How To Scan Photos On The iPhone?

  • by Wireless solution
  • February 19, 2021

It is not impossible to scan photos on your iPhone. If you have old family pictures you wish to save on your iPhone, you can save it. One of the easiest and cheapest ways is to use a photo-scanning app. Although, there are various benefits of using an app, be aware it may not be the best choice in every situation. The main drawback is that the overall picture quality and resolution procured through a mobile app won’t have access to modern settings like output file type, colour mode, size, resolution, and contrast with an app.

Instead, a mobile app comes in practical use if you want to examine a number of photos quickly and don’t need top-quality or resolution. You also won’t need to deal with a poor internet connection or tricky scanning setups, simply point and scan.

Here are a few practical examples that will quickly scan photos on your iPhone:

  • Scan a Document

One of the in-built features many iPhone users don’t know about is the document option. Simply, open notes and go to create notes. Next, tap the camera button then tap scan documents. Put down your document in the view of the camera.

So, if your device is in auto mode, your document will immediately scan. At the last step simply just save image.

  • Camera

This is one of the most original ways to capture the document and keep it on the go. However, keep in mind, it does not scan the picture or the document. To capture open the camera while positioning your iPhone correctly. Ensure to keep it perfectly parallel to the photo and not a correct angle. Now, capture the photo.

Best Photo Scanner Apps

  • Google Photo Scan

Google PhotoScan provides glare-free scan, automatic cropping and smart rotation to keep your image straight and level. Line up the picture you want to scan and press the shutter button. The app then shows a white circle in all the four corners of the photo.

Google Photo Scan

Move your phone horizontally to make contact with each of the circle, one after the other. However, try not to tilt your phone. So, after you have made contact with all four circles, tap the thumbnail to view the scanned image.

Once done, tap the left arrow in the upper-left corner to view the image.

  • Microsoft Office Lens

Such an app is made to scan paper documents, business cards, photos and whiteboards. Open the app and set the type of scan of images. You can also adjust the flash and set it to automatic. Tap the shutter button to take the scan, then the orange circle to move to the next step.

 Twist the image by tapping the rotate icon or remove the scan. Tapping the Ink icon will allow you to draw on the photo and selecting text will you create text over the image. Once finished, tap done.

  • Turbo Scan

With the help of TurboScan, you can examine documents, business cards, index cards and photos. However, the scan is restricted to just three scans. You can purchase it for $4.99 in-app purchases so that you can scan an unlimited number of files.

This app provides a healthy array of options and settings, providing you to set a default page size, filename format and output and enabling you to turn on, off or automatic.

Simply, position your photo and press the shutter button. You can moreover set up the app to take scans automatically, once you have the picture or document lined up, take three pictures of the same scan. So, you can choose the best one.

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Turbo Scan

Learning how to scan photos on your iPhone doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as understanding to use the Camera app. So to save yourself some time on editing, consider a third-party app or simply open your notes. Photo scanner apps can scan multiple photos at once and boost them automatically, turning your physical album into a social media post in a just few clicks.