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Tips To Ensure Your Phone’s Battery Remains Healthy For Years To Come

Motorola screen repair

The smartphones are a modern miracle. These smartphones are our constant companions that most people rely on. Daily use of smartphones covers almost everything from making calls, sending messages, managing social media accounts to playing games, and even sending emails. All of this, with heavy data usage, means the degradation of battery life.

The batteries used in modern-day gadgets from smartphones to laptops, to Bluetooth, to tablets, are lithium-ion batteries, these batteries have some significant advantages of its own. Lithium-ion batteries are even different from straight-up lithium batteries, which aren’t chargeable. These lithium-ion batteries are not calibrated with a full charge and full discharge method. Li-ions have the ability to pack a lot of power into a small size and do not tend to lose too much energy to leakage when not in use.

Since you know the basics about the power that keeps your phone up and going, here are some practical tips to keep it healthy as well.

Avoid fully charging it and fully draining it to 0%

Avoid fully charging it and fully draining it to 0%

Lithium-ion batteries work a little differently. These batteries are stressed to drain completely or charge completely. These batteries work to its optimal level when you keep them above 20% and below 90%. To be precise, they work the best around 50%. So if you are one of those who frequently look for a chance to topping up your phone for quick charges, that’s absolutely okay for your battery. However, the healthiest charge for a lithium battery is about 50%. The batteries continue to degrade and discharge if the phone is turned off and not in use at all. These batteries were designed to be used.

Regular charge cycles address battery lifespan directly. Battery life affects the battery lifespan depending on how long your phone lasts on a single charge. By slowing down those charge cycles, you can actually improve battery life which will then extend the lifespan of your batteries.

Keep your screen brightness moderate.

Screen brightness is that component that typically uses the most battery. When you keep your screen brightness moderate and not too much, you save up a lot of energy. Use the feature of Auto-brightness in your phone that has proved to work for many. The feature automatically reduces screen brightness whenever there’s less light, although it does involve the extra work for the light sensor. So the key to saving battery is to manually set your brightness to the lowest visible level every time there’s a change in ambient lighting levels. No matter what phone you use, both android and IOS provide the options to manually turn down overall screen brightness even if you’re using the auto-brightness feature.

Keep your screen brightness moderate.

Go for a darker theme.

If you have an OLED or AMOLED screen choosing the dark theme on your phone can save energy. Darker colors use less energy than bright colors. This is because an OLED screen doesn’t block the backlight with a pixel to display black like many other types of LCD screens. In fact, it doesn’t display anything at all; the pixels displaying black don’t turn on, which makes the contrast between black and any color very crisp and beautiful. So if your phone doesn’t have an OLED screen which includes all the iPhones before iPhone X; a darker theme won’t make any difference.

However, the darker theme is easier on the eyes in terms of preventing eye strain. Overall less light also means less blue light which affects the sleep patterns.

Uninstall the apps that drain your battery

Go to your battery settings and look for the apps that use the disproportionate amount of energy and uninstall them or restrict the permissions wherever possible. The apps that drain energy and you still want to use them then you can restrict permissions you don’t need. For example, disable auto-playing for videos on facebook. And there are even ‘lighter’ versions of some apps that generally occupies less space, use less data, and consumes less battery power. Facebook Messenger Light is one such example. Deleting may not be a practical step since ultimately, the apps that you use the most battery will be the apps you use the most.

Charge a little whenever you can

Lithium batteries were made in a way that they barely respond well to being charged up and then run all the way down. They are made to work better with little bits of charge here and there.

Keep the batteries cool.

Avoid extremes of heat and cold when it comes to your phone. A very hot or cold phone can strain the battery and shorten its lifespan. The weather significantly affects your phone battery. The battery has chances of getting damaged or decay when left exposed to a hot environment or below freezing winter.

Reduce the screen timeout

The screen left on after using will automatically turn off after about one or two minutes which adds up to the power consumption of your battery. You can save some energy by reducing the screen timeout time.


Lastly, do not let your battery matter so much and consume so much of your time thinking about them. Just follow the basic thumb rules and minimize its exposure to heat. It is easy to get obsessive with taking extra care of your batteries but remember your batteries are going to die anyway. No amount of obsessive care will save it. And when that happens, you can go to your nearest repair store and get your Samsung, iPhone or Motorola battery repaired. We have all been there, and we will be many more times so as long as you follow the basic rules, you are on the right path.

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Tips That Take You Out of the Maze While Choosing OnePlus Repair in NYC

OnePlus repair in NYC

An expensive mobile brings responsibilities too. You have to carry it carefully everywhere because a sudden loose grip can make your phone meet the floor, just like that. Sometimes, things happen, and perhaps you recently got your phone’s screen cracked. Sobbing on what is done is not a solution, and hence, it is time to sort the mess out and choose the right OnePlus repair in NYC.

Here are some factors that you should focus on while finalizing a repair shop. The tips are helpful in case of any issue with your phone.

Perform Online Research and Collect the Details 

The first step is to look out for the sources that provide phone repair services. It can be done without stepping out of your home; use any device having the internet. Google all the nearby service providers and sort them based on the ratings and reviews. You can either go with the authorized service center that is dedicated to a particular brand or choose any professional repair center.

Acquire Further Information

OnePlus 5 repair in NYC

Once you have your list of service centers, it is time to make the calls and get more information. See if they repair a particular model of the brand. You can also have an idea about the charges during the telephonic session. It is always better that you walk to all the repair shops from most reliable to somewhat reliable. You should always finalize a repair shop that gives some kind of warranty on the repair parts. 

Such as if it is the case of a screen repair, make sure they offer you a few months or a year of warranty on the screen. While going for the OnePlus 5 repair in NYC, make sure they provide quality customer service as it depicts how much they care for their customers.

Inquire Delivery Time and Additional Factors

Once you have made up your mind for any particular center that seems to be genuine and provides the needed warranty, it is time to inquire about the delivery time. It is another important aspect, and so they should be quick in delivering your phone all repaired. It should not be like an entire month process, within a week or so is okay to get your phone back.

Also, ask the mode of delivery that whether you are needed to pick it up or they provide the doorstep delivery. Always ask for the receipt or any paperwork that shows you have submitted your phone for the repair. A repair center that does not entertain such receipt system should be avoided.

Lastly, You Don’t Have to Opt for Cheap Services

Getting a screen repaired is always a worth-considering expense. However, it does not mean that you should go with the provider who provides cheaper services than most of the repair centers. 

When the price gets low, the quality automatically gets compromised, and hence, remember this concept while choosing a service provider based on the overall repair price. You should not fall for the traps but pay a fair price, have your paperwork, and a repaired phone with warranty.

Why Should You Choose Professional Repair Services and Not any Random Shop?

OnePlus 5t repair in NYC

Well, there are various good reasons for choosing professionals or authorized service centers. The common link among all these reasons is that choosing professional service does not play with the life expectancy of your phone. Let’s read out these reasons and understand-

Your Phone Does Not Lose the Warranty

It is the primary reason why anyone chooses going for professionals. Every phone comes with at least a year of warranty, and in case of any issue, it should be taken to the authorized service center. By doing so, the repairers consider that warranty as it is not touched by any local phone repairer. 

Also, the professionals hold the expertise, and so in some way, they assure you that no further damage is going to take place.

You Get Bestowed with the Original Parts

Any professional OnePlus 5t repair in NYC ensures you the original parts. Whether it is about the screen repair or any other part of your phone, they always provide the original parts. The originality is the reason they serve you with a warranty on that particular part that local repairs fail to do.

As a result, the professionals charge you somewhat more than the locals, but the cost is totally worth. Anyone who does not want to be prey for the scams should always choose a genuine service center.

They Are Aware of All the How To’s

Professionals are the people who have worked for years, and hence, they possess the expertise. It is not just about replacing the parts but solving any random issue that occurs in your phone. Regardless of a particular brand, experts serve you with wide-ranging problems. 

In the case of OnePlus 5 screen repair in NYC, handing over your phone to the qualified people ensures you that every possible cause would be diagnosed. Eventually, you go home with your device with a satisfactory solution. 

Note: An expert has the ability to know whether a phone is suffering from the manufacturing defects or the user is responsible in any way. Accordingly, they serve you with the solution and pricing.

OnePlus repair

Bottom Line

By now, you know how you should go with choosing the OnePlus repair in NYC or any brand, for instance. Always consider these factors while making a selection for the service provider along with your ideas and you won’t go wrong ever. 

Also, always give priority to the professional services over any random repair shop as you know the reasons. We hope you have a budget-friendly and quality screen repair.

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Samsung Repair in NYC: A Step-By-Step Guide to Screen Replacement

We live in a world where cell phones have become as ubiquitous as clothes. From the morning alarm to the late night conversation, everyone keeps them 24*7. As a result, the adoption of new smartphones is happening in a whirlwind, and we are always looking forward to new features in these small gadgets.

Samsung repair in NYC

Since the advent of Samsung mobiles, the mobile industry has seen an incredible rise in demand. Futuristic design, outstanding camera, and cool features are some reasons that these smartphones have become the primary choice of a huge number of customers. If you also own a Samsung mobile phone and looking for Samsung repair in NYC, then here is a complete get started guide for you.

Welcome to your Samsung repair learning Journey!

STEP 1: Since everything is uncertain, it is no surprise that mobile phones also happen to get damaged, just like other things. So, first of all, calm your mind and gather all the necessary equipment. To replace the screen of Samsung mobile successfully, you will need a nylon spudger, a SIM removal, a cross headed screwdriver, tweezers, adhesive roll, a heat gun, and of course, a new screen.

STEP 2: After gathering all the tools, turn your phone off. To perform this task, all you require to do is long press the power button. Within a few seconds, the power menu will appear and then tap on the power off option.

TIP: Record yourself while following the below steps or keep taking a few pictures of the mobile after each step. It will help you reassemble it safely without much hassle.

Samsung galaxy repair NYC

STEP 3: Take the SIM removal tool and insert it in the small hole on the mobile. Use your fingers to take out the SIM card and MicroSD card tray.

NOTE: If you are searching for Samsung galaxy repair NYC, then you may not have the SIM ejector tool because old devices had SIM try on the back.

STEP 4: Now is the time to lift the case of your Samsung Galaxy mobile. Use the nylon spudger and slide it all the way through it slowly. If you do not have the spudger, then a stiff plastic card will work for you. Do not forget to detach the fingerprint cable from the motherboard before taking off the case. This process is easy and may take hardly five minutes.      

STEP 5: Remove the fingerprint sensor from the adhesive carefully with the spudger. After removing it successfully, you will see around 14 screws on the mobile.  Use the cross headed screwdriver to open all the screws. After that, take off the NFC and wireless charging panel. Use the same technique to remove the lower antenna.

STEP 6: This is one of the most significant steps in the guide to Samsung s8 screen repair. Disconnect the cables from the motherboard with the help of spudger. It requires the precision of work, so give extra consideration while disconnecting either the cables or daughterboard connector.

STEP 7: Gone are the times when there used to be removable batteries. The latest Samsung mobile phones come with non-removable batteries that are placed with the help of adhesive. So, make sure to keep the battery free from adhesive before removing it from a mobile.

Samsung s8 screen repair

STEP 8: Show the magic of your screwdriver and take off the left screws. Lift the USB, type-C port, and other important things with the spudger. Now, come back on the top and remove the sensors, and SAT. This step is a bit tricky, and if you are scratching your head trying to understand all these terminologies, then either consider getting the help of a DIY video or take your mobile to the professionals.

STEP 8: Now comes the time to take out the volume and Bixby buttons. Get the tweezers in your hand and do it. A word of advice here is to avoid the rush; it may make things only worse. This step may look simple, but it is the most complex, and a slight mistake may deteriorate the whole thing. If you would not want to pour your money and sweat down the drain, then take some time and relax your hands and eyes.

Samsung s8 screen repair

STEP 9: Pick up the heat gun to remove the adhesive from the screen. Use it on the edges and get rid of glue with the help of a sharp knife or a stiff plastic card. Keep rotating it around all the corners until the adhesive is cleared. Finally, get your new screen and replace it with the old one. Whether you are searching for Samsung s8 or Samsung Galaxy S9 screen replacement, it is imperative for you to have the right tools.   

STEP 10: After disassembling the mobile, follow the above steps in reverse order to reassemble it. Start from the screen by using adhesive roll, then put back the volume & Bixby buttons, SAT, USB, type-c port, cables, battery, and other essential things. Put everything back just like you took out.  Besides, do not forget the screws; tighten them with the help of the screwdriver.

Now you are ready to repair the Samsung Galaxy mobile on your own.

Samsung repair

To Summarize

That was the ultimate guide to Samsung repair in NYC. As you can see, it requires precise efforts to get the screen replacement done. If you do not possess any experience of a screen replacement, getting the help of a professional is the safest possible option.

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Pro Tips To Finding an iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop

Having an iPhone 7 plus comes with its set of benefits. You have the best smartphone from a brand reputed to provide high-end data protection, which means better privacy. Only the original owner of the iPhone can unlock it via fingerprint sensor or facial ID technology. However, similar to other pieces of technological hardware, the iPhone can also suffer from certain issues like fast battery discharge, screen damage, or any software issues. It is a wise decision to look for a reputed iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop to take care of the damage.

Apple iPhone 7 plus repair

How Can I Tell Which iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop is the Best?

The benefits of a new phone include one-year manufacturer warranty for any hardware or software issues, which are not in control of the user. However, at one time the warranty ends and with it you are left with no other option but to look for a reputed service provider. It is vital that you search for a person with the necessary experience and tools to handle issues as Apple iPhone 7 plus repair and any other problems affecting your device.

I Have Heard of Phones Going Kaput After Taking them to a Local Repair Shop.

We are not in favor of sending you to a local repair shop, but a professional having the necessary experience and knowledge of the issues affecting an iPhone. However, you must understand that visiting Apple support after the warranty is over is a bit expensive affair. We are never in favor of taking your precious device to a newbie, but one whose work speaks volumes. It is this very reason that we have come up with some excellent tips to help you find the right place for the job.

  1. Go Online

Before you step out of your house to buy a product or service, you always read online reviews of the same. Why should one not do the same when searching for an iPhone 7 battery repair professional. The world of the internet would guide you in finding the right person for the job. Online ratings and reviews would help you narrow down the search to a few selected service providers with the proper track record.

Reviews would help you get an estimate of the quality of service offered by the person or company. Besides, do not believe in many negative reviews of a particular iPhone repair professional. There are chances that someone with a personal grudge might have given the professional a bad rating. Keep in mind to check for any specific areas the reviews mention.

  1. Experience Counts

When it comes to taking care of the iPhone 7 plus battery replacement issue, a person is a lot skeptical about approaching a third-party repair shop. We can ensure you that there are professionals with the right experience for the job. You need to make sure on your end that the person handling your case has worked previously on an iPhone.

Besides, do not fall for false promises, but make sure that you share your concerns about having an experienced iPhone repair professional handle your device with the shop owner. You do not want someone to repair the battery, and in the meanwhile end up damaging the other internal circuits of the phone. It is your phone, and you have every right to be worried about who will be handling it for the repairs.

  1. The Specialization

Just make sure that the person handling your iPhone has extensive experience in working on Apple products. Ensure that they do not repair iPhone just for fun, but are a true professional at what they do. The primary factor to consider when looking for an Apple iPhone 7 screen repair professional is making sure they possess knowledge about handling any repairs related to iPhone.

Apple iPhone 7 screen repair

  1. Free Check-Up

Many iPhone repair professionals offer free diagnosis to ascertain the exact issue affecting the phone’s hardware or software. You need to look for a professional offering this service, as it shows that they are quite skilled in what they do, especially when it comes to those looking for Apple iPhone 7 screen repair. They always perform a free diagnosis before coming up with the cost involved in the repair, and whether it is repairable or not.

  1. Repair Time

While looking for a professional dealing with iPhone issues, we recommend you consider the time they take to repair the device. However, keep in mind that it also depends on the problem, which the phone is facing. For example, if the iPhone has a battery drain issue, then it might take a day or two to repair the problem.

  1. What About the Warranty

At times, a poor decision in choosing an iPhone repair shop can end up in you going back to the shop. We recommend that you inquire about the warranty for the service provided by the iPhone professional. Many iPhone repair centers offer a warranty of up to 6 months against replacement of a new part. Choose one offering warranty on the service, as this shows that the person is confident about their work.

  1. The Location

Owing to the busy lifestyle, many people are not able to take out time to visit an iPhone repair store to resolve an iPhone 7 cracked glass repair issue. At times, it is a minor issue affecting the working of the iPhone. Make sure to look for an iPhone repair professional near to your location, as it would make it easier to pick and drop the phone as per convenience.

iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop


Whenever your iPhone 7 plus face any issue, whether it is faster battery drain or screen damage, remember to choose only a reputed and professional iPhone 7 Plus Repair Shop. They might cost extra, but nothing, which would burn a hole in your pocket. Besides, you would also get an additional warranty on the replacement of any part.

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Pro Tips To Help You Choose a Professional iPhone Repair in NYC

If you own an iPhone, then you know that it offers benefits including data protection with advanced security measures as fingerprint sensors and Face ID. IPhone owners think that their smartphone would not face any issue. At times, accidents happen, which can result in a cracked screen or other hardware damage. We recommend you take the phone immediately to the nearest iPhone repair in NYC to get a professional check it out.

iPhone repair in NYC

What is the Need to Take My iPhone 8 to a Repair Shop? I Have Company Insurance.

In case you have a new iPhone with you; then the manufacturer would provide the device with a one-year warranty. The warranty is bound to end one day. Only a person with the right experience and tools can handle issues like iPhone 8 screen repair and others related to the phone.

Secondly, with the warranty over, the cost of getting your phone repaired at the Apple store would increase. It is a wise decision to look for a professional with the knowledge of handling any issues related to the iPhone 8. Remember that not every iPhone repair shop offers the same quality of services. Hence, we have come up with some pointers to help you choose the right repair shop for the job.

Area of Specialization

Before finalizing any particular iPhone screen repair professional, ensure that they specialize in iPhone repairs. Make sure that they are not doing the repair work as a side business but as a full-time work. The primary goal is making sure the shop is qualified to handle the task of repairing the phone with precision.

You need not visit a specialized store; some carry the skills and expertise to fix your iPhone screen. In short, make sure that they handle cases of iPhone screen and other hardware damage regularly and not occasionally. You can expect to find the best iPhone repair service.

Check Reviews

The internet offers a variety of services to millions of individuals around the world. One of these includes helping a customer find reviews and ratings for any company. Similarly, you can check out scores for an Apple iPhone 8 screen repair professional before choosing one. Social media could come in handy to look for comments of previous customers.

Do not let the negative reviews turn you away from the service. Check the overall pattern of these online reviews. If these are mostly positive, then you are on the right track. On the contrary, if these are not in favor of the company,; time to choose something better. Besides, do pay attention to the specifics of the reviews, which might include a hint towards the attitude of the staff.

Technician Experience

Ensure that not only is the shop qualified to handle your model of iPhone, but also the technician repairing your phone has ample experience. It might be the scenario that the mechanic assigned to handle issues like iPhone 8 plus screen repair has just begun their first case of iPhone repair. They might not have the necessary experience to pull off the job. Make sure to clear this doubt with the shop owner

In short, do not feel shy about asking to work with someone having experience in handling iPhone 8 repair issues. A reputed iPhone repair professional would be more than willing to comply with your request without any problems.

iPhone 8 plus screen repair

Quick Repairs

When you are searching for a high-quality iPhone 8 repair service professional, you need to know how fast they are at repairing the hone. Some iPhone services complete the repair job within time limit of as short as 30 minutes. Some also offer dropping your phone at home on the same day.

Free Diagnosis

One of the services offered by many iPhone repair services includes free diagnosis regarding the issue affecting the phone’s performance and appearance. It is a significant factor in attracting customers to the repair centre. You need to be aware of professionals who charge a fee even to find an issue, even if there is none. Always choose a service provider who offers a free diagnosis of the whole problem before sharing the repair cost with you.

Pick and Drop Service

Owing to the busy work schedule, at times we only find the time on weekends to take our phones to a repair shop. Most of the times, minor issues are affecting an iPhone screen. The phone repair professional might need additional time to resolve a problem, which would require you to leave the phone at their place.

In such circumstances, we recommend that you look for the iPhone repair in NYC near your home, so that you can get the benefit of pick and drop service offered by the company. It would help you save time and also be convenient in every way.

Ask About the Warranty

At times, despite the best service provided by an iPhone repair professional, you might return to the shop. It is vital to inquire from the store about the warranty policy on different repair services and parts. You need to understand that warranty policies work differently for every iPhone repair service centre. The majority of stores offer at least 14 to 180 days against any failure in the new part. We recommend you visit shops providing more extended warranty periods, as the technicians are confident about their work quality.

iPhone repairs in NYC


When your iPhone 8 faces a hardware issue, make sure to take it to a reputed and experienced iPhone repair in NYC to get the best service. They would not charge an unnecessary fee for their service. The professionals would listen to your need, provide the right advice, and keep your iPhone running in the best position. In short, you would get your iPhone model running like new.