S9 Plus Repair Center – Common Issues That You May Encounter

This year, various excellent handsets were launched in the market. One such handset is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. It has an elegant design, sturdy body, high-tech performance, and a collection of enormous features. Apart from all these amazing features, there are some issues that you can face in this Smartphone, which may lead you to visit nearest S9 Plus Repair Center. We have listed the common glitches that can appear on your phone any time.

So let’s explore now!

samsung galaxy s9 plus repair

Connectivity Issues

One of the biggest issues in Galaxy S9 Plus is the connectivity problems. People normal are facing this problem within months of purchasing it. Almost every Smartphone shows some problem when it comes to connecting to other devices. It’s a device specific problem and can be resolved within it. You might have heard people saying that whether it’s a cell phone or laptop, removing catch files resolves most of the issues. Well, it’s true. The catch files stored in your system through Bluetooth devices can occupy a portion of the memory and may impede specific features to respond accurately. So don’t forget to clear the cache once in a week or month. If you find it difficult to do, visit a proficient Galaxy S9 Plus Repair Center and let the experts handle everything.

Edge Lighting Glitch

Samsung came with the unique concept of a curved screen, which is loved by everyone. But this innovation also has certain issues. The curved screen comes with edge lightings. These lights either work on certain apps or don’t work at all. Many people have faced this issue and the performance of S9 not up to the mark. One can fix this issue in the setting option. Just open the ‘display’ menu in settings, and click ‘edge screen’ option where you can set it to ‘always’ option. It will enable the feature for notifications and other activities.

Error in Biometric System


samsung galaxy s9 plus

The easily reachable spot where your finger can reach effortlessly is placed on the back of the phone for biometric identity detection. While many users find this location useful; however, it too has some issues. For newly introduced finger gestures, the feature may show some issues such as asking for swipe instead of taping. The only solution to this issue is to enable the feature. Moreover, while you are adding a new fingerprint gesture, ensure that it is done from the perfect angle. If the problem is getting worst day by day, opt for S9 Plus Back Glass Replacement anytime.

Sudden Screen Freezing & Unresponsiveness

Unresponsive and sudden screen freezing is another issue that you may face with your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Smartphone. The normal app where you can find the problem is dial pad and contact list. You can try some DIY tricks before Galaxy S9 Plus Replacement Screen, which is to press and hold volume and power button for a few seconds. The phone will restart, and the system will be refreshed. In any case, the situation gets worst, or the problem remains the same, contact the experts as soon as possible.


samsung s9 plus repair

In a Nutshell

Whether your phone is new or some months old, facing all these issues is normal. It’s preferable to visit the nearest S9 Plus Repair center and handle issues in the best way. So if you are suspecting your new Samsung phone for these problems, it’s time to get it resolved quickly.