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Master The Oxygen Os On One Plus 5 With These Tips

One plus 5 unveiled in 2017 and it has left an impression of a great phone on customers’ minds. Its sleek and slim body makes it a classy one in the market. And it is all the more powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The curved, bright and vivid AMOLED screen looks stunning along with the dual rear camera to capture the incredible photos.

However, no matter what hardware has to offer you in phones, its what inside it that counts. The Oxygen OS exposes every corner and niche of the One Plus 5’s software experience. This software has a lot to offer to One plus 5 users this time. Read on to learn about some amazing tips and tricks for the best experience.

Customize the shelf

one plus 5 repair

One plus 5 provides a pinboard like shelf on the left-most side of the home screen. To enable the shelf manually you will have to long-press a blank spot on the one plus 5’s launcher then the “customize” button and then tap “Enable Shelf”. however, usually, it appears at its place by default.

Later on, all you will have to do is add the shortcuts and widgets to the shelf. To get the options, tap the round-shaped icon in the lower-right corner, you can even resize them. You will notice the draggable “handles” at the bottom; these handles help you shuffle things around by pressing and holding on the widget, you can move it up or down on the shelf. Wish to remove a widget from the shelf? Just press and hold on the widget and glide it to the right slowly where you will see three bars or the trash can.

Not only the widgets you can even add notes or reminders to the widget by selecting the option “Memo”.

Personalize one plus 5’s home screen

If you don’t like the default home screen arrangement the Oxygen OS gives you the ability to personalize it based on your preferences. You can do so by tapping and holding on the blank space on your home screen, after a few seconds, you will notice the center screen fading and three buttons in the bottom row appear: Wallpaper, Widgets, and Settings. The wallpaper and widgets pretty much speak for themselves where you can choose your favorite wallpapers and add home screen widgets. But the third option settings is the more interesting part.

The settings menu is where you will find toggleable gesture shortcuts. Open settings just with a top-down swipe and a left swipe to bring the Oxygen OS’s shelf.

Optimize the Battery

Although Oneplus 5 and One plus 5t have a long battery span with a single charge. It can still eat up with a few tweaks here and there.

Oxygen OS comes with a “dark mode” option that inverts the color scheme of every menu. The pixels of the screen switch off to produce the black color that helps in power saving. Head to Settings > Display > Theme and tap the theme button to enable it.

Another way to save power is to optimize the screen brightness well. Choose the option of adaptive brightness that decides the intensity for you considering the available light.

Use the physical alert slider

The One plus 5 offers something that most phones don’t, it has a slider on the side that switches between “Silent”, “Ring” and “Do Not Disturb” modes. The feature is unique on its own but it gets even more interesting with the Oxygen OS software.

You get to customize Do Not Disturb mode by going to Settings > Alert Slider > Do Not Disturb. If you do not wish to see reminders or events just toggle them to hide from the view. You can easily cut off certain people with do not disturb by creating your favorites in contact lists. Go to “Manage favorite contacts” to customize.

In Summary

These were some of the most interesting updates that Oxygen OS has brought for the One plus 5 users. Try them out to get the complete experience of this one of a kind phone.

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Start Your 2020 The Right Way With These Tech Resolution Ideas

Samsung repair NYC

This is the end of the year and as the tradition goes we all leave this year’s setbacks, miseries, and failed attempts there and move forward to a new beginning called a New Year. We enter a new year by unloading the baggage of the past year and embracing what new year has to offer. We also make promises to ourselves, we call them resolutions for the new year which we lose the grip on as year passes. However, if we are determined to keep at it we might fulfill it and make the coming year a better one.

Promise yourself to be the best version of yourself in 2020. your resolutions may include different stuff that could be related to your own health and habits, probably creating a new health routine or joining that guitar class which you have been putting off all these years due to busy schedules. However, we encourage you to add a few more resolutions to your list which will certainly make your life a bit better.

This is the era of technologies, we have numerous devices and above all smartphones which work like a beast in fulfilling human needs. We are all so addicted to our smartphones that we forget about the harm it can cause us. After all, it is just an electronic gadget.

So here are a few Tech Resolution ideas that you must make to start off your 2020 the right way:


  • Repurpose old devices

We all have a few devices that are purposelessly sitting in our drawers or desks. This year, try repurposing them by downloading kid-friendly apps to keep your kids entertained, use them for some home purposes or trade them for something new from your nearest local electronic stores. Clear the tech junk from your houses or workplaces and free up your space for the new ones.

  • Secure your devices

Secure your devices

We are about to enter the year where we will be highly relying on our smartphones. Technology is coming with major updates every year make sure you keep your smartphones safe and secure using the features it offers. Use the fingerprint feature or a face unlock feature as the security on your phone. This ensures your device to be safest in most of the cases. Be mindful of the information you store in your phones make sure it is all well encrypted. You can even use a simple PIN for your password to secure your device.

  •  Unsubscribe from unwanted emails and channels on youtube

Enter 2020 with as little as possible unwanted mails or feed. You are the sum of amount and quality of what you feed your mind all day. It is important that you feed your mind healthy information and read mails or watch videos that impact your life positively. Declutter your emails by moving old emails to junk and unsubscribe from the unwanted emails that you receive regularly.


  • Clean your devices

A study shows that an average adult checks their phone 50-300 times per day. Moreover, most people have admitted that they cannot go to the bathroom without their phones. All these habits result in having thousands of germs lingering on your phone. in 2020, make a habit of cleaning your phone and other devices periodically.


  • Reduce your screen time

Reduce your screen time

Make this resolution for your loved ones if not for yourself. Your loved ones deserve your presence and attention when they are around you. The longer screen time has its own set of disadvantages like worsening your eyesight, influence you negatively and disconnects you from your surrounding which can have adverse effects. The reduced screen time not only strengthens your relationship with your friends and family it also benefits you as a whole. The less time you spend over screens the more productively you get to use your time. This year Consume less and Create more.

  • Declutter the devices


Delete all the unwanted apps that you don’t use anymore. Clean your phones like clean your wardrobes once in a while. Decluttering helps you manage your devices well and help them work well in the longer run. Repair the broken Samsung screens, iPhone screens or one plus screens for that matter. Get yourself a Samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement from us at affordable prices today. Declutter your device and declutter your life and enter 2020 without any baggages on your phones or minds.

Samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement

  • Repair broken devices


This year, enter with everything nice and new. If you have any old broken devices be it your Samsung’s broken screen or iPhone’s damaged battery repair them all. Reach out to your nearest stores for your Samsung repair in NYC and get affordable repairs.

Make your 2020 a complete success with these tech resolutions. Your devices are your forever companion, promise to keep them up to date, safe and secured.

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The Best Of Christmas Deal Is Here: 50% Off On Your iPhone Broken Screen

iPhone Screen repair

Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives, it is these gadgets that make our lives easier and better. Owning one of the best phones around the world does seem like a huge thing in itself but has its own costs too. And we are talking about Apple’s iPhone here. If you too own an iPhone then you do know what it takes to preserve it from any damages. Since you know what will the damage cost you!

No matter how fancy it makes you feel to own an iPhone it has its own raised concerns with the usage.

However, if you own an iPhone and you already have done the damage to your precious possession and worried if repairing iPhone could be a good idea then we are here to your rescue. We all know how heartbreaking it is to have our phones broken or getting cracked. But fret not, for we provide you with one of the most reliable services and the highly experienced team that you will always find on-site to cater to your needs.

Someone walked upon your iPhone or you dropped your iPhone and broke its screen, no matter the circumstance and the intensity of the damage we assure you to get it repaired exclusively with flat 50% discount on your iPhone screen repair this Christmas.

Reach out to us, call us or visit us with your damaged iPhone. Be it the oldest iPhone 4 series, iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6 series or the newest iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series or iPhone X series we provide repair solutions for all. This Christmas we bring to you the exclusive offer of fixing your iPhone screens since we know that nobody deserves to use a damaged phone during holidays especially when your friends and family members are visiting you or you visiting them. Additionally, get 10% off while you schedule your repair online. Contact us to know more about the offer.

iPhone screen repairs

We fix your screen while you wait or in just one business day. Our technicians are experts in the field who know how to tackle your device well. Call our local technicians even at the comfort of your home, offices or a neighborhood coffee shop.

We work to be assured that you are obtaining the most effective services from us for the prices you pay and the trust you invest. When it comes to using spare parts we use totally original spare parts to repair your cell phones. We even understand what your phone means to you so we try and make these small repairs happen as quickly as possible while you wait. Our mobile phone repairs are upheld by bothering free 90 days warranty which substantial for our store only. Visit us at Wireless Solutions NY – your one-stop destination for reasonable phone repairs.

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Pixel 3a Problems And How To Fix Them

Google aims to offer the same core experience in Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a xl found in its previous Pixel 3 series. These two phones are like cheap versions of the already-great Pixel 3 series. You won’t find any extraordinarily built quality with a great value. These are indeed two fantastic phones entering price brackets that have no competition in the US virtually.

Apart from all the good deals with this new Pixel 3a, some issues come along with it. The problems are often confused with glitches in the gadget by the user, which is not the case. There are some minor issues faced by the customers, which definitely won’t make you question if it is worth the buy. It is worth every buck you pay for such a premium phone at an affordable price.

These problems generally arise when the users made changes to the recommended settings of the phone — failing to do so results in some basic bugs.

Read on to find out some common Google Pixel 3a problems and how to fix them.

Pixel 3a Problems

The problems with Pixel 3a continue to grow as the devices land in the consumers’ hands. Although we haven’t heard of any widespread huge barrier issue, we have seen reports about pesky bugs causing performance issues.

Google Pixel

Connectivity problems

The consumers have faced a lot of connectivity issues with their Pixel 3a. It is almost impossible to get the best out of a smartphone without being able to connect it with other different devices. Therefore, connectivity issues need to troubleshoot, read on to find out how you can do it.

Bluetooth connectivity problem

Find out if it is your device that has a problem, or it is the other devices that have connectivity issues.

At times, overheating stops the Bluetooth and other connectivity features from working. Look out for the same.

Ensure it is not caused by tuning on the safe mode on your phone.

Clear the cache and restart the device and try connecting again; in most cases, this tip works.

Ensure the devices have been paired correctly

Check if the other device is in the range

Check the data you are sharing with other devices if there’s a compatibility issue, or the file is in a different format.

Sometimes, sharing large data causes the problem

Sometimes a few bug fixes can solve the issue

At last, perform a general restart and check if that helps

Wifi connectivity problem

Turn off the wifi and restart your device.

Check the router if it works properly

Make sure your device is in the range

Even a simple reboot can solve the issue

Ensure if the hardware of the device is causing any problem

At times, the problem is caused because the router has been installed recently.

Check for the viruses in your phone, if there’s any, reboot your phone or reach out to an expert to solve the issue

Check network settings and see if the LAN settings have been changed

Wifi may not be working due to the limited access on your connection

The problem might be in the app and not the device

Device slows down

Generally, the device slows down because of heavy apps. Check the overall number of apps in your phones along with their sizes, limit them by uninstalling the unnecessary apps. Rebooting your phone might help in some cases. Even virus in your phone can cause your phone to slow down, check for it to be assured. Also, make sure you are not confusing slow internet connection with slow device performance. Many customers have claimed that an update has solved their issue with the device, try it as this might be the reason too.

Display problems

Display related problems may occur due to the failure of the screen sensor. One of the common reasons is oil and dust particles on the screen that cause issues, ensure that you clean your phone screen with a cloth once in a while.

Poor Battery life

A lot of people have faced the battery issues and realized it really wasn’t the poor battery, so before you jump into the conclusion, do self-inspection test. Ensure that the phone and the data synchronization is not turned ON. The phone brightness consumes much power, try setting the brightness on automatic mode; this might fix the problem. Also, some heavy apps are running in the background that may cause the battery to drain, closing them may help.


We are quite sure that if you are a Google pixel 3a user, you might have come across these common problems. Apply these tips that might fix the issues you face now and then with your phone.

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Useful OnePlus 6 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

oneplus 6 repair

OnePlus has been one of those phone flagships which people have loved all over the world — a phone brand with excellent features, camera quality, and performance at an affordable price. One of the phones from the series that users must be using for a year now after its launch, but there are a few features or tricks that you didn’t know about until now. Ever since oneplus 6 came out, we have heard a lot positive feedback about the phone. The phone is a performance powerhouse and runs Android 8.1 Oreo-based Oxygen OS out of the box.

Oxygen OS has been diligently refined for a wonderfully seamless experience. Innovative features and optimizations make everything faster and smoother. It offers your phone a personalized experience with robust customization options.

Here are some ways you can make the most of the software running on the OnePlus 6.

  1. Manage the Display – Colors, Fonts, Notch and More

Tune into your OnePlus 6’s Display Settings if you haven’t tried this until now. Go to Settings > Display choose color profile. The default colors on the screen are the ones that lean towards cold. We would recommend you to switch to sRGB or DCI – P3 color mode. In case you feel it is too yellowish, give it a couple of hours and you will feel right.

You will also see an option to hide the notch and it is totally up to you to make up your mind between the two available options.

  1. Customized LED notification Color.

Customized LED notification Color

Did you know, you could choose the customized LED Color for your notification bar. One of the excellent features of OnePlus 6 is that its notch also makes room for the notification LED. You can even customize the Color that LED glows for different notifications. And you can also decide what apps LED notifications would work.

  1. Gaming Mode for Avoiding interruptions

Use this new gaming mode feature, which is brought to you by the latest software update Oxygen OS. OnePlus is an excellent phone for gaming, and the new gaming mode feature gives you a solution for avoiding any interruptions. The gaming mode allows you to choose your own customized setting. It can be used to turn off pop-up notifications, route calls via speakers, channel data to the gaming app as a priority, and also offers a battery saver option. The hardcore gamers will appreciate the feature.

  1. Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

The unlock system of OnePlus phones have been lightning fast, never have we ever heard a single complaint regarding that. The face unlock system of OnePlus 6 is also extremely fast. The Oxygen OS version has improved accuracy in low light; you can do that by turning on ‘Face Unlock assistive lighting.’ access the option from Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Face Unlock.

Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

  1. Navigation Gestures

The navigation gestures not only offer the rearrangement of buttons but can also completely replace them with navigation gestures on the OnePlus 6. With navigation gestures, a swipe up from the middle will take you home. A swipe from either side will take you back. Swipe and hold from the center will pop the recent apps. The gestures might not be as fast as recent apps, and you will have to give up Google assistant shortcut, but they make the screen feel immersive.


So these were a few of the useful OnePlus 6 features you should start using now. The outstanding performance, power-efficient AMOLED screen, and long-lasting battery span won’t leave any scope of OnePlus 6 repairs, yet with time, every device is prone to decline in terms of performance. However, when you turn these extra features on, it will undoubtedly take a hit.