Different ways to repair a broken iPhone 5 screen

Smartphones like iPhone 5 can be prone to damage most especially if you use it daily and if it has no protective case. One of the primary reasons why iPhone 5 repair is needed is broken or shattered screen. Before you attempt to carry out any do it yourself iPhone 5 Screen repair, you should explore first some other options. Some of these options are as follows.

Phones, most specifically those that have wide touch screen features, are susceptible to shattering and cracking. And the iPhone 5 is not an exception. One of the major disadvantages of iPhone 5 is that it is very prone to damage most especially if you use it daily and if it has no protective case. A broken display screen is one of the primary reasons why an iPhone 5 repair is needed.

iphone5 repair

iPhones typically come with a warranty. However, when your smartphone got damaged and if it is no longer under warranty coverage, the very first thing that might come to your mind is to repair it yourself. And this can be really possible since there are a lot of easy to follow do it yourself iPhone screen repair tutorials and instructions that you can abundantly find on the internet. But then, before you attempt to carry out any do it yourself iPhone 5 repair, you should explore first some other options. Below are a few options that you have whenever you need your broken iPhone fixed.

Do the first aid

First thing first. The screen of the iPhone is made of glass. If it gets shattered, even a small crack can leave some sharp edges which can possibly fall out or hurt your finger when you use your phone display. In this case, you need to cover the crack with sellotape as a first aid remedy. If you leave these small cracks unattended, they may not only injure you, they may as well worsen the damage over time.

Do it yourself solution

Before starting any DIY repair, you need to check how severe the damage is. If the screen is damaged, you can certain out if it is severe or not. If it still functions normally and you can still use the screen as if nothing happens, then the damage might be just mild and it only affected the outer protective layer of the screen display which can be easier to mend. However, when the screen got unresponsive or if you can no longer use it the normal way, then the LCD might have been damaged. If this is the case, you may need someone professional to do the iPhone 5 repair NYC.

Have Apple repair it

Double check whether or not your phone is still under warranty. If you have purchased AppleCare+, you can have Apple fix iPhone 5 screen at a lesser cost.

iphone5 repair

Go to the nearest local repair shop

Sometimes, going to the local repair shop is not always the best option. Some local smartphone repair NYC shops will charge you more than Apple. Aside from around 40 to 60 dollars for the labor, you will also need to pay for the parts replacement. The cost of the parts will depend on its quality and the supplier as well.

The good thing about having your phone fixed by a local technician is that you no longer have to set an appointment and wait for weeks or months like you do with Apple. You can visit the local shop anytime and wait for a few minutes or 1 to 3 hours for the technician to fix iPhone 5 screen.

When it comes to the turnaround time, the local shop is better than Apple corporate store. That is why they sometimes charge higher than Apple.