to the impact, the screen will normally get broken or shattered.  It is hard to fight against gravity but it is more difficult to use an iPad or iPhone with a broken screen.

I know how frustrating it can be to see your favorite smartphone damaged especially if you do not know how to fix it. So, I have compiled here a few tips and ways to fix a broken, cracked, or shattered iPad or iPhone screen.

Contact an Online Smartphone Repair Service Provider

With the availability of the internet, everything seems to be just within reach in just a few mouse clicks. This is also true with phone repair servicing. The business of online phone repair servicing is getting more popular nowadays. For many people, sending a broken phone for an iPhone screen replacement to an online repair shop is more convenient than driving a few miles to a local phone servicing center.

online smartphone repair service

But be weary when choosing this option as there are also a lot of people out there who are just around to rip off other people. Make it sure that the company is legit before sending off your broken phone. Read some testimonials, reviews, and other helpful content both online and offline to know if the company really exists and to know if it’s competent enough.

Let Apple fix it


The best and the safest way to mend your shattered iPad or iPhone display is to let Apple fix it. However, this can be the most expensive option. Even if your phone is under warranty, you still have to pay Apple if you want them to rescue or fix your phone because the standard warranty does not cover accidental damage.

Repair your broken Phone by Yourself

Repair Broken Phone

If you want to save some dollars for iPhone screen replacement, you can try to repair your phone yourself with the help of do-it-yourself repair instructions which you can abundantly find online. Although there are a couple of tutorial videos and articles online, you need to have some knowledge about the different parts of your phone and you should also be confident enough with your own level of technical ability. If you don’t have any idea what to do, you may damage your phone any further instead of mending it. Plus, you may void any warranty that your phone has.

Call for a Home Repair Service

Home repair service

There are companies and repair shops that offer home repair services. If you don’t feel like driving or if you are too busy with whatever you are doing and going to the local shop seems to be really inconvenient for you, you may grab your telephone and ring a home repair service provider.

So, that’s the four ways to fix a broken display screen. Please note, though, that these ways are only applicable to smartphones with physically broken but still responsive display screen.