Pixel 3a Problems And How To Fix Them

Google aims to offer the same core experience in Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a xl found in its previous Pixel 3 series. These two phones are like cheap versions of the already-great Pixel 3 series. You won’t find any extraordinarily built quality with a great value. These are indeed two fantastic phones entering price brackets that have no competition in the US virtually.

Apart from all the good deals with this new Pixel 3a, some issues come along with it. The problems are often confused with glitches in the gadget by the user, which is not the case. There are some minor issues faced by the customers, which definitely won’t make you question if it is worth the buy. It is worth every buck you pay for such a premium phone at an affordable price.

These problems generally arise when the users made changes to the recommended settings of the phone — failing to do so results in some basic bugs.

Read on to find out some common Google Pixel 3a problems and how to fix them.

Pixel 3a Problems

The problems with Pixel 3a continue to grow as the devices land in the consumers’ hands. Although we haven’t heard of any widespread huge barrier issue, we have seen reports about pesky bugs causing performance issues.

Google Pixel

Connectivity problems

The consumers have faced a lot of connectivity issues with their Pixel 3a. It is almost impossible to get the best out of a smartphone without being able to connect it with other different devices. Therefore, connectivity issues need to troubleshoot, read on to find out how you can do it.

Bluetooth connectivity problem

Find out if it is your device that has a problem, or it is the other devices that have connectivity issues.

At times, overheating stops the Bluetooth and other connectivity features from working. Look out for the same.

Ensure it is not caused by tuning on the safe mode on your phone.

Clear the cache and restart the device and try connecting again; in most cases, this tip works.

Ensure the devices have been paired correctly

Check if the other device is in the range

Check the data you are sharing with other devices if there’s a compatibility issue, or the file is in a different format.

Sometimes, sharing large data causes the problem

Sometimes a few bug fixes can solve the issue

At last, perform a general restart and check if that helps

Wifi connectivity problem

Turn off the wifi and restart your device.

Check the router if it works properly

Make sure your device is in the range

Even a simple reboot can solve the issue

Ensure if the hardware of the device is causing any problem

At times, the problem is caused because the router has been installed recently.

Check for the viruses in your phone, if there’s any, reboot your phone or reach out to an expert to solve the issue

Check network settings and see if the LAN settings have been changed

Wifi may not be working due to the limited access on your connection

The problem might be in the app and not the device

Device slows down

Generally, the device slows down because of heavy apps. Check the overall number of apps in your phones along with their sizes, limit them by uninstalling the unnecessary apps. Rebooting your phone might help in some cases. Even virus in your phone can cause your phone to slow down, check for it to be assured. Also, make sure you are not confusing slow internet connection with slow device performance. Many customers have claimed that an update has solved their issue with the device, try it as this might be the reason too.

Display problems

Display related problems may occur due to the failure of the screen sensor. One of the common reasons is oil and dust particles on the screen that cause issues, ensure that you clean your phone screen with a cloth once in a while.

Poor Battery life

A lot of people have faced the battery issues and realized it really wasn’t the poor battery, so before you jump into the conclusion, do self-inspection test. Ensure that the phone and the data synchronization is not turned ON. The phone brightness consumes much power, try setting the brightness on automatic mode; this might fix the problem. Also, some heavy apps are running in the background that may cause the battery to drain, closing them may help.


We are quite sure that if you are a Google pixel 3a user, you might have come across these common problems. Apply these tips that might fix the issues you face now and then with your phone.