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Home Remedies To Repair Your Cell Phone Screen

What can be worst when one minute your cell phone is working fine and other minute it falls down and touches the concrete floor? Yea, we understand your feelings and as being the best solutions providers for your wireless friends we bring to you two simple hacks or home remedies to repair your cell phone screen at home

Use baking soda for scratches on your skin:

Yes, you read it right the white powder form your kitchen can help you with scratches. All you need to do is make a thick paste out of baking soda and water. The combination would be 2:1, which is you use 2 parts of baking soda to one part water. Then you can mix it well until you have a thick paste. Now you need to put a small amount of this paste onto a microfiber cloth and gently rub in a circular motion on the scratched part of your screen and see the wonders yourself.

Toothpaste can help the ugly crack on your phone to disappear:

That little crack on the screen of your cell phone is annoying but now you can repair it at your home itself. All you need is toothpaste to make the crack disappear. But here make sure you use the white paste variety rather than using the colored or the gel. First thing you need to seal the ports and buttons of your cell phone with tape while repairing the screen. This will make sure that no liquid gets in. After this you need to rub the scratched area of your cell phone with the chosen toothpaste applied on a soft cloth. After this all you need to do is clean away the excess toothpaste with a slightly damp cloth.

We are experts in repairing your cell phone and we collected these two useful tips for an immediate hack but you need to keep one thing is mind. These solutions are often temporary and these by no means will solve your broken phone issues. The best thing here that needs to be done is to seek professional advice and our professional team would happy to assist you at any given time.

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Come and Get Lucrative Discounts on iPhone Unlocking

In case you want to take the help of notable mobile repairing centre, then nothing can be best than Wireless Solutions. We are the leading name in this competitive market zone, where we top the chart. Our reliable services, along with trustworthy professionals, make our company a leading name, for the past 10 years. From mobile unlocking services to reliable data recovery programs, we have it all, Justin store for you. You can log onto our official website, and check for our services that we are capable of offering. We can guarantee eminent services with a warranty period. You can also check our walls for the fantastic comments that we have earned through our hard work.

While buying a new phone, you might face some problems or challenges operating the electronic gadget. iPhone is a sensitive gadget with modern and specialized features, which need some special knowledge before handling it. There might be some instances when you accidentally lock your phone and need immediate iPhone unlocking services. You would love to take help from pro and experienced players in this field, who have adequate experience and knowledge about these products. We are one such name to rely upon. We promise to offer you with quality services and results, which will surely last for a longer duration of time.

There are four easy and simple steps when it comes to iPhone repair service. At first you need to drop your damaged phone in our centre. We have expert professionals with years of experience in this field, who will judge your phone for free of cost. Then, they will repair the damaged parts with original spare parts so that the result can last long. Your phone will surely turn into as good as new, which you can pick up from our store, within the given time period. Quality iPhone unlocking services also fall under this category.

We take just a few minutes of your valuable time to fix your problem of iPhone unlocking, with an ease. Our experienced professionals are trained to handle such sensitive projects. They are always present to help you, with 100% successful rate. In maximum cases, you just need to swap the SIM card into your phone to unlock the device. However, some dealers prefer to sell mobile phones with lock service, where you cannot avail this service. We promise you to help with the process of unlocking your mobile phone, without spending much. We prefer to deal with branded companies, and they trust us on our services, as well. Thus, we are also a pro at apple iPhone repair services, which take special knowledge and extra care. Just drop by your phone at our place, and you will surely get your new phone back, within the stipulated time period.

What do you possible mean by the term unlocking GSM SIM phones? This means that if you can unlock any GSM phone, then you can easily access any GSM service providers, globally. In case you are travelling abroad, then you might need to swap your SIM card with a foreign one. Do not think of paying roaming charges. Just unlock your phone and use a local SIM, which will surely work in your favour. Quality iPhone repair service NY can easily help you with this problem, which will also help to save some earned cash.

For better iPhone unlocking services, just log onto our site Wireless Solutions and get your desirable results, with an ease. We offer services to all the leading brands like Blackberry, Nokia, Apple phones and more. The parts that we use for repairing services are 100% original, and come straight from well-known manufacturers of the world. You can also call us at 212-300-7939.

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Advantages of Choosing iPhone Repair Experts To Fix Your Broken iPhone

iPhones are expensive device, which are used widely by people around the world for not only for communication purpose but at the same time offers an array of features that are sure to simplify your life. Despite being the best electronic device, there are still chances that something might go wrong. In case if your iPhone happens to get damaged or cracked it is best to take help of professional iPhone repair experts for a quick fix. If you are not well versed with the various technicalities involved then it is best to consult experienced iPhone repair service providers. This can greatly safe you from any risk involved with the servicing of your phone. Following are advantages that you can enjoy once you approach an expert:


Prompt And Reliable Service:

When it comes to iPhone repair, a trusted iPhone repair service provider will undoubtedly take all the necessary steps to provide you with the best solution for your phone. They have highly skilled technicians on board who are aware of a wide range of methods that will lead to quick and successful fixing of your phone irrespective of what so ever be the problem. As such, it is considered to be a much safer option than that of conducting the iPhone repairing all by your own. If you are trying to fix your phone by yourself than the chances of unexpected risks. Instead having specialists taking care of the job can assure you successful completion of the job that too within shortest possible time


Money Back Guarantee:

A prompt and reliable i-Phone repair service provider ideally comes with a money back guarantee for absolute peace of mind and at the same time gain their trust. If they fail to offer the service they promised they will happily refund you the amount. This is an advantage that you want be having if you try to repair the phone all by your own with the help of the tutorials and other stuff available online. So why not benefit from such a wonderful opportunity by getting your iPhone repairs by experts. If that doesn’t work out as planned, you are not going to suffer any monetary loss because you are going for the experts and going to get your money back.

Warranty Offered:

This is yet another major advantage that has added to the popularity of approaching the experienced and professional i-phone repair vendors. They not only provide you money back guarantee but at the same time offers warranty for a specific duration. In case, if your iPhone happens to break down, screen gets cracked, or iPhone water damage during this period, all your losses will be covered up in the warranty period. This is yet another benefit that you cannot enjoy if your try to perform a DIY for your smart phone.


Thus, it is always a good idea to take help of a reputed and trusted iPhone repair New York company for the repairing of your phone and benefit yourself from the various tangible and intangible benefits that it offers you.