iPhone 8 Plus Repair- Common Glitches & Solution

iPhone 8 plus is one of the most competent and user-friendly handsets with various features in NY. With the release of every version, the company has improved the quality and functionality of the phone. But, like any other electronic device, there are a few issues for which you have to reach iPhone 8 plus repair center. What are these issues? Let’s find out here:

iphone 8 plus


Wait! What? Getting this reaction while using an overheated iPhone 8 plus is obvious. But, it’s true! Many users are facing the overheating issue with this handset. The maximum tendency for an iPhone getting hot is when you are playing AR games, backup restorations, GPS, and playing games of bigger size. iPhone has this inbuilt functionality to disable a few features as flash. A temperature warning is also displayed on the screen after which the phone shut itself off.

The solution to this issue is to let your phone cool down for a while. You can also halt a few apps that are consuming more memory space. Moreover, if you have phone case or cover, take it off so that heat drives away quickly.

Battery Inflammation

iphone 8 plus

There are many cases when the battery of iPhone 8 plus may result in inflammation or swelling. This is the nightmare for every iPhone user as it can detach the screen from device’s body. Hence, the issue is quite serious and applying any DIY method to the swollen battery can worsen the situation. Therefore, it’s preferable to visit the nearby store for iPhone 8 plus repair NY. This is the only way to get through this problem.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Issue

Non-responsive Bluetooth is the biggest issue in iPhone 8 plus. Having an issue in Bluetooth simply indicates that you cannot connect the device with Airpod. This is like watching a movie with no sound. This issue is not about hardware flaws but it’s related to iOS11.

You can resolve this issue by following a few steps, which involves:
1. Open the settings and click on Bluetooth
2. Here you will see “i” icon so, click on it
3. Now, click on “forget device” option then reconnect it

This way you will be able to connect the device through Bluetooth. You can also reset network settings.

Frozen & Impassive Screen

iphone 8 plus broken

Another iPhone 8 plus issue is related to the unresponsive screen. Just imagine you have to make an urgent call but your iPhone screen freezes at the lock screen. Yes, this is awful but you can resolve this issue in no time. All you have to do is force shut down the device by pressing and releasing – volume Up bottom then Volume down button. Now, hold sleep/wake button until you see the apple logo. If the screen is still not responding, contact the iPhone 8 plus screen replacement store.

The Verdict

iPhone 8 plus is a compatible device for everyone. Proper care can enhance the performance of the handset and increase its durability. In the worst-case scenario, it is preferable to reach nearest iPhone 8 plus screen repair store.