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Know How To Repair Oneplus 5 Screen Before You Spend Your Money

Breaking your phone’s screen is as major and serious as losing your smartphone. A lot of people prefer to keep the screen that way instead of replacing it. It is solely because the screen repair sector happens to be the most brutal one in the smartphone world. It can be very expensive, and finding the right place that will not rip you off is next to impossible.

So before you rush to your nearest vendor for your oneplus 5 screen repair NYC, refer to these solutions you can try on your own.

The first and foremost thing you have to do while you break your phone screen is to remain calm. There are many ways where you can repair your broken screen before you spend your money.

The display is one of the most easily damaged parts of mobile phones. But before you lose hope and buy yourself a new phone, stop and try these simple steps towards fixing your phone.

Assess the damage

If the damage to your phone is slight and on the surface, then you can live with that damage than afford to repair or replace it. If your screen is cracked around the surface and not bothering your view or your fingers, you don’t need to spend on fixing the screen.

Repair your phone temporarily

If you notice your oneplus screen has damaged to the point that the glass of your display may cause blisters to your fingers its time for some temporary repair. Buy a screen protector from any oneplus 5 screen repair shop. The screen protector will prevent the phone from further damages and will make it smooth for you to use your touchscreen phone.

Back up your data

As soon as your screen cracks, arrange the back up for your data stored in your oneplus 5. Having a backup will be a secure option, just in case, you lose your data during your repair.

Check for insurance of your phone

Check it if your phone is insured, be it through your home insurance or as a part of a specific gadget policy. See to it if you are covered under that insurance for accidental damage. Fixing the damage caused to your screen via an insurance company might be the cheapest way to get your phone repaired.

Look for a phone repair shop

Finally, when you are done assessing the damage and trying a temporary repair, the time to take your phone to a repair shop has come — research the nearest stores for oneplus repair NYC online.

The screen repair range will vary as per the type of damage caused to your phone.

You can go to the oneplus repair stores and contact the expert who is experienced technician to fix the damage, or you can go to a third party repair shop which doesn’t guarantee the quality of the service. The third party shops will be cheaper than the manufacturer’s repair stores.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

There are so many DIY videos available on youtube that can guide you to repair your damaged screen at home. If you are mechanically sound you can get the necessary tools online and try repairing your screen on your own.

However, unless you are highly confident about it, this should be avoided in any case. As per the policy, any unauthorized repairing attempts can void the warranty of your oneplus 5.

For the smaller damages, you can try one of the below-mentioned methods that could fix the damage temporarily:

  • Apply toothpaste

If there is a small crack in your phone, you can apply the toothpaste over the crack and rub it with a cotton bud. While doing that make sure it doesn’t affect the buttons, sockets or other such vulnerable parts of your phone.

  • Use a plastic bag

If the screen of your phone has shattered into pieces, you can protect it with a plastic bag. Assemble all the broken pieces in its place then tie the plastic bag around your phone.

The plastic bag will hold the pieces together, making it easy for you to use the phone and saving it from any further damages temporarily.

  • Apply baking soda

It is a remedy circulating online; it suggests that a paste made from two parts of baking soda and one part of water can fix the screen. Make sure the paste is thick and use the cloth while applying it on display.

This should solve the issue for a while and let you use your smartphone.

Buy a new phone

  • Buy a new phone

When you see the bill for your repairing going too high, don’t refrain from selling it and getting a new phone.

Even after spending so much on your screen repair it might not work as smooth as it used to, so it is smarter to sell this phone and buy yourself a new one.

Also, before you send off your phone, make sure you have cleared all the data you had in your phone, take the important files in your computer from your phone and do the complete factory reset.


So now when you break your screen into pieces, do not panic for there are solutions to handle it calmly and get it back to life. A little bit of research will help you find the perfect store to get the damage repaired. The home remedies must be tried on your own risk or under proper guidance as it might cause more damage to your phone if not done correctly.

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What To Do For iPhone 7 Screen Repair: Apple or DIY

So you dropped the iPhone accidentally, and the screen looks doomed now. Nothing can be disheartening than dropping an iPhone as it charges you hundreds of dollars just for the screen. Whether you crack the whole glass or the screen goes half black, it needs a replacement.

There are different options for iPhone 7 screen repair that we are going to discuss here. Also, we would explain how you can perform the DIY.

Your Options For Iphone 7 Screen Repair

If you are noticing any defects in the screen or the visuals, it is good to go for the screen replacement. However, those who have a shattered glass and there is nothing wrong to the display can use a glass screen protector so the cracks do not spread any further and you can use the phone without any repairs. Let’s head to Apple iPhone 7 screen repair options-

The Official Apple Fix

Apple always comes as the best option for any repair related to Apple devices. If your device still serves under warranty, you can take advantage of AppleCare+. The service covers the broken screen repairs for two times. For the first time, it charges you around $129 whereas for the second repair the price goes down to $93. To check if your phone is eligible for AppleCare+, simply visit the site and put down the serial number.

However, you can always take the device under Apple care even if it does not get under AppleCare+. In both cases, the charges would be relatively the same. You can either visit the store by yourself or send the phone to them that would charge you an additional shipping cost of around $6.

Usually, in-store screen repairs are quick, and they take about an hour or so and give the device the same day. However, it is not the case every time, and it depends on the local stores too.

Amazon as the Alternative

cheap iPhone 7 screen repair

Amazon is another trustworthy option that you may rely on if you can’t go for Apple due to any reason. If your phone has crossed the warranty phase, Amazon can be a great choice for a cheap iPhone 7 screen repair. There are always affordable options that provide you repair without making a hole in your wallet.

You need to book an appointment first by logging into your Amazon account and select iPhone repair service. Here you will be prompted to choose the model number and other details. Fill them up and proceed further on getting the appointment.

Select the date and the timeframe when you want to opt for the repair. Choose as per your convenience and proceed. Their people call you with some questions, and the repair gets done under $100. However, you should always review the final price.


If your phone is not under warranty anymore and you want to give DIY a chance, this is the way out. Always do it on your own risk when you have some experience dealing with iPhone screen repairs. Else you should always visit an Apple store. Let’s get to the DIY steps for Apple iPhone 7 plus repair

  • As the first step, you need to heat the adhesive straps of the device. You can make use of a dehydrator or a heat gun. Be careful in the process as you are not supposed to overdo it. Keep the heat low and do it until the adhesive seems loose.
  • Now you can work on removing the screws that you see in the bottom edge. Use a metal spudger and carefully remove the screws. Separate the adhesive completely while handling the device delicately. The body will open up from one side where you see the flex cable still connecting the screen to the battery.
  • Next, you should remove the silver EMI shield that is on the mid-right side of the phone by loosening those four tri-point screws. Now, you can detach the battery from the logic board using the spudger. Make sure you buy all the needed tools from an iPhone 7 plus repair shop or buy the kit online.
  • Go to the front panel sensor and unscrew the two Philips head screws there. It is a silver shield in the top section of the phone attached with a flex cable.
  • You should now detach the assembly connector cable from the logic board using a spudger. It is the connection that keeps the screen to the iPhone’s body.
  • In the next step, you can take off the LCD assembly from the body and be ready to remove the front camera and earpiece.
  • It is time to remove the silver bracket by removing the five Phillips head screws. Using the spudger, you can pull the camera and the earpiece speaker off.
  • Similarly, pull out the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. Do it with caution as there is a cable there that you can break easily.
  • The next phase is about removing the Home Button or the Touch ID. Do it with extreme care as any irresponsibility can make you visit Apple care and you are not going to save any money then.
  • There are the pentalobe screws that you need to unscrew to take off the Touch ID.
  • See in the bottom and look for the five tri-point screws and 1 Philips head screw. Remove them carefully, and you are doing right on iPhone 7 cracked glass repair DIY.
  • It will make you take the LCD shield away and detach the home button cable connector as well.
  • Now you are ready to replace the screen with a new one. Get the new screen and set it into the structure. Get the home button and set it there
  • Reconnect the flex cable you took of earlier from the home button. Take the flex cable through the LCD shield and the shield should be over the screen.
  • Now the screw part comes where you tighten all the screws and put things back. Tight the five tri-point screws and single Philips head screw.
  • Get the home bracket and tighten the four tri-wing screws.
  • Use the spudger and fix the ambient light and proximity sensor as you took off.
  • Get reverse in your steps and reinstall the front camera and the earpiece speaker as well.
  • Reinstall the bracket over the front camera by screwing the five Phillips heads. Put the flex back for the camera flex to the logic board. Screw the EMI shield with the Philips head screws.
  • Now it is time to reconnect the display flex cable. Get to the mid-right side of the phone close the flex EMI shield back using the four tri-point screws. The screw that is somewhat longer than others goes in the right corner.
  • Get the screen in the frame and press it a bit, so it clicks. Set it by screwing the two pentalobe screws and you are done.


iPhone 7 screen repair

Whenever being dubious among all your options, always opt for an Apple care for the iPhone 7 screen repair. Secondly, you can consider Amazon too if the phone is not under warranty. DIY should be the last option that only experienced ones should go with.

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Broken iPhone Screen Repair Guide

What you should do right away:

A screen can break in many different levels of severity, from a completely smashed screen with a non-operating phone to small little cracks over the edges. So there are different solutions for every different condition. Here’s your guide to understanding the way to handle your broken iPhone screens.

iPhone repair

The first thing you need do is to gauge the damage happened to the phone. Try a little tapping and prodding to understand the intensity at which the screen has been damaged. If the screen completely falls out or sticks to the phone with whole spiderweb cracks. After you have identified the damage, you can decide the solution.

The solution for your iPhone repair as per the damages are as follows:

  1. Using Packing Tape:

So when the screen breaks, you can right away use the most easily accessible solution, I.e., to use the packing tape as a screen protector. Stick the transparent screen protector tape all around your phone covering all the cracks so that the screen doesn’t fall off or cut your fingers.

  1. Screen Protectors:

For the more finished solution, you can use screen protectors, applying it won’t solve the issue but still makes your phone screen manageable if it is functioning.

screen protectors

  1. DIY:

If you are a techie and have knowledge about technical stuff, you can try fixing the screen on your own. You can also watch tutorials online to do so; you might need a few tools to do the job. So if you are confident enough, go for it.

  1. Go to a professional:
  • Manufacturer repair center (Apple Store)
  • Local Repair shops
  • Call in a professional at home
  • Kiosks at Mall


  • Manufacturer repair center (Apple Store):


Apple’s online warranty guideline states that “You should not open the Apple Product. Opening it may cause damage which is not covered by this warranty. Only Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider should perform service on this Apple Product.”

Apple service centers might be a bit more expensive than the local stores and usually comes with a guarantee and if it is in a warranty period, you don’t need to think twice about it.

  • Local Repair Shops:

You can opt for local iPhone repair shops in NYC since they are not directly linked to the manufacturer it becomes hard to rely on them but if you choose a good shop based on online reviews, other consumers’ references, etc. then this might work out for you. Some shops manage to solve the problems at lower costs than the apple store.

Call a professional at home

  • Call a professional at home:

There are professional services available online that come to your home to fix the issue you are facing with your devices, pick your service provider; they are cost effective and also provide services at your home; turns out this is one of the great options to opt for.

  • Kiosks at Mall:

When we visit malls, we often avoid relying on the stalls for such big issues like broken screens on our devices. However, experts say that they have got good professional skills to solve your problems at very reasonable costs, you could go to the nearest kiosk and try getting your phone screen repaired from them.


These are the steps you should follow for your iPhone screen repair if it gets damaged. However, there many online guides that you can go through for the DIYs to repair your iPhone screen.

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Common Problems With Oneplus 5t And How To Fix Them

Oneplus 5t has received a lot of positive reviews ever since it launched and it is loved by lots so much that people passed on to 6, 6t and now waiting for oneplus 7; it is receiving a lot of complaints as well regarding some issues to be fixed and some features that need to be worked on.

One plus 5t came with lots of updates ever since it has launched, yet it is receiving many complaints in the oneplus forum. Although it is a good option for replacing by 3T or 5 yet some issues should be taken into consideration.


  1. Battery life issues:

As the new update launched, people have started expecting increased battery life. The battery issue has been a problem for every android phone, other phones have been fixing these issues with each new phone launched, and people have started expecting the same from oneplus 5t. The reason behind this could be anything like mobile data consuming the battery even when the phone is idle, some misbehaving apps, and so forth.


  • The solution is to turn off the mobile data or Wi-Fi when not using.
  • Turning the brightness down as that is also the reason behind the consumption of the battery.
  • We also recommend you turn off the locations option as well.
  • Consistently closing the apps running in the background.
  1. Wi-Fi connectivity issues:

Something we notice on every phone these days, it is the issue with Wi-Fi connectivity. Either the Wi-Fi doesn’t connect on the first go, or it drops; people have been complaining about all this from a long time.


Although the phones are upgrading; people still seem to find some issues. They can always work things out and fix problems from their end.

  • Try turning it off and then back on in the settings.
  • You can try putting the phone on a flight mode for a few minutes and then turn it off; it works in the cases of mobile data it might work here as well.
  • Try turning the Wi-Fi router of your house down and then turn it back on, it has worked for some.
  • You can also try going on the settings, forget all the networks and reconnect from scratch.
  • Stay upgraded on the latest version, always update the phone whenever there’s an update announced, you can go to settings>about the phone and upgrade to the latest version. Being on the latest version of the phone mainly solves a lot of issues.

Digital camera issue

  1. Digital camera issue:

There are still many complaints regarding the camera of oneplus 5t. from the quality of the camera to the overall user experience.


  • Make sure you are on the latest updated version; it has made a bunch of fixes like night mode, the sound of recording and HDR mode.
  • Restart your phone entirely.
  • Try turning HDR mode off, although the company solved this issue in latest update still if you face the same issue again, you can let us know, we will get it fixed for you.

4. Bluetooth connectivity issues:

Along with Wi-Fi, people also complain about the connectivity issue with Bluetooth. It gets the trickiest in the cars people have claimed that it took more than one restarts for them to get paired.


  • Again, unpairing with all the devices and starting over should help.
  • You can restart the phone to give it a fresh start as a temporary solution.
  • Upgrade to the latest version software on your phone, this should fix the problem regarding the same. The latest pie update has improved the user experience.

5. Face unlock:

The face unlock feature has been the best-known feature of the phone, it beats iPhone x in terms of the speed to unlock your phone.


  • Delete you registered face and redo it.
  • Make sure you do it while in the room full of light so it can get the accurate recognition of the face.

6. Fingerprint unlock issues:

People have complained that the phone scans to unlock while in the pocket, this makes it annoying for the user as it keeps vibrating in the pocket every time it doesn’t recognize the touch.


  • Since it is a hardware problem, you can re-enter your fingerprint and see if it happens again and if it does re-enter it without the phone case it will help it in recognizing the most accurate print and shall help you solve this issue
  • However, if all else fails, use the face unlock option.

7. Apps aren’t fullscreen:

The one plus 5t has an 18:9 ratio long and skinny screen some apps show the black bars at the top and bottom like widescreen movies.


In the version Android 8.1 OnePlus added a “fullscreen app mode” where you can control the screen resolution ratio. Go to Settings>fullscreen app mode, and toggle troublesome apps into fullscreen.

8. Audio problems:

It has been noticed that people are complaining about the sound problems during phone calls, while listening to music, while playing games and such. And we are wondering why, if you are using the latest version of the phone this shouldn’t be the problem. In the most recent update in 2018, oneplus has almost fixed all the bugs and complaints about the phone, so this shouldn’t be the problem anymore and if still is a problem in your case you can go for oneplus 5t repair or replace your oneplus 5t from the company.


Overall Oneplus 5t is a good phone to choose, the few bugs and fixes keep getting better as the it keeps announcing the new version of the software update. It is a good option to rely on, whenever faced any problem you can get your oneplus 5t repaired anytime in the nearest onplus service centers.

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Top iPhone Related Problems That Should Be Fixed By Experts

One of the most significant gifts of the twenty-first century to mankind is iPhones. It has been over a decade since the first iPhone was launched and today there are millions of iPhone users across the world. Though it is the most excellent technological innovation, there are several problems that users face. These are common problems, and not all of them are exclusive to the iPhone. So here is the list of some of the most common issues that iPhone users face.

Damaged Screen:

Those who look for iPhone repair solution are mostly have damaged screen to deal with. A cracked screen is frustrating, you cannot even enjoy your favorite apps, and eventually, you stop enjoying the videos, games, reading texts and other things. It is better to get it repaired as soon as possible. You can fix it yourself by using tapes, but it is not a permanent solution. You should look for a shop that offers.

Phone damaged by water:

Any electrical item is at high risk of damaging when it comes in contact with the water. If you have dropped liquid on your iPhone or you have dropped your iPhone in water, then you cannot bring back to life yourself. You will need help from professionals. The first thing you should do is to clean your device with a dry cloth. Do not switch on the phone as it might lead to short-circuiting. You can put the iPhone in a jar or bowl of rice to absorb the remaining water. Leave the device there for 48 hours. If you are lucky, then your phone will start, but in most cases, visiting a reliable apple iPhone repair shop is the best and only option.

Frozen Screen:

The frozen screen is a common problem in the iPhone, but it is easy to solve it. You can restart your phone and get your phone working as smoothly as before. You can also go for a hard reset by holding down the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time.

When you cannot power off the device:

When you are unable to power off your iPhone by holding the screen lock button, you should press and hold the home button and sleep/wake button at the same time. Keep holding these buttons until the apple logo appears on the screen.

The volume button is stuck:

apple iPhone repair shop

When your volume button is not working, you cannot put your phone on silent while receiving calls, which is annoying. There are a few tips that you can try to solve the problem. You should first turn on the airplane mode. The phone calls won’t bother you anymore as all the calls will go the voicemail. You should also go for muting all the sounds on your iPhone. This can give you peace for a while, but meanwhile, you should start looking for a nearby apple repair shop that can provide you a reliable solution.

When the iPhone does not connect with the Wi-Fi:

It is a minor problem and restarting the device should work. Once the device is restarted, the phone should be able to connect the device to the Wi-Fi. If you still cannot connect, then go in the settings, go to Wi-Fi icon and set the HTTP Proxy to auto.

Battery Drain:

A draining battery is also one of the common problems in iPhone devices. You should turn off all the apps that you are not using. Go to the settings and turn off all the unnecessary apps. If the problem continues then, you might have to opt for iPhone battery repair.

When the microphone does not work:

You need to ensure that all the plastic films on your phone are removed. Go to settings and open the app and check whether it has permission to use the microphone or not. If the problem is in the hardware, then visit a reputed mobile repair shop to get the best outcome.

Problems with Bluetooth:

Bluetooth problem is easy to solve. You need to follow these steps. Go to settings, general, and select reset all options and then reset all settings. This will delete all the saved settings, and you should be able to connect the Bluetooth.

Camera problem:

iPhone battery repair

Often this might occur when you have any restrictions turned on. Go to settings, general, restrictions, and ensure that the allow camera option is turned on. If you still cannot find a solution, then you should see a reputed technician who can cater to your requirement in the best possible way.


Whether you need iPhone battery replacement or you need to fix the charging port, you should always opt for a mobile repair shop that has rich experience and has a team of a skilled technician. There are several benefits of visiting such a shop and the first in the list is service quality. If you only look for cheaper repairing solution, you might end up getting poor quality services, which means more time for repairing and no accurate diagnosis of the problem. You also won’t get any adequate warranty on the repair job. So it is better to approach a professional who can give you the best in class solution for any iPhone related problems.