Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Repair – Common Screen Concerns

These days everybody has a phone or two as per their desires. Among these brands, Samsung is one of the top brands in the market for years. Their latest smartphone Samsung galaxy note 8 was a sensation throughout the world. The curved 6.3 inches display touch screen, high resolutions, Gorilla glass, and many more features make this phone great. The beautiful screen was one of the reasons people bought this phone.


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But, there are many screen issues with this phone that distressed people a lot. Although, Samsung has done a great job in designing the screen and display of this phone. After operating phone for few days, most of the users found significant screen color issues that can only be resolved at Samsung galaxy note 8 repair centers. Let’s find out some of the matters people face with this phone’s screen.

Flickering Screen

A flickering screen was one of the significant issues in note 8 that people hated. After operating this phone for a few days, the screen starts to shimmer, which is bad for an expensive phone like galaxy note 8. After using the phone for a time interval, the screen hangs. This generally happens because of virus file open or a lot of apps opened in a single time. So, search online for the preeminent repairing store nearby to fix this issue.

Color Resolution & Tint

Samsung offers a great resolution and display screen in galaxy note 8. The phone has Quad HD resolution, but Samsung generally sets it to 1080 pixels to save battery life. One can change the screen resolution as per the requirement. After changing the screen to high resolution, there comes a reddish tint on the screen, which looks pathetic. This usually happens because of color calibration, and one can change the resolution to normal for avoiding it. One can use the color balance scale to adjust screen colors and avoid tint. If it does not help, searching for galaxy note 8 phone screen replacement store nearby would be great.

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Function with Additional Accessories

Samsung galaxy note 8 comes with gorilla glass display; it’s pretty hard and sturdy in nature. But, for additional support, if one attaches a screen protector, the phone display starts hanging or touch does not work properly. One always want to protect the phone display from breakage or scratches, but the protector does not suit the gorilla glass well. Samsung approved accessories fit well on the phone. So, surf online for the proficient store that has some brilliant glass protectors specially designed for galaxy note 8. And, protect your phone from scratches and hang issues.

Unresponsive Touch

One can find this problem in almost every Samsung galaxy note 8. There are numerous reports on this issue already posted at the Samsung forum. The touch becomes unresponsive sometimes; people try to swipe down the notification shutter but it does not respond back. Many issues of ghost touches are also raised that without even touching the screen moves. To get rid of all these issues search around the proficient store nearby for your phone.


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Winding Up

One can look for the Samsung galaxy note 8 repair stores online to avoid all these screen issues. Opt for the professional store for better repairing experience.