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iPhone XII Pros & Cons: Is This Worth The Upgrade?

Apple every year comes with an enhanced update, some more significant than others. This time it is no different: the iPhone XII series is looking ultra-modern from its former version.

The iPhone XII comes with new features, amplified designs, a faster processor, and an impressively tougher screen. Also, it is the first 5G phone, as you may have heard. But before you even notice any of those characteristics, you will immediately feel and see how it has all been objectively redesigned. The cellphone has iPad Pro-style flat edges and they make it remarkably captivating to hold.

iPhone repair

Source: apple insider

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Here we have gathered the list of pros and cons to help you make a decision whether it’s worth the update:


  • A14 Bionic

The iPhone XII has an A14 Bionic chip powering. It is the first to use a 5nm process, which promises you 50%  improvements in performance and graphics. The chip further has double the cores at 16, which translates to an 80% boost in production.

  • Different Sizes

The latest series of iPhone carries four models providing to individual segments. Significantly, the iPhone XII Mini is ideal for people who want a smaller size iPhone. Plus, it’s also more economical than its other models. While still packing similar specs that make the lineup stunning.

The Mini is compact that is 5.4 inches than the previous iPhone SE 2020 model but with a bigger overall screen.

  • Beefed Up Features

Beefed Up Features

Source: forbes

You might be already aware of the 5G feature that the iPhone XII series model carries. It will allow you to download quickly than LTE-ready models. 5G is, after all, becoming more and more at hand and reachable to everyone. So this advanced feature will give you a massive benefit in the near future.

Moreover, these new devices come with better cameras and smarter computational photography. These phones sport further Ceramic Shield protection, which Apple says makes them more durable.

  • MagSafe Charging

New series of Apple brings MagSafe charging to the iPhone. The tech will automatically snap the iPhone XII to wireless chargers, cases, cardholders, and more. The MagSafe wireless chargers, which will be sold individually, so you have to buy them. At the same time, it will double wireless charging speeds.


  • Enticing Price Cuts

As soon as the latest iPhone hit the market, the company Apple has cut down the prices on older models, like the iPhone XR and XI by $100. Even though the older models, these iPhones are still solid performers by the standards of 2020. The A13 Bionic chip inside the iPhone XI executes like a vision.

  • Lackluster Battery Life

The latest series of iPhone XII will carry 227 mAh of capacity in it’s charging cable. On the other hand, vanilla 12 will have a 2,815mAh ability. It’s a compact size phone when compared to the other 5G phones.

  • No Powerbrick

No Powerbrick

Source: tech radar

One of Apple’s most significant attributes that keep up to leave the internet abuzz is that it has ditched the earbuds. Resulting in a power brick for environmental reasons.

However, with the latest Lightning-to-USB-C cable that comes out of the box, those who will upgrade to the iPhone XII will need to purchase a new power brick to charge their device. It will be an add-on cost which previously included in the box itself.

The bottom line,

The iPhone XII series represents one of the biggest jumps forward yet for the iPhone. You can see an all-new design, 5G, blazing processor, more durable glass, enhanced cameras and battery life that matches last year’s significant upgrade.

Most of the time, you can only see tangible changes in power and performance. It is the most noticeable feature if you’re moving from an old device; however, this year’s upgrade is really a significant change. The progress is huge enough to mean iPhone XI users will experience large differences.

Of course, if you want more adaptability in your cameras, the iPhone XII Pro will charm, but iPhone XII is likely to be the perfect phone for most people. Overall, whether or not the iPhone XII series is worth it differs from users to users. The iPhone XII is advance in terms of future phones, and also based on everything you know so far, its lifespan will last for a long while.

If you’re currently using an iPhone XI, you might want to think about skipping the upgrade unless you’re an early adopter. The XI line still carries its own in 2020 with its effective processor and good quality cameras.

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Top Features Of iPhone 11 Pro: A Device Built For Photo And Video Fanatic!!

iPhone 11 Pro

Did you know the “pro” version means both brilliant and indefinite? The word is assumed to signal that something is finer or more forged.

In the case of iPhone 11 Pro brackets to a more superior build and a more apt camera than the less expensive iPhone 11. It has a telephoto lens that makes a noteworthy difference for mobile photographers and videographers.

Further, the PRO version comes with a sleek model, fast charging and an enhanced XDR Display perfect for dark mode. The improvement Apple has brought in these models is praiseworthy.

So, if you are one of those creative people, and you are considering to purchase PRO basic on its photo and video quality, have a look at the below points:

  1. Triple Camera Array

The iPhone 11 Pro camera is far better than the iPhone 11. The new triple camera has wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lens options. Further, it has a microphone and a 36% brighter true tone flash included on the rectangular module.

The most impressive point about the triple camera is the cameras work together as a single zoon lens. Apple, no doubt, has calibrated white balance and exposure in the best way possible.

Even though you can easily pick out the differences between the triple camera, it’s a seamless point if you look closely. The details that Apple paid to made shooting photos and videos with iPhone 11 PRO are outstanding and as cohesive as possible.

  1. 12 MP Camera Features

You can find four new camera features in the iPhone 11 Pro, including a wide-angle camera, proper depth camera, ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera.

  • The wide-angle lens comprises 26mm camera with the same f/1.8 aperture, however with the latest 12MP sensor with 100% focus pixels for better performance and low light capability.
  • The ultra-wide camera marks the first-time a significant enormous focal length with more creative options for photographers and videographers. This is suitable for landscape photos and videos.
  • A faster telephoto lens with a 52mm camera, f/2.0 aperture, captures 40% more light than before. This transformation has a more milky background blur when taking pictures of close-up subjects and better performance in low lighting areas.
  • One of the best features of the camera is the front-facing TrueDepth found on iPhone 11 Pro. It goes from a 7MP camera to a 12 MP camera that makes for notably higher resolution photos and videos.
  1. Redesigned Camera App

Redesigned Camera App

When shooting a photo with iPhone 11 Pro telephoto lens, you will be able to see a wide-angle sensor data outside of the frame. With it, you can experience that subtle changes to the shutter button UI and camera front, where you will find extra selections in photo mode when swiping up for viewfinder. It will reveal options like flash, night mode, live photos, aspect ratio, timer and filters.

  1. Night Mode

Night Mode allows taking flash-less photos in dimly-lit areas more possible than ever before on an iPhone. It altogether enhances shots in low-light without flash. The long exposure will enable users to capture pictures with less noise and more details.

One of the best features of night mode is that it is automatic. It also takes multi photos and the brilliant software combines it into one single picture. While it automatically removes portions of the image with too much blur stemming from camera movement while conserving sharper areas. Lastly, it adjusts the contrast and color and decreases noise to make a more natural-looking picture.

  1. Enhanced Portrait Mode

The latest portrait mode, courtesy of iOS 13, comes with new features like the High-Key Light Mono effect and the capacity to adapt the position of lighting through a current Portrait Lighting Control slider.

Enhanced Portrait Mode

Moreover, with the inclusion of an additional camera, the iPhone 11 Pro benefits the capacity to capture Portrait Mode photos using either the wide-angle camera or the telephoto camera.

Summing things up,

The iPhone 11 Pro and also the iPhone 11 Pro Max are extraordinary devices that capture the video and photo facility of the baseline iPhone 11 a few steps ahead. The addition of the Super Retina XDR OLED Display, with the triple camera module, aids the higher-priced iPhone to live up to its label.

Hence, if you are now sure about buying iPhone 11 Pro, you can now go-ahead to make a purchase when you know about its latest features, especially when you are into the camera quality and videography. Further, if you are looking for iPhone repair, you can get in touch with Wireless Solutions NY. Our expert team is here to make your phone as good as new at a very inexpensive rate.

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The iPhone 11 Pro: What’s The “PRO” Feature About?

iPhone 11 Pro

Pro name often represents the extreme performance of the iPhone devices. These products bring exceptional product appearance to users through designer hardware.
It is especially true for the iPad and Mac!

Apple has introduced a number of products named “pro” which includes Mac Pro, iPad Pro and now iPhone 11 Pro. These devices have become the most desirable companions for professional because of their sturdy hardware performance. The latest iPhone 11 Max Pro has naturally become the centre of attraction for everyone due to its excellent features.

Key highlights of the Pro features are the powerful hardware, excellent three-camera system, better screen and what not! The same features are supported in iPhone 11 Pro, but that’s not it, there is more to it. Let’s get to know regarding the mystery of “Pro” line of iPhone.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max steps up the game with its backplane logo moved to the centre of the central portion while the word “iPhone” is withdrawn from the bottom. Moreover, you also have options of backplane glass, which uses foggy glass instead of bright glass. The glass is similar to MacBook, which does not stain fingerprints easily and appears to have a premium texture.

The main focus is on the matrix triple shot in the upper left corner of the body. The company uses more advance polishing technology with the carter like camera bulge is finished on a whole piece of glass. Another advantage of carter design is that it reduces the unexpected sensation of the back three-camera module. Such a design makes the entire phone look more harmonious. Moreover, the Apple officials say that the iPhone 11 Pro can stay up to four meters underwater up to 30 minutes.

●Camera Performance

iPhone 11

One noticeable and most significant update of iPhone 11 Pro series is it’s three shots of camera. That is known as the “Pro-level camera system”.

Apple definitely did take some thinking into the design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max Tri-shot, which is to build a unified photo experience for its users. The three cameras are all 12 million pixels, which are equal to 13mm focal length ultra-wide-angle lens, the equivalent 26mm focal length wide-angle lens and the equivalent 52mm telephoto lens, which just the same to various shooting scenes.

●Video Recording

Videos are likely to become a new way of social interaction. More and more people are starting to pay attention to the video shooting quality on their mobile phones nowadays.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is also mighty in video shooting. Thanks to the powerful performance of the A13 Bionic chip, iPhone 11 Pro Max maintains 4K 60fps video recording. With the three rear cameras of the iPhone 11, Pro Max can all capture 4K 60fps images. Furthermore, games can be played through a mixture of different focal lengths.

When shooting a video by hand, the need of anti-shaking of the device is also vital. In this model, the anti-shake function of iPhone 11 Pro Max has been renewed on the basis of the previous generation, and the video is more stable when shooting. So for Vloggers, it may also be easy to capture the pictures they want directly through this phone.

●Battery Life

Most of the functions of iPhone 11 Pro Max is inseparable from this powerful A13 bionic chip. Whether it is an excellent three-camera experience or a new night view mode, the A13 bionic chip has already penetrated all parts of the whole phone. From the performance, the A13 Bionic chip is still the most prominent on the surface. It uses 7nm process technology and six-core architecture, both CPU and GPU, is rapid in all previous generations of iPhone.

Based on running scores, iPhone 11 Pro MAX scores 5484 points in single-core whereas for multiple cores 13871 points. It has given a boost to the previous generation A12 bionics. The power consumption of the A13 Bionic is more than 30% lower than that of the A12 Bionic, and the lower chip power consumption also makes it possible for long life.


●Pro Class Performance

The battery life of iPhone 11 Pro Max has improved of five hours compared with the previous generation iPhone XS Max. This high performance not only requires a large battery but also tests the power consumption of the chip. The large battery life is close to the 4000 mAh, coupled with the outstanding power control ability of the A13 Bionic chip with longer battery life.

It has eye-catching charging speed equipped with 18 W fast charging head and USB-C to the lighting data cable. It is same as iPad Pro, which can provide you with high charging speed.

In a nutshell,

The new colourful iPhone 11 also has outstanding performance and good photo quality, but the price has a significant advantage. The iPhone 11 Pro series has its fog texture and powerful three-camera system.

The powerful three-camera system and outstanding design, the new iPhone 11 Pro Max is sufficient to become a new product desired by people. Mainly, when today, everyone is a photographer, this model will focus on the camera to provide users with the most natural experience. So that the phone lives up to the name of Pro.

However, if any case you break your iPhone Pro Max you can get with Wireless Solutions. Our expert technicians will help you out with iPhone repair and at affordable rates with quality repairing of it.

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Broken Cellphone? Don’t Replace It Repair It!

The rise of cellphones has been the fastest growing technology phenomenon ever. The technology that everyone has in their pockets is a huge part of their day-to-day life. From emails to video calls, the devices have transformed their role of being a piece of tech to being a necessity for connections.

Gradually, as the technology continues to grow, people regularly replace their cracked screens for the latest upgrade, throwing out a phone that needs a repair. Cellphones play a huge role today, and it makes sense that not to want to go a day without a working phone. When phones don’t function, people don’t work either. But why replace expensive gadgets when you can get it repaired?

People replace their smartphones for one of these 3 reasons!

But is it really worth it?

  1. Fast Technology

Phones have become more luxurious than a need these days, in particular when purchasing the expensive ones. Now, you can find the latest technology evolving every month, introducing new, much smoother, and lean smartphones that people desire to buy on the spot.

With Apple introducing new brilliant features or Samsung giving out much sleeker designs and much more, everyone wants to invest in the latest technology. This latest technology is sooner replaced with another new version, and thus the cycle repeats.

Thus, who wants to repair a cellphone when you can get a new version with many compelling features?

  1. FOMO

As discussed above, everyone wants to buy the newest technology. And it all due to Social media, which has given rise to the FOMO generation. A common refrain for people who do things to be able to brag about it on social media. You can see one entire generation is forming based on it.


Teenagers who want to become YouTubers rather than Rockstars. Moreover, it has given rise to being offline or not having a phone on your hand to look. There are several ways something or post on social media.

  1. A necessity

Everyone’s life depends upon their cellphones. The calendars keep you on the right track, whereas social media aids you keep up with your family and friends as life gets busier day-by-day. It has also become one reliable way for your boss to contact you for a job. Cellphone ensures that they can reach to anytime with any issues they have.

So, a day without a phone isn’t possible for most people who are working.


There are several ways through which a smartphone breaks. And many times, it can be fixed. Moreover, replacing your device every time something happens to it will burn a hole in your pocket. Especially when you can get your cellphone repaired for a variety of things like screen repair or get your batteries replaced.

Most people wait for their phones to get repaired for a week. They simply want to drag by whatever crack they have on their screens or any other issues they are facing. However, it might be too difficult for them to use their smartphones, and nobody wants to keep going to a cellphone repair store every now and then.

screen replacing

Hence, they end up getting a new smartphone instead. Few people realize that most common fixes like replacing a screen or battery can be done within few minutes.

In short, cellphones hold a lot of your lives in them, so being smart about it will cause you not to waste any bucks on new models every time a new one comes out. So, instead of getting it repaired it the best way to enjoy it.

If you are looking for a place to get your device repaired, whether it’s iPhone or Samsung repair or any other gadget, you can get in touch with Wireless Solutions, NY.

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Top 3 Competitor Of The Apple iPhone: An Insight 2020

iPhone Repair

The Apple company has always been one of the topmost admired mobile phones, today, mainly because of its elegant functions and delicate design. The brand certainly knows how to fulfill the desires of its users by providing cutting-edge technology devices.

Despite that, the past few years have introduced, some stunning models and designs in smartphones which have become the reason for the reduction in the sales of the Apple iPhone. One of the biggest reasons for all is the constantly growing technology and also the cost of the iPhone repair needed to mend the cellphone.

And hence, people are finding different alternatives to the iPhone at an affordable amount and expanded innovation.

So, which are the top contenders of the iPhone, today?

Here, you will find the top three Android devices from a different point of view which will allow you to make a better purchase decision. Let’s move ahead:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung is also one of the most recognizable brands today. It’s latest Smartphone Samsung S10 has a bunch of premium features along with some innovations like “link to windows”. This masterpiece definitely speaks for itself.

The display panel is of 5.8 inches which is handy when matched to iPhone 11. Also, the AMOLED screen looks great when compared to LCD screens. The camera of the smartphone is also outstanding with its ultra-wide lens.

 The RAM of S10 is much higher than that of the iPhone which is 6GB. Lastly, the price of S10 is $399 for 128 GB is quite affordable when compared to the iPhone 11 64GB for $699.

Therefore, with its a stunning display and effective internal hardware, the S10 is undoubtedly one of the best Andriod phones available today! Not to forget it gives strong competition against the expensive iPhones.

  1. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

Yes! Huawei phones are also one of the most valued phones today and soon you will know why!

The Huawei is popular for high-end performance that are economical as well. This model of Huawei has some extraordinary features which allow you to let everything go smoothly.

One of the best features of P30 is it’s HDR camera which enables you to capture some stunning picture in it. So, if you are the type of person who loves to click pictures this is the cellphone you should go for. The camera features of P30 has victory over the iPhone X.

The battery of this phone is an outstanding element of 4200 mAH which gives ample screen time before it dies off. Moreover, the processor is in P30 is incredibly fast and powerful which gives you amazing gaming experience and quality.

With a price of $960, the smartphone is better than iPhone X!

In short, if you are not a brand person, the Huawei P30 has a lot to offer in the price area that you would love to pay for.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

 Samsung is no doubt an amazing cellphone brand that provides you with the best experiences through innovations. Especially, when compared to iPhone 11 Pro MAX, S20 Ultra has a lot to offer.

When talking about display S20 has a larger screen of 6.9 inches when compared to 6.5 inches of iPhone 11 Pro max. Thus, giving you a better experience watching HD videos. Moving on, the camera S20 provides is 108MP to see much clearer and detailed results by the quad-camera.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Even the battery life is better than that of the iPhone 11 Pro max, which 5000 mAh of S20 Ultra. No doubt providing you with enough run-time.

And the price of the iPhone 11 Pro max is $1099 for 64 GB only whereas Samsung provides 128 GB at $899 only. Henceforth, you can conclude that S20 gives you better features at an inexpensive cost than that of the iPhone 11 pro max.

In a nutshell,

Having compared the different Andriod phones with the iPhone, some of them definitely have the edge over the monarch of the market. At certain points, you can see that the similarities while some are superior than the others.

Nevertheless, the perks of Andriod mentioned above, definitely have the quality to compete with the iPhones. While it also provides users with remarkable experiences.

Further, the iPhone is an expensive product while android phones are always there to give you the best experience at an amazing cost.