Quick and easy steps to keep your iPhone clean

  • by Wireless solution
  • June 21, 2017

We know that your iPhone is your life and if your favourite gadget is stalling on you or dragging its feet, then it’s time. It’s time for a cleanup. We are one of the best iPhone repair in NYC and we know what exactly your phone needs. Once you do a spring cleaning, or in other words, start to actual clean your iPhone, you might find a good extra room for your selfies and that’s extra cute animal video. You might actually be surprised as to how can your phone be the best once it gets rids of its little extra baggage.

iPhone Repair NYCHere are some quick and easy steps that will help you clean your iPhone

Cleaning up the apps: Here, remember both the apps then let it be download or inbuilt hold onto some extra data. This process is mostly to intend to speed up things in short-term by loading faster, or perhaps you’re just storing data you create as you use the app. The main thing is that over time the amount of space being used can contribute to overall sluggishness. The best thing to do here is to first go through the list of apps and delete those you don’t use.

Games take up a good amount of space and if you have reached the goal, and you want a cleaner iPhone, it might be time to give the Candy Crush the boot. You can even check as to how much of space each app is using by going to Settings and opening the General category. If you tap on Usage, it will show your per-app data. If you decide to keep any app but still think it’s getting a little bulky, you can clear Documents and Data. This might seem a little nebulous at first, and we admit it’s a bit confusing. But if you’re in a tight spot and need to clear some data on your phone, this might be a necessary move.

Clearing an app’s Documents and Data can’t be done from Settings — you’ll need to go into each app itself and delete manually. And not all apps even have this option, so here our final suggestion would be to delete the app and reinstall it. This will of course refresh the app completely and anything you had saved will be gone. Remember it’s also worth bearing in mind that if you delete Documents and Data, some of your settings, bookmarks, shortcuts, and the like might be deleted as well.

iPhone RepairThe next thing that you can do is toss away all that music, photos, videos that you don’t use. When was the last time you heard your jam. If it has been quite some time then it’s better to let it go. Similarly, if you take ten or twenty photos in the hopes of scoring one good one, it’s easy and painless to delete the ones where you’ve got one eye closed mid-blink, or some obnoxious relative came up behind you and gave you bunny ears. Remember media files are huge. So again, if you’re not using them, lose them – a very easy win for a clean iPhone.

Your messages may also be decreasing your phone. You need to have a thorough look at your old messages and then delete them. Old message threads can take up a lot of space. There’s a great post about clearing your message cache and free up some room on your phone, and you might also consider downloading a third-party app to help you remove bulky message attachments that you no longer need.

Remember your final goal is a clean iPhone. Therefore, the mantra continues, if you’re no longer using it, get rid of it. Next, you need to clear your browsing data. This has the dual benefit of clearing up data on your phone as well as preventing any incriminating browsing from being discovered. After all who doesn’t prefer keeping their private life private. Browsing data takes up a surprising amount of space on your phone, while also having the potential to anger your significant other or embarrass you in public thanks to autocomplete! The downside of clearing your browsing cache is that you’ll be logged out of websites and have to manually log back in. Is it worth it? We think so.

You can delete different kinds of browsing data from your Safari cache, and you can do it from the Usage screen. Simply tap on Website Data, and then Remove All to clear your cache and cookies. Offline Reading List and History will be just below that, and you can swipe to delete those, as well. If you’re a Chrome user, you can access Settings in-app, and then go to Privacy for a look at the different types of data being stored there. You can delete all or do it piecemeal, it’s up to you.

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