Repair your Cracked iPhone Screen with These Tips

Many would agree that smartphones these days are usually pricey and iPhone is insanely so. And if you drop such costly phones like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, 9 and X; smashing their screens can seem like a disaster but actually; it’s not, there are some ways you can get your iPhone repaired in NYC within a day.

What should you do right away

First and foremost, do not panic. If you smash your iPhone screen here’s what you should do right away.

Identify the damage

Damages can differ in terms of intensity, diagnose how severe is the damage caused to your iPhone before taking it to repair or if it even needs any repair or not. Generally, phone screens that are protected by screen protectors do not get damaged; it’s the screen protector that smashes and needs to be replaced.

iPhone repaired in NYC

Secure the smashed pieces with tape

After diagnosing the damage, if you find the glass broken into pieces your next job is to assemble all the pieces before taking it to your nearest repairing store and secure it with tape on your iPhone so that you can use your iPhone in the meantime.

Attach a screen protector

In case the tape doesn’t work for you, go for a screen protector. A screen protector will help keep all the pieces together until you get it repaired. It will also allow you to use the phone if it is in its working condition.

Look for possible solutions for iPhone screen repair

Get your iPhone repaired if you are under warranty

One thing about the iPhone warranty is that if the iPhone is taken apart by anyone other than an Apple-authorized tech, the entire warranty gets voided. And many low-cost repair shops are not always Apple authorized, which means saving little money can cost you voiding your entire warranty.

So if you need a repair, check if your iPhone is still under warranty. If it is, get youriPhone screen repaired directly from Apple service centers, the phone company you bought the phone from or from an Apple-authorized reseller.

Get your iPhone screen repaired through AppleCare

iPhone screen repair

The condition with AppleCare extended warranty is fairly similar. If you have purchased an AppleCare extended warranty, it becomes even more vital that you go directly to Apple since using an unauthorized repair shop will void not only your standard warranty but also the AppleCare warranty.

AppleCare is slightly different than standard iPhone warranty; it covers up to two incidents of accidental damage with a fee for each repair. The rate of repair is likely more than unauthorized repair stores will charge, but it maintains your warranty and allows you to be relieved as the repair is performed by the people best trained to do it.

Fixing cracked screen through iPhone Insurance

If you have purchased iPhone insurance either through your phone company or on your own, you should check on their policies around screen repair to see how it’s beneficial for you.

Most iPhone insurance covers accidental damages differing from case to case. Depending on your policy, you may have to pay a repair and deductible fee, but that combo could be less than replacing the iPhone entirely.

If you do have iPhone insurance, make sure to get facts and policies before committing to use your insurance as there have been many complaints about the bad experiences people have had when they use insurance for these kinds of repairs.

Fixing your iPhone cracked screen if your warranty is exhausted

When you are without any warranty or insurance coverage for your iPhone, you have got more options. In this case, you can choose a local low-cost repair shop since it will save you money. If you don’t have any insurance coverage or warranty you have very less to lose by reaching out to these shops.

Find the repair shop that is experienced in repairing iPhone and has a good reputation. Although there’s no fear of policy violation for your warranty or insurance there is still a little risk in giving your iPhone to an unskilled technician; it could cause additional damage to the body and interior parts of your iPhone, and you might eventually have to buy a new phone.

Get an upgrade if you are eligible for the same

Apple iPhone back glass repair

If it has been a long time since you have had your iPhone, then you might want to spend money on getting a new one rather than spending money on its repair. If you consider switching to a new phone company, you are likely eligible for a discounted upgrade to the newer models.

Check the businesses that buy used iPhones if you do plan to upgrade. They even buy iPhones with broken screens.

That is how you can fix the issue and get your iPhone screen repaired, but you have to take some preventive measures, so it doesn’t happen in the future. And it goes same for the Apple iPhone back glass repair and prevention from repair.

Ways to prevent screen damage in the future:

  • Use cases for your iPhones, they may not entirely protect the phone, but they can save your phone from any dents when falls.
  • Screen protectors are just plastic overlays that protect the screens from scratches and dings, but it also works as an extra defense against cracks on your phone screen.
  • Consider buying AppleCare for your next iPhone if you didn’t do so in the past. It adds a little to your overall costs, but it is worth the money. You get two years of support and repairs from trained experts.


These were the standard solutions for your iPhone screen repair, although there are ways to fix the screen on your own. You can watch the tutorials on YouTube and get the necessary tools from amazon to fix your screen with lesser costs. But this one can seem like the riskiest one; we would not recommend a DIY if you are not someone who comes from a technical background.