Most Common Hardware Issues iPhone 7 Users Often Face

If you have damaged your smartphone then, fixing it would be your top priority. Whether it is our daily dose of entertainment or work, we are heavily depended on our smartphone. The smartphone we keep in our pocket can be as an essential tool for our proper functionality. Some of us use it for sending daily work reports, watching favorite web series, tracking our fitness goals, calling obviously, staying connected with the world with different social media platforms, listening music, and for many of us it is the watch. If there is something wrong with the phone, we look for an immediate solution, and that is where we put the longevity of our smartphone at risk. If the repair work is not done correctly and if duplicate parts are replaced then changes are soon you will be looking for the same professional to fix another problem with your phone. Whether you look for a mobile repair shop for an iPhone repair or you want to fix Samsung Galaxy, never compromise with the service quality of mobile repairing.

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. When it comes to smartphone technology, there is nothing more advanced available in the market than the iPhone. If you are using the iPhone for a while now, then you might face the following problems with the device. However, there is nothing to worry about it, whenever you meet any problem you should find a reputed apple iPhone repair shop where you can get the most excellent solution. Fixing some of the issues by yourself is possible, but when you don’t feel confident about it, take professional’s help without hesitation.

There is no doubt that you must have spent lots of money on purchasing the iPhone 7. After spending much money on a device, if you face hardware related problems, then it’s just disappointing.

Here are some of the most common Hardware Problems of iPhone 7

Speaker problem:

One of the most common issues with the iPhone 7 is the speaker. The device seems worthless when the speaker does not produce proper sound. This is the fundamental purpose that we buy phones for, and if the sound is unclear, there are plenty of things you cannot do with your phone. There are three main types of speaker problems. When calling someone, the person on the other side cannot listen to your voice. You have to use a headphone for making the conversation. The second problem with the speaker disables Siri to detect your voice. And then the third problem is not getting any sound while playing media files.


Overheating is one of the most common problems in the iPhone 7. The battery of your phone overheats when you play games for a long time, while the phone is charging, and when you watch videos for hours. The battery is not supposed to overheat, and if it does, then it is a problem. To fix the problem, you might have to go for the iPhone battery replacement.

Battery-related problems:

iPhone battery replacement.

There are two main problems faced by users regarding the battery of their iPhone 7. One is to see sudden drainage of battery and second is when you put your phone for charging, and the battery starts decreasing instead of increasing. These are the two main problems that most iPhone 7 users have encountered. It can be solved by iPhone battery repair service provider, but ensure that you find someone who has good experience in fixing such problems. It will save you from further expenses.

Problem with the headphone jack:

The last most common hardware problems iPhone 7 in the list is headphone jack problem. Many users have complained about the defective headphone jack and connectivity related issues. The problem is not that big and can be fixed by an expert. You can visit a shop that offers cheap iPhone repair service, and you will find your solution in no time.

These are the most common hardware related problems faced by the users of the iPhone 7. However, these are not the only problems. If you have purchased your iPhone recently and facing any problem, then you should contact Apple Tech Support. If it’s been a while since you have this phone and it is out of warranty, then you should look for a reliable mobile repair shop. There are plenty of shops in New York, and you have to look for the one that caters to your requirement within your budget.

Here are a few things that you should take into account while choosing a mobile repair shop:

  • Technicians have to be well trained.
  • Time duration the shop will take for fixing the problem.
  • Getting a free estimate for repairing your damaged phone
  • Parts should be replaced with originals only.
  • Ability to cater to different types of smartphone-related problems, such as battery issue, speaker, mic, camera, charging, etc.
  • The cost of repairing should be reasonable.


Poor battery performance, overheating, the functionality of the speaker, headphone jack and its connectivity, etc. are the common problems in iPhone 7 hardware. There are other problems too,  but with the help of an expert, these problems can be addressed adequately. If you have any issue with your iPhone or phone of any other brand, then look for an experienced mobile repair shop to get it fixed.