Essential Steps to Repair Samsung Galaxy s3 Charging Port

  • by Wireless solution
  • December 1, 2014

Some of you may have experienced this problem and hurried out to purchase another charger when the solution was close by with just a small bit of exertion and just a little bit more know how. This is a standout amongst the most often happening points we go over inside the Android group, and ordinarily clients are recently puzzled with the poor battery life on their chosen gadget, instead of it being a serious issue. Anyways, in case you’re having charging problems with your Samsung galaxy S3, here is our aide for how to repair Samsung Galaxy s3 charging port that won’t charge.

samsung galaxy s3 charging port repair

On the off chance that your Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, or other Samsung smart phone won’t charge, has a detached charger, or its charging link drops out of its small scale USB charging port, chances are pocket build up is the guilty party. Numerous cell phone users carry their smart phones in their pockets, and about whether build up works its path into the USB charging port and keep the charging link from making a strong association with the port contacts. Likewise, USB cable jacks have little snares that interlock with the charging port, and build up can likewise make it unthinkable for these snares to justifiably hook. Luckily, it’s not difficult to repair Samsung Galaxy S3 charging port.

samsung galaxy s3 charging port repair

Essential Steps for Samsung Galaxy S3 Charging Port Repair

Further you will find basic steps to repair the charging port on a Samsung Galaxy S3, or any other models you have.

1. First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S3 and disconnect it from the charger.

2. Carefully see the phone’s charging port and the tiny card which has the connection where you connect the charger

3. Embed a little needle into the charging port and gradually, delicately swipe it through the space between the contact card and the USB port dividers

4. As you blow, delicately pull the needle to you and out of the port to evacuate lint

5. Keep wiping the needle around the port until the entire lint is evacuated

6. Presently, your charging cable should lock legitimately and your contacts should make strong associations in the charging port. Your Samsung Galaxy S3 charging port should charge regularly

samsung galaxy s3 charging port repair

NOTE: Be aware, so as not to harm the card contacts with the needle, and attempt this fix at your own risk. In the event that this strategy does not work, you may need to go to repair shop to charging cable or charging port replacement.