Features of LG V30 A High-end Android phone

  • by Wireless solution
  • September 4, 2019

LG V30 has all the latest features, including a wide-angle lens. The android phone has continued towards the trend of thinner, longer phones with tiny edges. Hence, it’s a modern model phone.

Whether you are looking for an LG phone repair in NYC or if you are looking to replace your phone. You can certainly look out for this phenomenal smartphone. Check out the remarkable features of LG V30 phone, which are as follows:

1. Audio

LG Highlights the fact that V30 is one of the first global smartphones that supports master quality authenticated technology. It streams high-resolution audio files audio which duplicates the quality of the original studio-master version. You can also observe that it is equipped with a Hi-Fi Quad DAC with audio tuning by B&O PLAY sound engineer.

You can mix and match the sound frequencies and decibel scales that provide superior audio quality.

2. Voice

The V30 has a voice recognition feature that uses a combination of the user’s voice and a few user-defined keywords to wake up the screen. Don’t worry about security; the technology is smart enough to recognize the user’s voice. You can utilize this feature without the battery draining. Plus, with the “ Google AI Assistant” use your voice commands to direct the phone to perform a variety of functions.

3. Security

LG face recognition technology is equipped to unlock almost instantly using the front face camera. Such feature is supported by the phone tilt algorithm from Qualcomm technologies that based upon snapdragon sensor core. The additional feature of the fingerprint sensor provides an extra layer of security. So, you can unlock your device by tapping a knock code on the screen.

4. Power

The V3O also has highly designed battery that is equipped with quick charge 3.0. It has a 3300 mAh battery which charges quickly from 0 to 50 percent around 30 minutes. It also provides wireless charging efficiently consuming power to keep users the device working for a longer time.

5. Display

LG V30 has a display of 6 inches with a18:9 ratio QHD. It has an OLED full vision display that delivers a stunning viewing experience. The device has fast response time, which allows minimal afterimages with quick moments. Its screen functionality evolves into the new AOD and a floating bar on the home screen. When the display is turned off, the AOD offers with shortcuts to the music player or quick tools. You can customize the floating bar with your favorite apps.

6. Virtual Reality

Snapdragon 835 supports high quality VR gaming platform. Through it, you can explore new video game world and stream cinematic experiences in the extraordinary Virtual reality. The device takes full advantage of rapid responses and stunning graphics delivered by snapdragon to give its users the best experience.

7. Design

The device is lightweight and is durable. It is water and dust resistance ranking of IP68, immersed in water up to 1.5 meters as long as 30 minutes without impacting the usage. Both sides of the device are sealed with gorilla glass, involves most advanced tempered glass, that has passes 14 categories of drop testing by US department. Thus, you can use the device in a variety of environment.

Warping up,

When compared with other smartphones, the V30 is an excellent performer. The most outstanding features of it include video features, wide-angle lens and of course the colors. So, if you are looking to upgrade your device, you can undoubtedly opt for LG V3O phone. Plus, the durability of the device is quite outstanding, which means you rarely have to look out for LG V30 repair in NYC. Upgrade your device today to one of the most capable mobile devices out there.

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LG V30 is one stunning piece when it comes to appreciating the trend toward thinner, longer phones with small bezels. It’s a successful device which has high-end features that has excellent design and some remarkable features.