Your Options Along With Samsung Repair In NYC For Screen Replacement

Phones are fragile than ever; even if it is a smartphone, it is not smart enough for not getting shattered or even scratched. This applies to any phone in the world and brand like Samsung. The new phones Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, or S9, are all prone to damage in just a drop. That is why you guys should be cautious and prepared with your options for the time. Here we will describe you different ways for Samsung repair in NYC, and as per your comfort level and availability, you can opt for any of them.

#1 Samsung Care

New owners of Galaxy phones may opt for services like Samsung Premium Care and Samsung mobile Care. Samsung Premium Care serves in the USA whereas for other countries like INDIA the service is known as Samsung mobile Care. Both services differ in their policies, terms, and prices that you need to pay to get them activated.

You should know that any accidental damage is not covered under warranty and hence you have to pay for the repair. New phone owners need to sign up for the extended warranty within 30 days of making the purchase. Any sign up after that is not valid. These warranties are known as Samsung Premium Care and Samsung mobile Care that can be used for your Samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement.

#2 Samsung Repair Center

Samsung Repair Center

Samsung repair center is the option for those who have either missed out the Samsung care plans or the warranty period has already expired. In this case, you can run for a Samsung repair center that you can find nearby.

Here any warranty or plan does not work, and you have to pay the amount as per the service type. So if it is a Samsung s8 screen repair or you want a new screen for S9, the price will vary. The only relax you get is that they are authorized service providers, and you have genuine parts for the replacement.

#3 Third-Party Repair Center

These days third-party repair is in the trend that any phone owners consider. These centers offer the pickup and drop facility, and if the overall charges suit you, then you can hit any third party center. Of course, there is a downside of taking your phone to a third party repair center, and that is damaging your warranty, or Samsung will not help you with any damage from the repair shop. So this may be a cheap option for your galaxy s8 screen replacement but try it at your own risk.

#4 Claim Insurance

Claim Insurance

There are many insurance providers out there that you can choose at any stage and get free repairs or a new device as per the plan. The policy needs you to pay monthly or yearly fee, but when your phone meets the misfortune, it surely works as a blessing. Other situations like theft can also be recovered by claiming your insurance policy and save your back every time.

#5 DIY Repair

DIY repair is the option that you should only try at last when nothing works for you. DIY can make you replace your screen by watching those videos on DIY stuff, but in most cases, it fails and makes it even more vulnerable. Having a galaxy s7 screen replacement this way can save you additional bucks and only charge you for the parts.


Damaging your phone to any extent is the most unfortunate condition one can ever meet. However, there are way outs that you can try, and the foremost one should always be the Samsung care and Samsung repair in NYC. Additionally, you can opt for third-party repair centers and insurance policies if you have any.