Trends that will change mobile world forever

  • by Wireless solution
  • November 30, 2016

When was the last time you were excited about a phone? We don’t mean a brand fan just a phone in general. Not recently right? Well, today mobile phone is become a necessity from a luxury. It is not ‘the thing’ and almost everybody owns a mobile phone today. For most of the people upgrading their phone may just be having their cell phone screen repaired. But, here are some trends that will actually change the world of mobiles in the coming years.

cell phone
•    Lack of innovation

Yes, you read it right! Last year at the Mobile World Conference (MWC), it was observed that there was nothing new or had the spark. There were hardly any major advances in the smart phone technology.  Today users want their phone to be as neat as possible, out of the box, and shouldn’t have any add-ons. The smart phone market has hit saturation point. Smart phones are actually now reaching a plateau in terms of size, sensor and pixel resolution. The market is faced with the prospect of becoming as much a commodity as the bland, white, desktop PC boxes from the turn of the century and the manufactures are desperately trying to distinguish the products in smaller yet efficient ways and we need to see where would this trend finally go up to.

•    Wearables’ – the new hit

Today, there are so many mobile manufactures and the competition is continuously increasing. So in a rush to be out and most desired many smart phone manufactures have come up with the idea of wearables. Now, we as your smart phone screen repairers feel that when it comes to wearables, there are more chances of the smart phone being purchased. The simple reason for this is that people tend to have only one phone, but wearables more than one are always welcome. It can be watches, fitness trackers or even smart clothing, there is always love going to be there for wearables. Wearables will definitely be a big hit but let’s not forget there will be some serious big battery life hurdles and the company will have to overcome that first.

•    What exactly is your idea about 5G?

Whether you have a smart phone or a wearable or both, you will need connectivity. It is said that the future of mobile devices will solely be depended on network connecting. The 4G has rolled out quite well in the market and now the whole attention is being diverted to research on 5G. Most of the masses think that 5G would be less of a quantum leap, but just a step towards faster speed.

We don’t know what more would 5G actually offer, or will more wearables with smartphone stay the trend or say there would be anything new and innovate in the upcoming smart phones. But there are definitely going to be huge changes that might actually change the way we use or think or use our smart phones and there would be a big change in the world of mobile due to many technological trends out there.