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Ways To Prevent Your Smartphone From Damaging

The smartphones of this era demand a little extra care. They do not have an endurance power of Nokia 3600 for sure but aren’t too fragile either. At times we can be responsible for breaking these expensive smartphones because of our mere careless behaviour sometimes. No offence, but usually, it is the added element of human stupidity that leads to broken phones. Dropped phones are vulnerable to breakage, damage, and cosmetic deterioration. It is high time you take control of your phone and rescue it from any further mishaps.

People usually damage their phones in 3 possible ways:

  • Dropping it on a hard surface
  • Sitting on it
  • Dunking it or getting it wet

Since you know the cause of your problem, it gets much easier to avoid it from happening. When you focus on the cause of the problem, you have the power to control it, and the same goes for your smartphone problems.

Here we have listed the ways you can prevent your smartphone from damaging by just paying a little more attention and being attentive while you carry your smartphone around.

  1. Get a case for your smartphone.

A case and a screen protector are the bedrock to ensuring a long life of your smartphone. A case and a screen protector are an extra layer of the safety added to your phone’s exteriors. Cases will protect your device from severe damages with normal drops, scratches, spills, and so forth.

  1. Clean it frequently

Buying a case is a good start. Next, you have to be aware of the amount of dirt, dust, and moisture that your phone is exposed to, all of it can get trapped in your smartphone case pretty easily. So this way, it becomes essential to clean your device and case from time to time. The best time to clean them would be after a trip to the beach or pool, a sandy road trip by the countryside, or a sweaty run. You could use a cloth to clean your case and phone by simply wiping and drying it. You can even use the toothbrush to clean the debris from any port.

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  1. Carry it attentively

Your phone is your all-time companion; you have added the responsibility of that now. Carrying your cellphone around, possibly everywhere, has its own amount of risk. The pocket of your tight jeans seems like a secure place for your smartphone, but the pressure on the new touchscreen phones intensifies when you move, which causes the screen to break or in some cases, affect the touch functionality. Also, forgetting to remove your phone from your back pockets while you sit leads to breaking it too. Ensuring you follow these little tactics can help you with the damage control happening to your smartphones. Keeping your phone in a different pocket than you put your keys in also prevents it from scratches and further damage.

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures

Do not let your smartphone heat or freeze. The weather affects your smartphone in more ways than you can imagine. Extreme temperatures can even lead to battery death. Leaving your phone on your car seat on a hot day can cause damage to it. Even while travelling outdoors, make sure you keep your phone secure in the shade, preferably a cool spot with airflow.

  1. Keep free space

Your device needs some free internal storage to work efficiently without slowing down. And filling it up might cause your device to run slowly and even cause damage. The key is not keep 10% of free internal storage. To keep the space free, you need to shift data from your phone to either cloud or other devices. Clear the cache every now and then.

  1. Weekly reboot your phone

Shutting down the device helps extend the life of your device. When your phone remains constantly on, it overexerts its resources and could cause your phone to be fatigued. Ensure that you reboot your phone at least once a week to prevent this from happening.

  1. Keep apps updated

Keep your phone updated in order to have your phone working optimally. App updates usually contain new features and bug fixes for any identified issues, which ultimately leads to the better performance of the apps.

  1. Protect it on the inside

Protecting your phone isn’t just about maintaining the outer appearance of your phone. More often than not, we have heard people complaining about devices slowing down with time; the apps do not open as quickly as they used to, screens scrolling isn’t as smooth, and even pages take longer to load. Avoid taking your phone to showers, the steam can have adverse effects on your smartphone, causing it to slow down and shut soon.

  1. Make use of companion devices.

Make use of companion devices.

Devices like Bluetooth were invented to make our lives a lot easier. When on vacation you are at a poolside or a beach, bring your Bluetooth speaker along, this allows you to stream music without putting your phone in danger. A smartwatch is a smart alternative; it is like having your phone around your wrist; it allows your phone to put your phone in a bag while you commute and still enables you to stay connected. Smartwatch notifies you of incoming calls, texts, emails, and other notifications. Additionally, smartwatches also send you calendar reminders, events, and alerts and much more.


Unfortunately, unconsciously, we all have a loose grip, which brings a set of problems for our smartphones. So it is essential to be attentive enough while you use your phones and carry it around. Just in case you have already been there. Reach out to us for your Samsung, Motorola, or LG phone repair.

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Drawbacks of Using Your Smart Phone With a Cracked Screen

Apple iPhone back glass repair

The touchscreen smartphones of this era are more fragile and instructed to handle with care. A cracked cell phone screen is something that starts out bad and keeps getting worse. The cracked screen does not just obstruct you from accessing the content, but it also exposes both phone and the user to further damage. However, the phone screen may withstand falling against a hard surface dozens of times, but we cannot deny the fact that it will weaken the glass screen and eventually lead to breakage. Especially with expensive phones like the iPhone. If you break it, you ought to get to a repair shop and immediately get your cracked iPhone glass repaired.

So have a look at these drawbacks that come with using your cracked smartphone’s screen:

Causes further damages

The thing with the cracked screens is that they do not get any better. Instead, they keep getting worse. If you use the broken screen without getting it repaired there are chances it may get shattered completely one day, or in worst-case scenarios, the capacitive touch functionality will no longer respond to finger gestures. A phone with a cracked screen somehow indicates that it is not durable enough to get through another coming fall so you might as well get it repaired if you want to save your phone from further damages. Moreover, since the screen is exposed, finger oils and debris will make its way into the cracks and can further damage the screen over time. It even puts a lot of strain on your eyes as you will have a hard time figuring what’s displaying on the screen.

It can easily shatter.

Because of the unique molecular structure of glass, even the most durable and shatter-resistant glass displays starts to chip once a crack occurs. There’s no way to repair these cracks in the glasses by using stop-gap fixes and must be entirely replaced. Once you notice a crack on your phone screen, replacing it as quickly as possible should be your priority. It is because the cracked display is easier to remove in one piece than the shattered display, which is hard to swap out.

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It can be a health hazard.

The damaged screen can turn out to be a health hazard. It harms you in more ways than you can imagine. You are prone to cut your fingers while using a phone with a smashed display screen. Especially when the screen is severely cracked, you could possibly end up with small glass flakes digging into your skin. Moreover, the broken screen’s glass shards may fall off of the screen while in your pocket, or bag which creates a safety risk. So it is should definitely be in your best interest to get your phone’s screen repaired as soon as you can.

Cracked screen leaves a bad first impression

As far as the appearances go, a cracked screen gives out a bad impression just like a scratch on your car can make that impression. No matter how non-judgemental the world gets, people will still judge you for a cracked screen; it speaks volumes about how well you maintain your possessions. Your banged-up phone with a smashed out screen literally displays your careless attitude towards your possessions.

iPhone 7 screen repair

Broken screen reduces your phone’s resale value

These days people often upgrade their smartphones every few years. In an era where smartphones cost hundreds of dollars, your phone is a substantial investment. A cracked screen can reduce its resale value and may seem like a loss to your investment. By replacing your broken screen early, you can avoid severe damage later, which can ultimately make a difference in the trade-in value of your smartphone. If you are planning to sell your smartphone after repairing your phone’s screen, then going for an expert technician would be a smart choice. A reputable repair shop will document their work and give you a limited warranty on the repairs.

Look for a professional for your broken screen repair.

Fix your cracked screen before it worsens by getting it fixed from a professional. Since smartphone cracks are prevalent in the industry, you can find these technicians easily around your residence or workplace. All you need to do is find which one fits you and your budget best. If you own a phone like the iPhone, you might hesitate to get it repaired from a local shop, but if it is reputable, you can rest assured that your iPhone is in safe hands. A lot of Apple outlets cost way too much for the smallest repairs after you run out of warranty, you might want to start looking for other local iPhone repair shops near you that you can trust.

You can start by searching online. Search about the cell phone repair pros in your area, go to their website, read reviews, so you get to know what other customers have to say about the services they provide. Then you can narrow down your options by considering the ones that fit your needs best and also has received excellent reviews.

However, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion when it comes to selecting the repair shop. We would recommend you to compare 3-4 options before you finalize your decision. Be aware of the fraudulent; make sure you choose a repair shop that uses original spare parts and charges you reasonably for the same.

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Tips and Tricks to Follow When You Lose Your Phone

apple iphone x repair

Phone these days are such an important part of our lives. The entire day’s activities usually depend on the device from setting up the alarm to getting all the updates in just one click. Losing your phone to someone could mean someone has a single access point to your whole life.

It is wise to take comprehensive preventive measures when it comes to securing and protecting your device. Have a look at these ways to protect your information and improve your chances of recovering your phone when it’s stolen or lost.


  • Determine if it’s really missing

You will have to determine if the phone is really missing in the first place or is it just that you have misplaced it. There’s a quick way and accurate way to do that with great features of the smartphones these days. Use the feature called Find my iPhone for an iPhone and for android, use the feature called Android Device Manager if you are missing an Android phone.


  • Call on your phone

Once you have figured that you have actually lost your phone, immediately call on your number just in case you left it somewhere, and someone might have found it, or perhaps you have merely left it at your friend’s house, or you might have left your apple iPhone for repair at a store. So it is best to call on your number.

iphone x screen repair

  • Remotely lock and wipe your phone.

When you realize you have lost your phone or it got stolen, act as quick as possible, try to lock and wipe your phone’s data remotely. This definitely requires you to have certain apps installed first in order to make that possible. These apps are as follows:

  • Android: Google Secure and Erase Device
  • Samsung: Find My Mobile Lock and Delete Data
  • iPhone: Find My iPhone Activation Lock
  • Windows 10: Find and Lock My Device
  • T-Mobile: Lookout Mobile Security Premium

Remotely lock and wipe your phone

  • Contact your phone carrier.

After that, move on to the next step to secure your information by contacting your phone carrier. Report the phone as lost or stolen and your phone carrier to guide you further. Your carrier then will provide you with options to either suspend or disconnect the phone.

  • Change the passwords

Change all the passwords in your phone, from the lock screen to cloud as soon as you possibly can in order to put out fires and prevent your phone from any further damage. Also do not forget to change the passwords of your bank, email, social media, and other accounts that you accessed from your phone. This is why you should store your details and essential information somewhere it is easily accessible like a notepad, on spouse’s phone, or in your planner. The data and information include details such as:

  • Important phone numbers
  • Sign-in credentials for location tracking.
  • Bank account details and information
  • Carrier and account details
  • Your digital wallet balance
  • Take preventive measures to protect your information.

Prevention is better than cure. Here’s what you can do to prevent your information from leaking or going out while you have your phone so that  when your phone goes missing, you can rest assured your phone will be safe:

  • Always keep your phone secured at the lock screen by using any modes of locking your phone like a fingerprint, face lock feature, a pin, or a pattern. Not having any security can lead to further damage after loss or theft. A lock offers a valuable line of defense which gives you time to take action and protect your data if you happen to lose it.
  • Another precaution you can take is keeping a backup. When you lose your device, you lose the data you had in your device too so in order to have access to your data like photos, videos, notes, and so forth you need a backup. Upload all your device’s data to the cloud regularly so you can have access to your most recent images, music, and other data. Also, when you decide to wipe all your data remotely, you won’t have to think about it twice.
  • Manually type your passwords in instead of auto-saving them, so you won’t lose your identity and savings when you lose your phone.

protect your information

  • Report to your contacts and co-workers

As soon as you find out that you have lost your phone, that is when its time to take action. Inform all the important people in your contacts about the loss and tell them not to share any informative data or files to your devices. Remember to access your email, project management apps, and personal data through your computer and change the passwords and inform your co-workers regarding the same. This will protect you and them and also gives them a chance to secure their data.


  • Locate your phone via GPS

If you have tried calling on your phone and couldn’t get any response, try locating it via your phone GPS locating service, however, this solution requires an activated GPS on your device so you can access them from any other machine or devices. Android Device Manager and Find My iPhone will be helpful to do this efficiently.


These were some of the ways to find your lost or stolen phone and retrieve it. Keep these tips and tricks in mind for keeping your data safe and secure.

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5 Easy Ways to Protect your iPhone 7 Screen

Mobile phones have become one of the most important things for everyone. It lets you stay connected to your professional and personal circle. While smartphones are sturdy and can resist scratches to beat the standard wear, yet the screens are easily damageable. If you have an iPhone 7, it needs little extra care to protect its screen from breaking.

iphone 7 repair

The iPhone 7 repair is not an economical expenditure. So, it’s better to secure the iPhone 7 instead of spending bucks afterward. Read on, for smart tips and tricks to maintain your smartphone:

  1. Avoid Old Tap

When you are using the phone, do not tap on it aggressively that might damage the screen. The method is outdated as the keypad phone does not exist anymore. Even if your phone is not working properly, you should not manipulate the screen by tapping on it. If any issue arises, you should take your phone to the iPhone 7 screen repair shop and not hit it.

  1. Avoid Excess sunlight

Even though sunlight does not harm your iPhone directly, you should not expose your phone for a more extended period. That will heat your phone and that is not good for your phone. If you leave your phone in the sun for long, then the touch screen will stop working correctly. The batteries will also be affected. So, if you accidentally left your phone to overheat, keep it in the shade to cool off.

  1. Use Screen Protector

Nowadays, there are many options available in the market that allows securing the screen from damage. You can use a screen protector to make sure your iPhone 7 screen does not break when it falls. Buy gorilla glass as a screen guard. It will keep the screen safe. The screen guard is a much more relaxed and cheaper way to invest in then to replace the whole filter afterward. Plus, there are screen protectors that allow the oil-resistant coating to reduce smudges on the phone.

Use Screen Protector

  1. Careful Cleaning

Clean your phone with a proper cloth or tissue, when dust appears on it. Wipe the screen gently. If you need to clean your screen with a screen solution to make sure nothing will be damaged. You can even use a microfiber cloth to remove the dust from your screen and keep it safe.

  1. Buy Phone case

Buying a case can help you protect your iPhone screen from breaking. A phone cover protects your phone from breakage; it provides grip to hold the phone correctly. There are various types of covers available today with a variety of designs to match according to everyone’s specific needs. Cases like a bumper case, full-coverage case, and many others cater to different needs. There are some phone covers which have built-in batteries that will help to provide power to your smartphone.

Buy Phone case

The smartphone is built in such a way that it resists scratches and are tough enough to stain itself. Yet you should take the prevention to make sure your iPhone remains safe. Aforementioned, are some tips that will help you out to secure your iPhone 7 screen.


Smart phones have become a necessity nowadays. It lets you stay connected and organized in every area of your life. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that iPhones are very easily damageable devices. If your iPhone 7 screen breaks, its repair cost will be very expensive. So, to assist you with the ways you can protect your smartphone screen from any damage, consider the above tips.

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Benefits of Repairing Your iPhone Screen Over Buying a New Phone

Even when you are extra careful with your phone, you might still end up getting a broken screen. In most of the cases, dropping of the phone isn’t severe, however, in some severe damage is caused to the screen. These minor issues won’t affect your device; on the other hand, few problems are so extensive that it becomes hard to use the iPhone.

iphone 7 screen repair

There are various places which supply with a cheap iPhone 7 screen repair, beware of them. They might end up violating your Apple and losing all the support. Getting your iPhone 7 repair from a famous place can guarantee it to work even though it’s expensive.

Fortunately, if your screen is still working, you can get your iPhone 7 screen repaired instead of purchasing a new one. Here, are some tips which can help you out when it comes to iPhone 7 screen repair instead of replacing it with a new one:

  1. Cost-effective

When your iPhone 7 screen is broken, you can take it to the nearest store to get it repaired. The cost off fixing the damage won’t be that expensive in comparison to purchasing a new one. Let’s say for an example, that damage screen costs you $199 while the buying a new phone can take $400-$500.

Even if you want to buy a new phone, your broken phone might not get much of amount when you sell it. Hence, it cost-effective when you get it repaired instead of shopping for a new one.

  1. Frugal Retail price

If you replace your iPhone with a new one, you will, in a way, end up paying for the full retail price, that is you will get the same phone at a higher rate. Even purchasing a used device can be expensive, and also a brand new phone bought from the store. So, its wise to get the screen mended when possible and not to buy a new phone.

Frugal Retail price

  1. Insurance Coverage

If you have purchased iPhone insurance through the company itself, you can check in with the firm. Ask them if their warranty policies include screen repair. Most of the insurance companies cover the accidental damage done to the phone.

So, if you have iPhone insurance, ensure that you get all the facts straight before using the coverage. Depending upon the damage, the company might charge some fees, but it will get most of the cost covered. And the price will certainly be lesser than entirely replacing the iPhone with a new one.

  1. Repair

Find the nearby iPhone repair stores instead of going to the Apple shop. You can choose one of the trustworthy and get it repaired with them. Surely the expenses will be lesser than actually replacing the iPhone or getting repaired from the company can be pricey.

iPhone Shop

However, check the prices and compare them before you go out and get your screen repaired from one of those local shops.

  1. Warranty period

Check if your repair is still considered under warranty provided by the company itself. If it is still under warranty, then get the support directly from the store. The warranty might be from the company you bought your phone from or from an authorized re seller.

One of the best benefits of getting iPhone screen repair from the Apple stores can replace the screen without much time taken.

These are some tips which you can follow, when your iPhone is broken and to get it repaired instead making the cost double and purchasing a new one. After it has been fixed, add a glass protector to keep the screen from cracking to keep it secured. Try out these different options to get your iPhone repaired.


If your iPhone screen is broken and you are stuck behind whether you should get a new phone or get the current device fixed. There are a couple of considerations which you should keep in mind before making the final call.

In general, when your device is working correctly and if only the screen is broken, you probably shouldn’t spend the money on the brand new phone as such, the benefits of doing so as far outweighed by the cost of buying a new one.