Top iPhone Apps to Try – Wireless Solutions NY

  • by Wireless solution
  • November 19, 2018

iPhone is the most revolutionary type of Smartphone that millions of users love worldwide. Well, these are not just the features, but there is something else too that makes iPhone worth buying. These are the wonderful apps that give you the ability to do anything and make iPhone the best device ever.

By using apps, you get the most out of your phone. So, today we are going to discuss some legendary apps that you can install right now and experience a different world.


#1 Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is a perfect app for those who want to be fit. The main aspect is the motivation you get that makes you work on your fitness, and in return, it gives you the sweat coins. The app also tracks your progress and the coins you can use for real-world items. You can buy things like shoes, any fitness gear, and several other things. The only key is to make steps regularly.


#2 Enlight

Ever imagined a more relaxed version of Photoshop? Well, Enlight is the app that makes you a pro editor where you can make all huge changes and have an astounding image of you. It is not just about applying filters, but Enlight is more than that. For every photo of your gallery, you can get professional like results.


#3 Sky Guide

skyguide app


Stargazers are going to love this app forever. This app lets you know what is there in the other world above you. The app enables you to see what your naked eyes cannot and bring you a celestial map as per your location. Information can also be viewed for the particular stars, planets, and other celestial bodies.


#4 Your Extra Life

Those who love to live in a virtual world where they can achieve anything they want, this app is perfect. The app takes you in a virtual world and presents you with fun stuff such as nightlife, challenges, romance, culture, and much more. With each finished challenge, you get a promotion, badge, and title. The victory depends on the photographic evidence.


#5 Lumosity

It is an app that particularly focuses on training your brain. To catch up with the perfect attention and increased memory power, you can try out Lumosity. An ideal gift by neuroscientists to those who lack in awareness and struggle with remembering. If played seriously, this app can make some major improvements. Millions of users have already been using, and now it is your turn.


#6 Waze

Serious or casual travelers can own the app as it lets you know the live traffic around. The app performs brilliantly to make your overall journey easy with enhanced driving. It also allows you to know about any construction work going on the road and how fast others drivers are heading. The app pings you about different factors going on your further route.


#7 Dark Sky

Dark Sky lets you know the upcoming status of the weather. The app helps you out with predicting the weather. This way, you can step out of the homer all prepared for the rain. The app uses your live location and predicts the approaching weather accordingly. Every weather lover must go for this app as the stunning presentation always makes you have this one.


#8 Spotify

spotify logo

Who does not love the music? Everyone wants to have an always-ready music app that can bring out your favorite songs right on the way. Spotify is the app of your dreams that brings you on-demand music. Let it be any genre, year, or artist, Spotify always have something for you. It is a freemium version, and you can opt for any as per your choices.



This addition makes some of the most amazing iPhone apps that any user can have today and experience something unique.