Effective Ways to put up with Battery Issues of Your Smartphone

  • by Wireless solution
  • March 4, 2020
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We all are very well aware of the battery issues of smartphones these days. Considering how smartphones have become such a pervasive part of our lives, the lower battery life daily seems disappointing. However, we do not have control over what the smartphone companies are manufacturing on their end but what we can control is how we use our smartphones and preserve the battery for an entire day.

So the good news is, there are some ways to avoid the dreadful moment of seeing your smartphone screen flashing ‘low battery’. Here are the effective ways to put up with battery issues of your smartphones daily:

Adjust the level of brightness


Many times it is the high level of brightness that tends to eat up all the power of your smartphones. One of the great features of smartphones is the auto-brightness mode, this feature allows the phone brightness to adjust itself based on the lights in your surroundings. This saves the battery power since only then the required amount of battery is being used due to the auto mode. Another option is keeping your brightness at the lowest possible level that is visible to you. However, the auto-brightness mode serves as the best option in this case and it saves battery as well.

Make your phone display take naps

Make your phone display take naps

It is quite obvious that a large amount of power from your battery gets used up by the display. You can change the timeout by going to settings and changing the display timeout to 30 seconds or 1 minute of inactivity and not any higher than that. This way you may have reduced the strain on the battery by a considerable amount.

Take a break from email notifications

As per the default setting, your phone is constantly searching for new email messages so as to notify you instantly. This process takes a prominent amount of battery power. To prevent your battery from draining you can change your email settings if you don’t have to get notified on the exact moment someone emails you. You can even revise the setting to only check for emails every 15-30 minutes. This way your phone can take breaks and still keeps you informed about the important emails.

Turn off the wifi

These days you get wifi everywhere; in the house, offices and even some public places for you to be constantly connected to the web. This is precisely why your phone is constantly searching for a network when you are out and running errands. Disabling Wi-Fi somehow preserves the battery power on smartphones. In android phones, you could swipe down from the top screen to quickly access the control panel while on iOS systems you have the swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Turn off the wifi

Avoid keeping your phones on vibrate mode

One of many lesser-known facts about the smartphones is that the smartphones use much more battery power to vibrate the entire phone kept on a vibrate mode than just vibrating the pieces of the speaker to produce sound. You would obviously opt for vibrate mode in situations where you are expected to be quiet. We understand how convenient it is to keep your phones on a vibrate mode in such situations yet if battery power is your priority at that time we would recommend you to opt for the silent mode instead. You can keep your phone in front of you so you do not miss out on important notifications, calls or messages.

In Summary

Smartphones play such a significant part in our lives that we often forget to pay attention to how much power it takes to run a device like that. Implementing these tips could possibly take some burden off your smartphone battery. So you can rest assured that your 100% charged battery is good to go for the entire day out.