Common Damages That Need Samsung Galaxy S5 Repair

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular smartphones today. This Android smartphone is famous for its spectacular hardware, great display, camera, and long battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to be among the most durable types of smartphones available today. However, no matter how sturdy it may seem, it is not 100% immune to various kinds of damages. Below are the common problems and damages that typically call for Samsung Galaxy S5 repair.

Water Damage

Although one of the major features of Samsung Galaxy S5 is its water-resistant design, it does not mean that it is 100 percent safe from water damage. In fact, even Samsung does not give guarantee for its water resistant feature. The company does not even include water damage in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Galaxy S5 Water Damage

Water and any form of liquid can still penetrate into and damage your phone if the back housing or the charge port cover is not perfectly sealed. If in case you accidentally drop your smartphone inside a glass of water or if you unintentionally spilled some liquid on it, it is important that you quickly turn it off to avoid further damage. Also, pull out the battery and never connect the charger unless you are sure it is completely dry.

Broken Screen

A broken screen is perhaps the most common damage your Galaxy S5 may ever experience. Its screen may be sturdy but it is still made of fragile material. Samsung screen is not totally impact-resistant and it can get broken when you accidentally drop or smash your phone. If your phone gets broken, you need to bring it to the nearest repair shop for Samsung Galaxy S5 screen replacement as soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S5 screen replacement

There are two ways to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 screen: replacing the outer glass display and replacing the LCD display. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may just have the display screen replaced.

If you can still be able to use your phone even if the screen is broken, then only the outer layer of the glass (which is not actually part of the hardware component) is damaged. However, if you can no longer use your phone or if the display is already distorted, then you may need Galaxy S5 LCD replacement.

Charging Problems

One of the common issues that Samsung S5 users may encounter is charging problems. Since the introduction of Samsung S5’s USB 3 charge port, the number of users who have experienced charging issues have increased.

If you run into problems with charging your smartphone, or if you happen to notice that it takes almost forever to fully charge your battery, you may need to visit a skilled and trusted Samsung Galaxy phone repair shop and have your charging port replaced.

Galaxy S5 repair

Disassembling and assembling a Samsung Galaxy S5 is a really difficult process. Most of the hardware components of the device are incredibly fragile, most especially the screen, and they can easily get damaged with just a single miscalculation of the technician’s hand movements. Before trusting your precious device into the hands of a technician, be sure that he is truly skilled and certified to perform such kind of repair.