Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device is still one of the best Android phones that brings a lot of power, functionality, and style to the table. Whether you own Note 9 or are thinking to buy a new one, even when its latest offspring has arrived there is still plenty to like about the phone. It has the same hardware and cameras like the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus yet its unique design make it desirable by everyone. Also, with its extraordinary features, you will hardly be visiting Samsung repair shop. Moreover, experience it’s highly customized and also feels smooth S pen.

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If you are looking for review regarding the phone, about its features and everything in between, here’s a list of everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy note 9:

  1. Blue-Tooth S pen

Blue-Tooth S pen

Samsung has leveraged this tech to bring out something to the world of machinery. The S-pen is equipped with Bluetooth to communicate with the phone. Whether you are going through the presentations or controlling music, the S-pen will satisfy all your needs. The button on the pen will help you to hold or double press. Moreover, the S-pen is easily chargeable and it is suitable for about 200 clicks.

  1. Note’s largest battery ever

Samsung has been offering a 4000 mAh battery size from the Samsung Galaxy 9. It is 17.5 percent larger than the Galaxy 8. There is a significant improvement in battery life, which lasts up to 11 hours. The company has been trying to boost the life of the phone battery life without compromising safety. Note 9 have the most significant battery life in comparison to previous models.

  1. AI Camera

Note 9 borrows the same multi-aperture with 12 Megapixels, dual-lens cameras which provides with the fantastic picture resolution. It is capable of recognizing 20 different scenes from sunsets to food. You can adjust the camera variables, such as saturation and white balance, to make the image perfect. Boosting your photo quality even more.  Even if you face any problem with your camera, finding a shop for Samsung galaxy repair is quite easy.

  1. Dex without the Dock

The Samsung flagships have offered accessories like DeX station and DeX pad to turn the phones into makeshift desktop computers when connected to the external devices. You simply need a typically HDMI adapter it will deliver precisely the same desktop-class experience. DeX allows you to enjoy it. The Note’s 9 screen functions as a trackpad or drawing surface while connected with another screen. Making it an excellent solution to the pinch.

  1. Wireless charging

Wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 supports the wireless charging, along with gear smartwatches at the same time. Wireless charging braces the phone in such a way that you can still unlock the device using the Samsung face lock. Hence, making it a great accessory to keep it aside from the bed or desk while making your phone available.

These features of Note 9 will be in trend for a long time. Instead of looking for Samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement, you can definitely upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without thinking twice. The amazing features and technology certainly make it one of the best devices to invest in.


Whether you are looking to buy a new phone or you already have it. You can invest in Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The phone has some fantastic features available which you can relish. If you are looking for the screen repair, you can instead invest in Note 9.