Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Repair – 5 Common Screen Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has taken the market by storm. It is one device that has broken records and has proven to be the best phone in the market owing to its great performance. Talking about its innovative screen, it is made of AMOLED, i.e. Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Repair

This screen is an OLED type display that has integrated touch functionality. By this, it means that the touch system is embedded in the screen itself rather than having a distinctive touch layer. AMOLED screen is apt at providing an exceptional viewing experience to its users as it holds the capability to adapt itself to any kind of lighting environments.

But unfortunately, there have been reports about various screen issues that a Samsung user has been experiencing. This is where Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair plays a vital role as it helps to fix the issue in an effective manner and that too permanently.

Want to know what are the major screen issues? Read on to find out

Edge Lighting Malfunctioning:-

Edge lighting around the curved borders of the phone is one unique feature offered by Samsung. But does it really work? Sometimes you may face an issue where this edge lighting may just not work.

When this is the case, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen repair provider would look into the issue and would modify the settings effectively in order to make edge lighting feature function properly.

Red Tinted Display:-

There have been certain reports that pointed out the emerging issue of red-tinted screens in Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Some screens have an entire pinkish screen while some screens have a faint red tint at the phone’s edges.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Repair NYC

Therefore fixing such a screen issue becomes important so as to boost the viewing experience with no hindrances. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Repair NYC makes sure the red tinted screens vanish away with no more “bleeding” issues. This would be done by downloading patches that Samsung itself made available for fixing the rising issue.

Broken Screen:-

The cracked or the broken screen is the major issue that ruins the viewing experience of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus users. Not only the viewing experience but the touch experience gets a backseat as well.

When such a case arises Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen replacement is the solution. This involves replacing the broken screen using effective tools and technology, so as to offer you a handset that looks newly bought.

Discoloration or flickering:-

Sometimes you may drop your phone unintentionally and you may think you are in luck because the screen didn’t break. But later you may realize that the screen is yellowish or discolored or may even flicker at times. What could be a potential solution?

This issue may be due to a bad hardware glitch and must be fixed. You could either try booting your Samsung handset to the recovery mode. In case the problem still arises, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen repair centers can help you deal with the issue, effectively.

Static Screen:-

Sometimes the screen of the phone may show signs of unresponsiveness. This may result in static screen dominating the phone’s surface for longer than usual.

The reason for such an issue may be a software glitch. The best thing to do is to run a factory reset and see if that helps. If not, it is better to look for service providers near you who can help you fix the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair

These were some common screen issues that may arise in a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus handset. Looking at the technical aspects of a phone is no lay man’s job and for the same reason, it is recommended to consult Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus repair centers near you for getting the job done.