Google Pixel Repair Tool a Faster way to Android Update

google pixel

If you are waiting for air updates on your Google pixel but can not find it, there is a way to install updates manually with Google repair tool kit online. Most people wait for the latest patches to arrive, even though its the most convenient option its also the slowest since it depends on your carrier to roll out the update for you.

There are certain ways to get updates faster on your Google Pixel. You just need a web browser, a USB cable and a computer and you are ready to upgrade your software. Unlike the previous version of updates where you have to download loads of Android software development kit and type commands into a terminal, this will be a much easier process.

The process is however somewhat risky, so you need to make sure you go through this guide first. You will require a computer browser version that supports WebUSB, including the latest variant of Chrome, Edge or Opera. Before you get started to make sure you have back up of your phone just in case.

  • Head to repair tool landing page and select your phone carrier. The tool will walk you through the steps and show you any update available.


  • Next, go to your PC and Google Pixel update and repair page.


  • Select your carrier from the dropdown box.


  • Click next once you have picked your carrier to begin the repair and update process.


  • The on-screen instruction will then guide you to put your phone into “Rescue Mode”, then clicking a few buttons and waiting for the updates to arrive.


Important Note: If there is no update available do not factory-reset your device. Close the repair tool page when you get to the step and nothing will happen. But if your device is left in rescue mode, then you can undo by waiting for your phone to automatically revert out of it or hold the power button for 10 seconds until it reboots, and then press the button for another 10 seconds to undo rescue mode.