Visit iPhone 7 Plus Repair Store When You Find These 5 Damages

Did you just break the screen of your favourite iPhone 7 plus? Are you on your way to the nearby iPhone 7 plus repair store? Impede for a moment and just read the five possible types of damages that your iPhone must be having right now.

iphone 7 plus screen replacement

Let’s check them out here:

Splintered Screen

Well, this is quite common damage to iPhone. The screen can break because of numerous reasons. The tough 5.5” screen of iPhone 7 Plus is capable of bearing any shock or impact if compared to the previous models. But, still, it’s just a gadget that somehow is prone to break down. You might have dropped the phone by mistake but, the cost of iPhone 7 plus screen repair is a costly affair. Depending on the area of smash up and the warranty period, the cost may vary.

It’s suggested to use a tempered glass or at least a screen protector to save the screen from further damages.

Broken Home Button

The non-responsive home button can be a big issue. It can leave you powerless, as the maximum functioning of iPhone is reliable to the home button. Therefore, one can surely not afford to have a broken or damaged home button for sure.

Many factors can damage the home button a few of them is the frequent hard touching. There are times when we get frustrated and hit the home button repeatedly regardless of the thought that it could have some consequences. Besides, being in contact with the dust or dirt for a long time might also lead the home button to this condition. But, it can be repaired by visiting the nearest apple store but before that try to clean it first.

Water Damage

This is another frequent damage, which many people go through. The previous models of iPhone are more prone to water or moisture damage to the screen. But, in iPhone 7 plus has this amazing feature that resists the water to enter the display and harm the internal hardware. In fact, the company has guaranteed that you can even jump in the pool with your iPhone. Hence, the water issue is not going to bother the iPhone 7 users certainly.

Moreover, precautions are better to take before than regretting later. So, you can use a plastic water-resistant pouch to ensure that your phone is safe and sound.

iphone 7 plus water damage


It doesn’t matter how much the company claim for the dynamicity of the screen, you get the scratch on it anyway. Being an iPhone owner you might have seen those annoying scratches on the screen that makes the phone nothing but unattractive. Right? Yes! Even though this doesn’t affect the functioning of the phone at all but, ruins the accessibility experience, totally. The best way to protect the screen from scratches is to buy a screen guard or protector. However, if you already have those bothersome grates on the screen you can simply visit the nearest iPhone 7 plus screen repair whenever you want.

Damaged 3D Digitizer

The 3D digitizer enables you to have the 3D touch experience. Partially or completely, if it’s damaged, the performance would be affected, of course. In many cases, the digitizer stops working due to some sort of software fault. So, it is ideal to reach the nearby iPhone store as soon as possible.

It’s always useful to make yourself aware of all the causes or reasons of damage to the screen before visiting the iPhone 7 plus screen replacement and repair store. It will ensure that you are investing your money for the right cause.

iphone 7 plus screen damaged

Abundant factors could result in the broken screen. Deep knowledge of expected damages clarifies the type of damage your iPhone is having. So, follow these five most useful factors in case of the damaged and non-responsive screen.