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Dangers of Using iPhone 11 With a Broken Screen

Today, the screen of an iPhone is so expensive that it costs you the same amount of money as a new phone. Even though the manufacturers use acrylic display, one drop is enough is to shatter the screen. So, dropping your iPhone no doubt gives a mini heart attack to the person holding it.

But what if your iPhone 11 is already broken, you need to get it repaired immediately. It is not safe to use a cracked screen iPhone it might hurt you and many more things which are as below:

  1. Fingers Get Prone to Sharp Glass Splinters

First and foremost, you know that your fingers might get hurt or worse bleed while using a broken screen phone. Touchscreen have you swiping iPhone and it is possible that you might get sharp glass splinters that cut through your finger and hurt you.

It is painful even though it’s a small cut. So, you need to get your to your device to the nearest iPhone repair store.

  1. Touch Screen Malfunctions

Touch Screen Malfunctions

Using your phone continuously will only make things worse, the more you use the more touch screen capacity will be compromised and less responsive to your finger gestures. Not only that but also the chances of oil, dust, and external debris can get into your iPhone and it can damage the internal parts through time and use.

Hence, it is advisable to get your iPhone screen repaired when it is broken and not to keep on using it.

  1. You Can Develop a Sore Eye

Even though your iPhone 11 comes with an HD display, yet when it breaks it will be difficult for you to see the screen. It will be tough for you to view the content from the cracked areas. As a result, you will be left with a sore eye.

  1. Doing Everyday Task Becomes More Difficult

Just like any smartphone today that comes with GPS tracking, iPhone 11 is alike. Howbeit, if your screen cracks, it makes it very complex for daily users to navigate through uncharted territories. Chances of you getting listing in the areas becomes higher.

While you are unable to understand the directions, you glance at your device and under the circumstances making you lose focus on the road ahead. Giving rise to a potential safety hazard.

  1. Risks Of Unsafe Radiation

According to the International Agency For Research Center, radiofrequency from smartphones can determine very carcinogenic for people. Utilizing smartphones already emit some harmful radiation and when the screen breaks, you will get barer to the emission. Thus, becoming prone to health risks in the near future.

  1. Your Device is no longer Safe from Outside Elements

    Outside Elements

Your screen overall protects your phone from the external elements that could get into and harm your phone. Sadly, when the display is broken, your iPhone is no longer cushioned from the outdoor elements.

Water or another form of liquid is proven to be one of the most dangerous risks for your ruptured screen causing a short circuit.

Summing up,

These are the dangers of using a cracked iPhone. And there are a lot of ways your phone can actually get further damaged if you continue using it. Like the touch screen will function less and less, till it’s not working anymore.

No matter what, using an iPhone with a cracked screen can lead to serious issues. Thus, if you are worried about the cracked phone issues you can comes and visit Wireless Solutions and get your device fixed.

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How Cold Weather Must Be Impacting Your iPhone And What To Do About It

iPhone Repair

Cold weather doesn’t only affect us but also affects our electronic devices, especially those powered by lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries cannot function well at lower temperatures. When you take your iPhone out on an extremely cold day, you can notice how the battery diminishes and you might need an iPhone repair. Those who live in cold climates are familiar with this. This is because the lithium-ion batteries diminish the flow of electricity and slow down under cold temperatures.

We cannot consider it as a flaw with Apple products because the same goes for any lithium-ion battery-powered device. You cannot change the batteries because of that, what you can do instead is keep it safe and protect it from permanent damage while you are somewhere cold.


Keep your iPhone warm

You cannot always afford to avoid taking your phone outside in cold weather so instead, just like you keep yourselves warm you can keep your iPhone warm too. Putting your phone in an inside pocket of the jacket you are wearing can work as a good trick. Inside the warmth of a thick jacket, your phone should remain in a functional condition without getting damaged. And in case you cannot do that, ensure that you keep it as close to your body as possible.

This trick obviously would not allow you to use your iPhone. However, you can use your headphones to access your iPhone, the button of Apple’s headphones allow you to control some iPhone functions. For instance, you can invoke Siri just by pressing and holding the center button of the headphones. Moreover, taking the phone out and then returning it to a warm place repeatedly would do your iPhone more harm.

Turn off your iPhone

iPhone is capable of withstanding much greater temperature range when turned off. Turning it off entirely and not just putting it to sleep can help maintain the functioning of your iPhone when not in need. Ensure when you return to a warmer climate, you do not turn it on right away.

It goes right about electronic devices and even some form of media such as video and audio cassettes; that turning them cold can warm it quickly. But the rapid change in the environment has more adverse effects on these electronic gadgets, the temperature can expand components too quickly which causes damage to the device. It is best to wait for your iPhone to come up to room temperature, you just have to ensure that it doesn’t feel cold to touch.

Turn off your iPhone

Get a thermal protection case

The high-end solution to using your iPhone in extreme temperature is thorough getting a thermal protection case. These high-tech thermal cases have fans and heating elements that help keep your iPhone operable even in extreme temperatures. These cases are generally 5 mm thick and are constructed of anodized aluminum.

Use Apple Watch instead

Use Apple Watch instead

Although the Apple Watch’s operating temperature is the same as iPhone’s, the heat from your body will help keep it from getting too cold. So your Apple watch may function better in cold weather. Since you can hide it under your heavy coat make sure you expose it only for glances.

The front of the Apple watch is sapphire glass which works like an insulator during the cold weather. The back of the device is either ceramic or composite material and metal so the body heat keeps the device warm enough to use.

Keep a charger for emergencies

Knowing the vulnerability of iPhone to cold weather, it is vital to be prepared for emergencies. In case of emergencies, like you being stuck in the snow, having a cold iPhone that isn’t working can feel like a nightmare. Always carry a car-compatible charger for your iPhone.

Keep a charger for emergencies


There was no way to control the freezing cold weather but fortunately, there are some ways to protect your iPhone during the extreme temperature range. However, even if you fail to make an extra effort into securing your iPhone in the cold weather, know that the effects of cold weather on your device are only temporary.

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Learn These iPhone X Tricks (if You haven’t already) To Make Your Lives Easier

iPhone X repair

Apple launched iPhone X in 2017, it received fair demand since it was the new high tech smartphone in the market. A lot of people invested in it. If you too are on the list you also may find yourself confused with different features it offers. From how to operate without the home button to many features that have been moved around. We have compiled the list of tricks and tips that will help you get the hang of things really fast.

Our minds are prone to get used to quickly to the things we often operate and also the way we operate them. It is a little difficult to unlearn those old habits and swiftly adapt the new ones. But it will definitely be worth it once you give it a try.

Trust yourself and dive into this compilation of tips and tricks to use iPhone X:

  1. Wake it with a Tap

Absence of home button may feel like having an incomplete iPhone, it must take you a moment to realize you have to click the power button on the side to wake your phone. But in iPhone X there is a default feature “Tap to Wake”, turn it on to see your lock screen just with a tap. If you wish to deactivate the feature then you can even turn it off by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle off “Tap to Wake”.

  1. Switch apps swiftly

Switch apps swiftly

Since there is no home button, you will need to learn a whole new set of gestures. We understand how tricky switching apps can get without the home button but fret not for we have a new trick to make it easy and smooth for you. According to Apple, the standardized way of switching apps in the iPhone X is to swipe up from the gesture bar towards the screen center and wait for the App Switcher to appear once you feel a little vibration. This technique will require patience and persistence. However, you can instead try swiping up at a 45-degree angle to the right. Else, just take app switcher out of the picture itself. Use the quick horizontal swipe feature which directly allows you to glide between the recent apps. This technique is fluid and fast, however, it was found that the system remembers the sequence of recent apps only for a while.

  1. Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot without the home button is no rocket science, you can simply click the power button and volume up button key simultaneously to take the screenshot.

  1. Access your control center easily

Access your control center easily

Access the control center by swiping down from the right corner of the screen. This could be uncomfortable, you might have to use both your hands. Customize the Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.

  1. Animoji stickers

Animoji stickers

Animojis are fun and super addictive, especially after the karaoke remixes. Now you can send custom animoji stickers on messagesas well. For doing this, go to the Animoji recording feature like you usually do, then tap the App Store icon which is towards the right of the camera button. Tap on the animojis and touch and hold the record button in red or tap the animoji to send an animated photo. You can even record a video for up to 110 seconds and send them through iMessage.

  1. Force quit apps

Force quit apps

In iPhone X there is a different process of force quitting the apps. In case any app freezes, go to the app switcher and tap and hold to enter the force quitting mode until you see a red minus sign on the left corner of the apps. Then swipe up on an app that you wish to quit. Then tap on the empty bottom to go back to the home page.


We understand that many iPhone X features are not as intuitive for an iPhone user, it takes time to relearn things and that is totally fine. And in case, this high-tech product gets damaged, reach out to the efficient technicians for iPhone X repair near you.

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The Best Of Christmas Deal Is Here: 50% Off On Your iPhone Broken Screen

iPhone Screen repair

Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives, it is these gadgets that make our lives easier and better. Owning one of the best phones around the world does seem like a huge thing in itself but has its own costs too. And we are talking about Apple’s iPhone here. If you too own an iPhone then you do know what it takes to preserve it from any damages. Since you know what will the damage cost you!

No matter how fancy it makes you feel to own an iPhone it has its own raised concerns with the usage.

However, if you own an iPhone and you already have done the damage to your precious possession and worried if repairing iPhone could be a good idea then we are here to your rescue. We all know how heartbreaking it is to have our phones broken or getting cracked. But fret not, for we provide you with one of the most reliable services and the highly experienced team that you will always find on-site to cater to your needs.

Someone walked upon your iPhone or you dropped your iPhone and broke its screen, no matter the circumstance and the intensity of the damage we assure you to get it repaired exclusively with flat 50% discount on your iPhone screen repair this Christmas.

Reach out to us, call us or visit us with your damaged iPhone. Be it the oldest iPhone 4 series, iPhone 5 series, iPhone 6 series or the newest iPhone 7 series, iPhone 8 series or iPhone X series we provide repair solutions for all. This Christmas we bring to you the exclusive offer of fixing your iPhone screens since we know that nobody deserves to use a damaged phone during holidays especially when your friends and family members are visiting you or you visiting them. Additionally, get 10% off while you schedule your repair online. Contact us to know more about the offer.

iPhone screen repairs

We fix your screen while you wait or in just one business day. Our technicians are experts in the field who know how to tackle your device well. Call our local technicians even at the comfort of your home, offices or a neighborhood coffee shop.

We work to be assured that you are obtaining the most effective services from us for the prices you pay and the trust you invest. When it comes to using spare parts we use totally original spare parts to repair your cell phones. We even understand what your phone means to you so we try and make these small repairs happen as quickly as possible while you wait. Our mobile phone repairs are upheld by bothering free 90 days warranty which substantial for our store only. Visit us at Wireless Solutions NY – your one-stop destination for reasonable phone repairs.

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Ways To Prevent Your Smartphone From Damaging

The smartphones of this era demand a little extra care. They do not have an endurance power of Nokia 3600 for sure but aren’t too fragile either. At times we can be responsible for breaking these expensive smartphones because of our mere careless behaviour sometimes. No offence, but usually, it is the added element of human stupidity that leads to broken phones. Dropped phones are vulnerable to breakage, damage, and cosmetic deterioration. It is high time you take control of your phone and rescue it from any further mishaps.

People usually damage their phones in 3 possible ways:

  • Dropping it on a hard surface
  • Sitting on it
  • Dunking it or getting it wet

Since you know the cause of your problem, it gets much easier to avoid it from happening. When you focus on the cause of the problem, you have the power to control it, and the same goes for your smartphone problems.

Here we have listed the ways you can prevent your smartphone from damaging by just paying a little more attention and being attentive while you carry your smartphone around.

  1. Get a case for your smartphone.

A case and a screen protector are the bedrock to ensuring a long life of your smartphone. A case and a screen protector are an extra layer of the safety added to your phone’s exteriors. Cases will protect your device from severe damages with normal drops, scratches, spills, and so forth.

  1. Clean it frequently

Buying a case is a good start. Next, you have to be aware of the amount of dirt, dust, and moisture that your phone is exposed to, all of it can get trapped in your smartphone case pretty easily. So this way, it becomes essential to clean your device and case from time to time. The best time to clean them would be after a trip to the beach or pool, a sandy road trip by the countryside, or a sweaty run. You could use a cloth to clean your case and phone by simply wiping and drying it. You can even use the toothbrush to clean the debris from any port.

LG stylo 3 repair NYC

  1. Carry it attentively

Your phone is your all-time companion; you have added the responsibility of that now. Carrying your cellphone around, possibly everywhere, has its own amount of risk. The pocket of your tight jeans seems like a secure place for your smartphone, but the pressure on the new touchscreen phones intensifies when you move, which causes the screen to break or in some cases, affect the touch functionality. Also, forgetting to remove your phone from your back pockets while you sit leads to breaking it too. Ensuring you follow these little tactics can help you with the damage control happening to your smartphones. Keeping your phone in a different pocket than you put your keys in also prevents it from scratches and further damage.

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not let your smartphone heat or freeze. The weather affects your smartphone in more ways than you can imagine. Extreme temperatures can even lead to battery death. Leaving your phone on your car seat on a hot day can cause damage to it. Even while travelling outdoors, make sure you keep your phone secure in the shade, preferably a cool spot with airflow.

  1. Keep free space

Your device needs some free internal storage to work efficiently without slowing down. And filling it up might cause your device to run slowly and even cause damage. The key is not keep 10% of free internal storage. To keep the space free, you need to shift data from your phone to either cloud or other devices. Clear the cache every now and then.

  1. Weekly reboot your phone

Shutting down the device helps extend the life of your device. When your phone remains constantly on, it overexerts its resources and could cause your phone to be fatigued. Ensure that you reboot your phone at least once a week to prevent this from happening.

  1. Keep apps updated

Keep your phone updated in order to have your phone working optimally. App updates usually contain new features and bug fixes for any identified issues, which ultimately leads to the better performance of the apps.

  1. Protect it on the inside

Protecting your phone isn’t just about maintaining the outer appearance of your phone. More often than not, we have heard people complaining about devices slowing down with time; the apps do not open as quickly as they used to, screens scrolling isn’t as smooth, and even pages take longer to load. Avoid taking your phone to showers, the steam can have adverse effects on your smartphone, causing it to slow down and shut soon.

  1. Make use of companion devices.

Make use of companion devices.

Devices like Bluetooth were invented to make our lives a lot easier. When on vacation you are at a poolside or a beach, bring your Bluetooth speaker along, this allows you to stream music without putting your phone in danger. A smartwatch is a smart alternative; it is like having your phone around your wrist; it allows your phone to put your phone in a bag while you commute and still enables you to stay connected. Smartwatch notifies you of incoming calls, texts, emails, and other notifications. Additionally, smartwatches also send you calendar reminders, events, and alerts and much more.


Unfortunately, unconsciously, we all have a loose grip, which brings a set of problems for our smartphones. So it is essential to be attentive enough while you use your phones and carry it around. Just in case you have already been there. Reach out to us for your Samsung, Motorola, or LG phone repair.