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How Considerate is the OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Setup?

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The OnePlus company each year advances ahead with a better and a much smarter version of cellphone and with their fan following also increases. The latest phone OnePlus 7 is today a popular model. And not to forget its best feature is its camera.

OnePlus 7 Pro is one of the many devices that introduced a triple sensor camera. You can find the improvements in its software feature like nightscape and its low light shooting mode are also built-in. The quality of the cellphone is one of the best parts!

OnePlus 7 Pro stands with the latest features added by providing multi-focal length, multi-lens camera setup that’s both capable and versatile. You can find three-lens arrangement fronted by 48-megapixel primary sensor.

Moreover, the headline attracting megapixel count and the technical flexibility it offers by stating that the more megapixels does not a good camera make. Needless to say, it offers stunning resolution when put in the hands of an experienced engineering team.


The sensor features an f/1.6 aperture, OIS (optical image stabilization) and also a custom made seven-element lens which aids with fringing and distortion at the edge of the frame. Below the main sensor is a small gap that contains the gubbins that holds up the phone’s hybrid contrast and phase -detection autofocus system too.

Sensor Oneplus


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On the upper side, above the main sensor is the phone’s secondary 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, which sports at f/2.2 aperture and a board 117-degree field of view, whereas the down sneak it’s an 8-megapixel telephoto lens with an f/2.4 aperture and OIS.


The pro’s tele camera does an outstanding job by offering the phone with 3x optical zoom and that’s without the obligation for a transverse periscopic design.

Portrait Mode:

Portrait Mode Oneplus

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It’s a beyond hardware device that has magnified portrait mode with a version of 2.0 of its nightscape low light scene mode. Furthermore, the gadget has pixel-binning technology that condenses the image data of four pixels into one, to help identify and iron out shake and noise, resulting into a 12-megapixel final image.

The portrait mode adds a mild and vivid bokeh to circumstances but any face detected in the frame, be it foreground or background, will be seen sharp which sometimes serves against the artificial depth effect, breaking immersion.

Natural Light:

Quality is grand at the phone’s maximum 3x losses optical zoom. In the natural light, the 7 pro is much the same with a high-end snapper worth. The feature 3x lossless optical zoom also comprises cropping in on subjects and scenes. Developing with an awesome amount of detail held in the images.

Low Light:

Oneplus has worked hard to tweak the former version’s low light capabilities. It has proceeded to new hardware which has clearly turned out to an excellent upgrade.

Nightlight Feature:

The latest revamped nightscape attribute has enhanced a lot when compared to its previous models. Especially with low light shooting, it provides a high-resolution image.

Triple Camera:

Moreover, the triple camera arrangement is a joy to use. The lenses are utilized at its best in the bright environment while capturing interesting and captivating perspectives not possible otherwise.


With the OnePlus 7 Pro’s efficient hardware, the inclusion of up to 4K video recording at a smooth 60 fps is also a welcome inclusion with a standard balance to boot. It is indeed a great phone to own.

Overall it’s an electronic device and many may experience some sort of issues during usage. In that case, if you are looking for OnePlus repair you can give a call to Wireless Solutions.

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Oneplus 7T vs 7T Pro: Confused? Learn About its Main Difference!

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Whether you are confused about which variant to buy will it be 7T or 7T Pro? or you are simply here to get the knowledge regarding the new models of Oneplus. You can find the answer to your questions without any doubts in this article. 


Due to the similar name models of the Oneplus 7T and Oneplus 7 Pro anyone can easily get confused about the Oneplus line of phones. Even the mobile company has followed up with a handful of other variants the differences are noticeable. 

The reality is that these variants are alike, however, there are some essential differences which one can notice. The note in their specs, designs, availability and of course also the cost. 

You can find here the main points through which you can find the full spec idea regarding the difference between these two variants. 

  • Design Difference

Both the models are no doubt created from the Oneplus cloth with the softest blue colors and frosted glass back. One of the major difference however you can notice is there camera on the back. The 7T variant cameras are encased in a circular unit while the 7T pro’s camera is organized in a vertical strip. It both have fingerprint scanners built into their displays. 

  • Screen Sizes

The model Oneplus 7T has a 6.55 inch of display with a 2400×1080 pixel resolution. On the other hand, the pro model has 6.67 inches of the display with a 3120×1440 pixel resolution. Hence, giving the pro model a pixel density of 516ppi, which is much sharper than 7T 402ppi.


It may not go unnoticed that the marginal 0.12inch size increase gives the extra resolution bump which makes the high-resolution pictures and videos pop out a little. Moreover, the notable selfie-camera feature which mechanically slides out from the top edge to edge and remains entirely unbroken by notches. 

  • Power Processor 

Two of the variants have Qualcomm’s latest octa-core snapdragon 855 plus processor, clocked at 2.9GHz. Both the models have 8GB of RAM. The 7T scored 2911 multi-score whereas the standard 7T Pro is 2883. Admittedly, these differences are razor-thin and barely qualify as variance at all. 

These models are the best at handling any of your everyday tasks, including video streaming and photo editing. Gaming is a breeze even with the graphically demanding game asphalt 9.  

  • Storage Capacity

Pro definitely carries 256GB of storage whereas the 7T comes with 128GB. It is an important point, given that none of the phones have expandable storage. Hence, if you store a lot of videos or photos, it is best to opt for a higher capacity model. 

  • Cameras

Oneplus repair

Both have a triple camera setup on the back, of which 48-megapixel main camera, 16-megapixel super wide-angle camera and a telephone camera too. The 7T however, has a 12-megapixel telephoto camera whereas pro has an 8-megapixel telephoto camera. It may seem odd but the telephoto resolution on the pro is lower, but it has 3x zoom instead of just 2x.

The picture quality is sharp, with decent exposure and accurate colors. Both have a dedicated macro mode too, which lets you focus on the things that are closer to the lenses. You will have a perfect device to capture close-ups shots of insects and flowers. 

  • Batteries

The 7T variant has a 3800 mAh battery that can last up to impressive 16 hours. While the pro model have 4085 mAh battery. There isn’t however much of a difference when you need to take into account the slightly larger displays that drain more battery eventually. Both the Oneplus variant comes with ultra-fast charging.


One plus 7T and Oneplus 7T Pro both the variants have pros and cons on its side. However, you need to make a smart choice depending upon what you are going to use it for mostly. Even though these models are similar in most ways there are small differences that can give you a different experience. Moreover, if you are looking for a Oneplus repair of your old mobile just in case to sell it. You can get in touch with Wireless Solutions.

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Protect your Oneplus from Viruses Around the Web


It’s as easy for your Android phones to catch viruses as your computer systems. Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system and it is considered as an ‘open’ operating system, which allows it to be altered by manufacturers easily. But on the downside, this means that the Android operating system is more prone to malware as compared to other operating systems.

Since you mandatorily use Windows computer systems without malware protection to protect it from viruses, similarly even your Android smartphone must be protected and not left exposed. The good thing about Android is that protecting it is quite simple, straightforward and free. Read on to find out how you can protect your android smartphone from viruses:

  1. Keep your Android phone updated

Every update comes with bug fixes to help protect the phone, it is required to keep your android system software updated. To check for updates go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update. You will see your software update status there and you can even verify if your software is up to date; if not then the new version must be available to download.

  1. Restrict your downloads with a password

Smartphones are very personal to each individual, yet if you tend to let other people use your Android smartphone it is always a good option to enable a password for installation of purchases like films, music, Tv shows, and other apps.

This option is highly recommended for parents who would want to restrict their children from installing or purchasing any apps without their knowledge.

You can do so by going to the Google Play store then tap the three-bar menu button. Tap Settings and search Require authentication for purchases. You can select all if you want or Every 30 minutes from the pop-up box. Then you will have to enter a password with any purchases you make on your Android smartphone.

Restrict your downloads with a password

  1. Refrain from installing apps from unknown sources

Downloading media or installing apps from unknown sources are the major causes of viruses in your Android devices. The good thing about Android phones is that it blocks you from installing them unless you have opted otherwise.

It used to be permitted to opt-in if you want the apps installed in your phones from unknown sources, but the 8.0 version (also known as Oreo) removed this option for Android users. So there are possibly fewer chances of getting your Samsung, Micromax or Oneplus repairs. This version instead makes you grant the individual app permission to install unknown apps. These apps from unknown sources are unreliable and not recommended, such apps could contain viruses that have the potential to damage your phone. It is always best and safest to download your apps from the Google Play Store.

  1. Read app permissions thoroughly

Some apps of Google Play Store will sometimes want to access information from your phone. These apps are authorized to access certain features, just like photo apps will need access to the device’s storage. Some of these apps ask for your permission and show you the information they need before you install them while some apps do not provide that. However, you can view the information that a particular app can access on the app’s detail page in the Play Store by scrolling down to App permissions.

You get to read the details about the app before sharing your personal information before you install the app. Moreover, the Virus protection apps scan all the apps on your phone and even rank them by the level of privacy sensitivity. By analyzing this information you can decide better if you want to go ahead and install the app or not.

Read app permissions thoroughly

  1. Remove viruses when detected

In case you have already been a victim of viruses in your Android phones, your work for removing the viruses has to start immediately.

The antivirus apps and programs detect viruses but they do not always effectively work towards removing them. These apps fail to do their job because some viruses are particularly resolute in nature. And now you can figure out that it is time to call an expert, avoid attempting to remove viruses manually. Get your Android phones be it Samsung, Micromax or Oneplus to your nearest repair centers and let them take care of it further.

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Master The Oxygen Os On One Plus 5 With These Tips

One plus 5 unveiled in 2017 and it has left an impression of a great phone on customers’ minds. Its sleek and slim body makes it a classy one in the market. And it is all the more powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The curved, bright and vivid AMOLED screen looks stunning along with the dual rear camera to capture the incredible photos.

However, no matter what hardware has to offer you in phones, its what inside it that counts. The Oxygen OS exposes every corner and niche of the One Plus 5’s software experience. This software has a lot to offer to One plus 5 users this time. Read on to learn about some amazing tips and tricks for the best experience.

Customize the shelf

one plus 5 repair

One plus 5 provides a pinboard like shelf on the left-most side of the home screen. To enable the shelf manually you will have to long-press a blank spot on the one plus 5’s launcher then the “customize” button and then tap “Enable Shelf”. however, usually, it appears at its place by default.

Later on, all you will have to do is add the shortcuts and widgets to the shelf. To get the options, tap the round-shaped icon in the lower-right corner, you can even resize them. You will notice the draggable “handles” at the bottom; these handles help you shuffle things around by pressing and holding on the widget, you can move it up or down on the shelf. Wish to remove a widget from the shelf? Just press and hold on the widget and glide it to the right slowly where you will see three bars or the trash can.

Not only the widgets you can even add notes or reminders to the widget by selecting the option “Memo”.

Personalize one plus 5’s home screen

If you don’t like the default home screen arrangement the Oxygen OS gives you the ability to personalize it based on your preferences. You can do so by tapping and holding on the blank space on your home screen, after a few seconds, you will notice the center screen fading and three buttons in the bottom row appear: Wallpaper, Widgets, and Settings. The wallpaper and widgets pretty much speak for themselves where you can choose your favorite wallpapers and add home screen widgets. But the third option settings is the more interesting part.

The settings menu is where you will find toggleable gesture shortcuts. Open settings just with a top-down swipe and a left swipe to bring the Oxygen OS’s shelf.

Optimize the Battery

Although Oneplus 5 and One plus 5t have a long battery span with a single charge. It can still eat up with a few tweaks here and there.

Oxygen OS comes with a “dark mode” option that inverts the color scheme of every menu. The pixels of the screen switch off to produce the black color that helps in power saving. Head to Settings > Display > Theme and tap the theme button to enable it.

Another way to save power is to optimize the screen brightness well. Choose the option of adaptive brightness that decides the intensity for you considering the available light.

Use the physical alert slider

The One plus 5 offers something that most phones don’t, it has a slider on the side that switches between “Silent”, “Ring” and “Do Not Disturb” modes. The feature is unique on its own but it gets even more interesting with the Oxygen OS software.

You get to customize Do Not Disturb mode by going to Settings > Alert Slider > Do Not Disturb. If you do not wish to see reminders or events just toggle them to hide from the view. You can easily cut off certain people with do not disturb by creating your favorites in contact lists. Go to “Manage favorite contacts” to customize.

In Summary

These were some of the most interesting updates that Oxygen OS has brought for the One plus 5 users. Try them out to get the complete experience of this one of a kind phone.

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Reviewing Oneplus 7: Design, Camera, Performance, and More

Oneplus repairs

Ever since Oneplus has entered the market, it has been continuously pushing limits of what it can offer to the customers. They announced two phones this year, Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro. With the flagship Oneplus 7 Pro, the company added many new features such as the Quad HD screen with 90Hz refresh rate, triple cameras and up to 12 GB of RAM. So much at an affordable price makes the company one of the most likeable android phone’s brand.

Here’s how far we have gone with reviewing the Oneplus 7


When it comes to design, Oneplus 7 offers no major upgrade from 6T. It also has a similar glass finish, a fingerprint sensor built into the screen and a teardrop-shaped cutout design. The size and weight are quite similar too, which makes it easy to carry and makes no difference than other android phones.

The gorgeous glass back finish combined with red colour option uplifts the look all the more, but it still remains slippery. The fingerprint feature is known to be more responsive than it was in the predecessor and the camera module position makes the glass cover prone to scratches.

OnePlus 7 screen repair


The Oneplus 7 has a slightly smaller screen with a resolution of 2,340×1,080p. The colours pop out magnificently, making everything from video playback to gaming more enjoyable. However, the less sharp 6.41-inch AMOLED screen has no match to the quad HD screens like those of Oneplus 7 Pro, yet it holds its own in the price segment it belongs to. The video enhancer tool offers improved contrast in videos.


As per some sources, even google cannot get to the same level of performance out of an Android phone that you will get from the Oneplus 7. Oneplus 7 is capable enough to load an app, gobble video edits and play the most graphically taxing games without breaking a sweat. The oxygenOS operating system on the Oneplus 7 offers a more simplified and lively experience.

The latest update offers the feature of screen recording as well as editing and sharing the videos directly from the Gallery. The new gaming mode also offers the phone to give you the best gaming performance by limiting or completly stopping notifications, interrupting your play-through. All this as a whole lessens the chances of Oneplus repairs for a longer run.

Oneplus repairs


Oneplus 7 offers a dual camera set-up consisting of a 48MP 1/2 inch super-sized sensor with an aperture of f/1.7. It also has in-built Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) which keeps the image steady when you are moving, or nervous or shooting in low-light conditions. The portrait mode shots come out incredibly well and will help things pop on your social media feed.


The Oneplus 7 runs on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor, which has also been used in the Oneplus 7 Pro. The gamers may notice the difference since Qualcomm has tweaked the core configuration in 855 for better gaming performance. The Oneplus 7 battery performance doesn’t show any extraordinary change, yet shows some improvement.


In case you missed out on the Oneplus 6 or 6T, the Oneplus 7 will be a remarkable upgrade which will not fail to amuse you with these amazing features. And if you are Oneplus 6 or 6T user, it has some major under-the-hood updates to offer you as well. Oneplus 7 brings the Faster processor, improved battery span and camera. All in all, it is a smartphone worth giving a try.