Different Ways To Fix Damaged Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen

Have you accidentally broke the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? If it isn’t broken yet, it would be wise to at least inform yourself ahead of time about the options that you have just in case your precious phone’s screen meets an accident. No matter how thick the screen may be, the fact remains that it is still made of fragile glass and it can get broken any time no matter how careful you are in handling it most especially if you always carry it in your bag or pocket every single day. If you need Galaxy s7 edge screen replacement, below are a few options to choose from.

Broken S7 EDGE

Contact the manufacturer

If your phone is still under warranty or if it is still relatively new, the first step you should take is to contact the manufacturer or visit the nearest Samsung repair center NYC. Normally, a Galaxy s7 edge screen replacement can cost about $270. You also have to leave your phone at the repair center for at least a day. Although having your phone fixed by the manufacturer or by an accredited Samsung repair center is a lot more expensive than going to a third-party repair shop, it is still considered as the best option because the warranty will stay intact even if the phone has already undergone repair.

Protect your phone

S7 EDGE Screen Protector

Prevention is better than cure. This famous line is also applicable to your phone. Because your phone’s screen is not immune to any damage, it is best to at least keep it protected by a screen protector. Many of the Samsung screen repairs start with small cracks that have gotten bigger and bigger over time. Small cracks and scratches can be covered up with a screen protector. The protector can also prevent them from getting worse.

Fix your own phone

If you are confident enough of your knowledge and skill in fixing a broken display screen, you can go repair it yourself. Be reminded, though, that fixing a Galaxy S7 can be more delicate and complicated than the older phone models. It requires patience and caution because even the slightest mistake can lead to additional damage. There are also many do-it-yourself instructional videos and posts online that can help you fix your phone by yourself.

Hire a third party phone technician

Samsung Phone Repair

For cheaper and quicker Samsung phone repair, hire a third party cellphone technician. If you go to a local third party repair shop, you usually do not need to leave your phone for days. Depending on the level of expertise and the experience of the technician, fixing a broken screen can only take a few minutes to an hour. Having your broken screen replaced by a third party repair shop costs only almost half of the price you normally pay for the repair done by the manufacturer.

There are almost countless of cellphone repair shops in New York today. Certainly, not all of these shops are legit. With this large number of available shops, it would be a bit challenging to hire the best technician. Make sure that the one who will handle your phone is highly professional. Before hiring a technician, be sure to ask first if he offers warranty for the service he renders. Also, ask how long will it take to fix the broken screen and how much will it cost.