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Master The Oxygen Os On One Plus 5 With These Tips

One plus 5 unveiled in 2017 and it has left an impression of a great phone on customers’ minds. Its sleek and slim body makes it a classy one in the market. And it is all the more powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The curved, bright and vivid AMOLED screen looks stunning along with the dual rear camera to capture the incredible photos.

However, no matter what hardware has to offer you in phones, its what inside it that counts. The Oxygen OS exposes every corner and niche of the One Plus 5’s software experience. This software has a lot to offer to One plus 5 users this time. Read on to learn about some amazing tips and tricks for the best experience.

Customize the shelf

one plus 5 repair

One plus 5 provides a pinboard like shelf on the left-most side of the home screen. To enable the shelf manually you will have to long-press a blank spot on the one plus 5’s launcher then the “customize” button and then tap “Enable Shelf”. however, usually, it appears at its place by default.

Later on, all you will have to do is add the shortcuts and widgets to the shelf. To get the options, tap the round-shaped icon in the lower-right corner, you can even resize them. You will notice the draggable “handles” at the bottom; these handles help you shuffle things around by pressing and holding on the widget, you can move it up or down on the shelf. Wish to remove a widget from the shelf? Just press and hold on the widget and glide it to the right slowly where you will see three bars or the trash can.

Not only the widgets you can even add notes or reminders to the widget by selecting the option “Memo”.

Personalize one plus 5’s home screen

If you don’t like the default home screen arrangement the Oxygen OS gives you the ability to personalize it based on your preferences. You can do so by tapping and holding on the blank space on your home screen, after a few seconds, you will notice the center screen fading and three buttons in the bottom row appear: Wallpaper, Widgets, and Settings. The wallpaper and widgets pretty much speak for themselves where you can choose your favorite wallpapers and add home screen widgets. But the third option settings is the more interesting part.

The settings menu is where you will find toggleable gesture shortcuts. Open settings just with a top-down swipe and a left swipe to bring the Oxygen OS’s shelf.

Optimize the Battery

Although Oneplus 5 and One plus 5t have a long battery span with a single charge. It can still eat up with a few tweaks here and there.

Oxygen OS comes with a “dark mode” option that inverts the color scheme of every menu. The pixels of the screen switch off to produce the black color that helps in power saving. Head to Settings > Display > Theme and tap the theme button to enable it.

Another way to save power is to optimize the screen brightness well. Choose the option of adaptive brightness that decides the intensity for you considering the available light.

Use the physical alert slider

The One plus 5 offers something that most phones don’t, it has a slider on the side that switches between “Silent”, “Ring” and “Do Not Disturb” modes. The feature is unique on its own but it gets even more interesting with the Oxygen OS software.

You get to customize Do Not Disturb mode by going to Settings > Alert Slider > Do Not Disturb. If you do not wish to see reminders or events just toggle them to hide from the view. You can easily cut off certain people with do not disturb by creating your favorites in contact lists. Go to “Manage favorite contacts” to customize.

In Summary

These were some of the most interesting updates that Oxygen OS has brought for the One plus 5 users. Try them out to get the complete experience of this one of a kind phone.

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Reviewing Oneplus 7: Design, Camera, Performance, and More

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Ever since Oneplus has entered the market, it has been continuously pushing limits of what it can offer to the customers. They announced two phones this year, Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro. With the flagship Oneplus 7 Pro, the company added many new features such as the Quad HD screen with 90Hz refresh rate, triple cameras and up to 12 GB of RAM. So much at an affordable price makes the company one of the most likeable android phone’s brand.

Here’s how far we have gone with reviewing the Oneplus 7


When it comes to design, Oneplus 7 offers no major upgrade from 6T. It also has a similar glass finish, a fingerprint sensor built into the screen and a teardrop-shaped cutout design. The size and weight are quite similar too, which makes it easy to carry and makes no difference than other android phones.

The gorgeous glass back finish combined with red colour option uplifts the look all the more, but it still remains slippery. The fingerprint feature is known to be more responsive than it was in the predecessor and the camera module position makes the glass cover prone to scratches.

OnePlus 7 screen repair


The Oneplus 7 has a slightly smaller screen with a resolution of 2,340×1,080p. The colours pop out magnificently, making everything from video playback to gaming more enjoyable. However, the less sharp 6.41-inch AMOLED screen has no match to the quad HD screens like those of Oneplus 7 Pro, yet it holds its own in the price segment it belongs to. The video enhancer tool offers improved contrast in videos.


As per some sources, even google cannot get to the same level of performance out of an Android phone that you will get from the Oneplus 7. Oneplus 7 is capable enough to load an app, gobble video edits and play the most graphically taxing games without breaking a sweat. The oxygenOS operating system on the Oneplus 7 offers a more simplified and lively experience.

The latest update offers the feature of screen recording as well as editing and sharing the videos directly from the Gallery. The new gaming mode also offers the phone to give you the best gaming performance by limiting or completly stopping notifications, interrupting your play-through. All this as a whole lessens the chances of Oneplus repairs for a longer run.

Oneplus repairs


Oneplus 7 offers a dual camera set-up consisting of a 48MP 1/2 inch super-sized sensor with an aperture of f/1.7. It also has in-built Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) which keeps the image steady when you are moving, or nervous or shooting in low-light conditions. The portrait mode shots come out incredibly well and will help things pop on your social media feed.


The Oneplus 7 runs on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 processor, which has also been used in the Oneplus 7 Pro. The gamers may notice the difference since Qualcomm has tweaked the core configuration in 855 for better gaming performance. The Oneplus 7 battery performance doesn’t show any extraordinary change, yet shows some improvement.


In case you missed out on the Oneplus 6 or 6T, the Oneplus 7 will be a remarkable upgrade which will not fail to amuse you with these amazing features. And if you are Oneplus 6 or 6T user, it has some major under-the-hood updates to offer you as well. Oneplus 7 brings the Faster processor, improved battery span and camera. All in all, it is a smartphone worth giving a try.

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Useful OnePlus 6 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

oneplus 6 repair

OnePlus has been one of those phone flagships which people have loved all over the world — a phone brand with excellent features, camera quality, and performance at an affordable price. One of the phones from the series that users must be using for a year now after its launch, but there are a few features or tricks that you didn’t know about until now. Ever since oneplus 6 came out, we have heard a lot positive feedback about the phone. The phone is a performance powerhouse and runs Android 8.1 Oreo-based Oxygen OS out of the box.

Oxygen OS has been diligently refined for a wonderfully seamless experience. Innovative features and optimizations make everything faster and smoother. It offers your phone a personalized experience with robust customization options.

Here are some ways you can make the most of the software running on the OnePlus 6.

  1. Manage the Display – Colors, Fonts, Notch and More

Tune into your OnePlus 6’s Display Settings if you haven’t tried this until now. Go to Settings > Display choose color profile. The default colors on the screen are the ones that lean towards cold. We would recommend you to switch to sRGB or DCI – P3 color mode. In case you feel it is too yellowish, give it a couple of hours and you will feel right.

You will also see an option to hide the notch and it is totally up to you to make up your mind between the two available options.

  1. Customized LED notification Color.

Customized LED notification Color

Did you know, you could choose the customized LED Color for your notification bar. One of the excellent features of OnePlus 6 is that its notch also makes room for the notification LED. You can even customize the Color that LED glows for different notifications. And you can also decide what apps LED notifications would work.

  1. Gaming Mode for Avoiding interruptions

Use this new gaming mode feature, which is brought to you by the latest software update Oxygen OS. OnePlus is an excellent phone for gaming, and the new gaming mode feature gives you a solution for avoiding any interruptions. The gaming mode allows you to choose your own customized setting. It can be used to turn off pop-up notifications, route calls via speakers, channel data to the gaming app as a priority, and also offers a battery saver option. The hardcore gamers will appreciate the feature.

  1. Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

The unlock system of OnePlus phones have been lightning fast, never have we ever heard a single complaint regarding that. The face unlock system of OnePlus 6 is also extremely fast. The Oxygen OS version has improved accuracy in low light; you can do that by turning on ‘Face Unlock assistive lighting.’ access the option from Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Face Unlock.

Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

  1. Navigation Gestures

The navigation gestures not only offer the rearrangement of buttons but can also completely replace them with navigation gestures on the OnePlus 6. With navigation gestures, a swipe up from the middle will take you home. A swipe from either side will take you back. Swipe and hold from the center will pop the recent apps. The gestures might not be as fast as recent apps, and you will have to give up Google assistant shortcut, but they make the screen feel immersive.


So these were a few of the useful OnePlus 6 features you should start using now. The outstanding performance, power-efficient AMOLED screen, and long-lasting battery span won’t leave any scope of OnePlus 6 repairs, yet with time, every device is prone to decline in terms of performance. However, when you turn these extra features on, it will undoubtedly take a hit.

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Smartphone Etiquettes You Ought to Start Following Now

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We live in an era where texting the person sitting in the same room is considered normal. There’s no doubt about it that smartphones have simplified our lives in multiple ways, but on what cost? People are losing values of face-to-face conversations by paying all their attention to their virtual conversations with distant people they barely know.

Smartphones have improved our lives in several ways. You can instantly access the information with just one click, get in touch with your long-distance friends and family quite easily, and you can get any item in the world which delivers to your doorstep. With all the positives also come to the negatives. And one of those negative impacts is that people often mindlessly use their smartphones and just mentally vanish from the world around them while they are on their phones. People get so engrossed in these gadgets that they actually do not realize they are exhibiting a rude behavior through that. Be it ignoring a person in front of you to check the text message you just received or checking the notification in the middle of the conversation. In many ways, we inadvertently disrespect people when we are preoccupied with our phones.

So here are a few smartphone etiquette tips that you must start following right away if you aren’t doing so yet.

1.Put your phone aside.

The primary rule of phone etiquette is to keep your phone aside while you hang out with people or in a meeting. It comes out very rude when you check your phone in the middle of the conversation. Until and unless the matter is urgent, avoid using your phone, replying to that text or scrolling through your social media accounts. Pay attention to the person sitting in front of you, talk to them, that is how you maintain courteous behavior towards your fellow men, be it your friends, co-workers or family.

Put your phone aside

2.Put Notifications on silent mode.

The notification popping on your phone consistently can disrupt the mood and conversation with the person. While you are meeting someone put your phone in silent mode, so there are no distractions while you talk. The flashlight of notifications, a little buzz, or a ringtone can quickly draw your attention to your phone and away from the person sitting next to you. In case you want to be attentive enough for an important message or a call put your phone on a vibrate mode and in your pocket to minimize the distractions.

3.Do not talk and drive.

This is not etiquette to maintain, but a must follow the practice. Many cities, like Austin, Texas, have now banned phone use while driving. It is dangerous to be preoccupied with your phone while driving if the call is important then stop your vehicle on the side and finish talking rather than talking and driving. Safety comes first!

4.Limit the camera use while traveling with a companion

The camera is a great feature but until you know how to use it. This feature is capable of creating a fuss if you go easy on it. It is okay to be fond of taking pictures but going head over heels will only cost you lose the memories you could have created. People often develop a pattern of taking photos rather than experiencing the moment. And when you are traveling with a companion, make sure you keep your camera work to a minimum, ask your friend/companion before you click their picture.

Do not shout while on call

5.Do not shout while on call.

We have all experienced this once in our life; there is always someone speaking loud on the phone conversations. Everyone gets annoyed by such people. Maintain this etiquette when you are somewhere out or even at home; you would not want everyone to listen to what conversation you are having with the person on the other end of the call. Be mindful of the people around you whenever you are in public and speak in a quiet tone. Just in case you are at a loud place, and there’s noise around wait until you get to a quieter place to be able to talk on the call.

6.Respond to urgent texts in an appropriate manner

Manage your conversations and improve your communication skills. The message sent to you will remain there, but the person in front of you might not be available later so you might as well keep that in mind. If the text is urgent or prompting you to respond immediately, respond to them by telling them that you are busy right now and will get back to them soon. In case of urgency, step aside talk to them finish the matter right there and right then and get back to the live conversation you were having.

7.Communicate with care

While communicating through text messages, be very mindful and aware of what you send since it can’t be undone. Every smartphone has a spell check and auto-correct feature; we recommend you to use that. Making typo errors with your conversation shows your carelessness. It doesn’t take much of your time to type correctly before you click the send button; this will improve the impression you leave on others. Also, this gesture makes other people feel considerate and that they are worth your time and effort.


This era of social media and smartphones takes away your most important thing from you, I.e. your time. If you are busy with the virtual world, you are barely living in the real world. So get out of your smartphone zone now and then and get in touch with the world around you and feel more connected to that.

Moreover, since our smartphones these days are not as durable as the ones we had in the last decade, be careful with its usage. In case you happened to break your phone screen, be it Samsung, Motorola or Oneplus phone repair; get in touch with your local mobile phone repair service in NYC to fix your phone.

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5 Things to do when you need to Replace OnePlus 5 LCD Screen, Battery and Charging Port

When using the smartphone over the years, it oughts to damage in a certain way. The reasons are endless; it can be because the of the broken screen or its battery life or the camera quality has blemished. With the constant upgrading of smartphones, it has become one of the many reasons for the repairs.

oneplus repair

Other problems like performance issues, Internet problems, battery worn out, or specific apps not working have emerged with the time. Perhaps, you are looking to fix the same issues you are dealing with your oneplus. Before heading out to a shop, you can have a look at the below tricks for OnePlus 5 repair.

Here, are the top most common reasons that will aid you to find the correct answer to your issues:

1. Performance Issues

Few users have been facing issues regarding the performance with their OnePlus 5. Concerns like reboot, stutter or lag, have appeared that results in battery draining even when you aren’t using the phone.


This issue may have appeared due to the newly installed app. Have a look at the recently installed applications. You can delete the last few apps you had installed before the problem emerged. The last thing you can do if the problem still persists, perform a factory reset and start over. Since you will lose all your data.


2. Connectivity Issues

Wi-Fi issues are pretty standard when it comes to OnePlus 5. You can follow through a few general steps that can help when facing problems with connecting to the internet.


Disable power saving mode or turn off the router that you are using and the phone. Wait for a while before turning on your device. You can even go to the Wi-Fi settings on the device and forget the preferred network you are using before entering the details again from scratch.


3. Adaptive Brightness Issues

Issues regarding the brightness of the OnePlus 5 have also been found. The adaptive brightness does works accordingly.

OnePlus 5

Source: android central


It is stated that this happens due to a software issue. However, the problem was fixed by the updated version of it. Yet some users still are facing the same issue and hopefully, a permanent solution will be available soon.


4. Windows 10 Issue

Some OnePlus 5 devices are not able to recognize the windows 10 update. Making it impossible to transfer files from the phone to the PC. Yet the device will charge through when you plug into the computer.


You can solve the issue by manually changing the settings of your phone. Go to About phone and tap on the build number multiple times until a pop up appears which says, “you are a developer now.” Go to the settings menu to the new section called developer options and then to USB debugging and enable it. Perhaps you have to reboot your phone once you enable this mode.


5. Certain Apps not working

Certain internet apps or games might not work when the devices switch to mobile data but not when connected to Wi-Fi.

Certain Apps not working

Oneplus 5


Simply go to settings to more networks to mobile networks and to access point names. Tap on to APN point names and change the protocol to IPv4 or IPv6. Mostly, this setting is only presented to IPv6 only and thus, which results in working of certain apps only.

Summing up,

These are the issues that OnePlus 5 users might have come across while using it and the potential solutions to fix. If all solutions do not provide you with the expected outcome, you can take on some professional help. Most of the problems are related to software and which can be sorted out with few easy steps. Always make sure to keep your Operating system updated.