Common Screen Issues That Calls for Google Pixel Repair

  • by Wireless solution
  • October 31, 2018

When it comes to perfection, Google sets a standard for the others to follow. Since Google introduced its “Pixel,” series, everyone has been excited about the phone. Google Pixel offers a user experience so good that people have fallen in love with it. Still, there are times when there may arise screen issues that, in turn, calls for Google Pixel repair. Whether it is software or the hardware issue; it becomes essential to address it.

Read on, to explore common screen issues that are bothering Google Pixel users and the corresponding solutions.

Unresponsive Touch Screen

Some Pixel users have reported that their phone screens go unresponsive at certain instances, especially in the lower portion of the screen. If you are a Pixel user, you must be advised to shift the apps from the lower to the upper part of the screen. But is that the solution? No, it isn’t!

The reason behind this unresponsiveness issue is a mere software glitch. A software update may resolve the issue, but sometimes even that does not work. This is when you need to follow a simple DIY process, such as this:

  • Turn Off the device
  • Slide off the SIM card and insert it again
  • Clear the phone memory cache
  • Undergo hard reset of the phone

The mentioned steps should solve your screen responsiveness issue. In case, if even this does not seem to work, look for Google Pixel screen repair experts. These officials will conduct an in-depth analysis to work through the problem that too effectively.

A Cracked Screen

No matter how robust a screen, it is liable to breaking when it falls hard on the ground. This is a common issue that is faced by any phone user across the globe. A broken or a cracked screen is likely to ruin the entire user experience. That is why; repairing a Google Pixel screen becomes all the more important.

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If the screen has been cracked, you need to contact a Google Pixel phone screen repair expert, who can work effectively through the problem. There is no DIY process to make the damage undone. You would have to get the screen replaced, and that is solely that could resolve the issue.


A Flickering Screen

The most irritating of all; a flickering screen is an issue that can make your Pixel phone a bad experience. It is the Google Pixel 2 that has been reported to have screen flickering issues. Not all the handsets have a problem, but certain users have been witnessed complaining about it.

Experts suggest that it is a firmware issue that leads to screen flickering problems. Or, if not that, it could be a hardware problem too that leads to screen flickering. Here’s a simple DIY process to work through the problem.

  • Run the phone is a safe mode
  • Identify the third-party app (Virus source) and delete it
  • Clean the cache partition
  • Create a backup and reset the device

If nothing seems to work, revert to Google phone repair experts who have the experience to deal with any problem. Sometimes certain things should be left at the hands of the experts.

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These were three common screen issues that a Google Pixel user may come across. It is always good to do the research well and conduct a DIY process. But, when even that does not work, look for Google Pixel repair experts near you as it is always a safe thing to do.