iPhone Xs, Xs Max & XR Review : Should You Upgrade or Not?

  • by Wireless solution
  • October 13, 2018

If you are a constant fan of Apple and iPhones, you would know about the recent series that they are bringing to the market. The series has three phones in line, i.e., iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR. While the Xs and the Xs Max are the successors of iPhone X, it is the XR model that is new to the lineup and gaining a lot of attention.


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There can be times when your old iPhone X calls for repair. You could consider iPhone repair in NYC or even buy a new one. When you go with the latter, choosing the best one should be a priority. Here’s a guide to should you be upgrading to any of these handsets or not.


Specifications Of iPhone XS – Starts $999

When looking for small screen phone that is a flagship product of Apple, the new iPhone XS does much more. The best replacement for your iPhone X could be this XS model. The phone supports 4 GB ram as opposed to 3 GB in iPhone X.

iPhone XS is a phone that has the best hardware that is the best pick for professional users. The best thing about the phone is that you get the maximum capacity of 256 GB, which is impressive in itself. If one is fond of using the Smartphone camera, this phone would be the best pick. The phone has a 5.8-inch screen with an A12 Bionic processor. The display is pretty good, and the phone adores great speakers.

The downside of iPhone XS is its average battery life, i.e., 9 hours and 41 minutes. The phone is expensive if the specifications are kept in mind. In case, you are looking for an upgrade, and you prefer a bigger screen, opt for iPhone XS Max.


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Specifications Of iPhone XS Max- Starts $1,099

In case the screen of your phone damages, what do you do? Send it for repair, right? But, when it comes to iPhone, the cost to fix iPhone screen could be much more than expectations. That is when; buying a new set becomes appropriate. The all-new iPhone XS Max is the best choice considering its 6.5-inch screen size.

It is a replacement to your iPhone 8 Plus, thus offers you a quite likely experience. The phone has an HDR10 enabled, and better battery life than the XS model. Its Super Retina OLED display makes it the best in the arena. If you are into gaming, video bunging, or photography, iPhone Max is the best pick for you.

The downside is that it has no significant changes when compared to iPhone X. Not having a headphone jack or a USB-port is another drawback to look for. The phone is really expensive and may be too big to handle.


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Specifications Of iPhone XR – Starts $749

When talking about affordable, the iPhone XR model stands out. The phone is said to have an amazing battery life, just like iPhone 8 Plus. The phone is yet to enter the market, but the unique price factor has already created hype around it.

The XR model supports an A12 Bionic processor just like the XS and the XS Max models. The screen would be around 6.1 inches which are, in turn, more than the XS handset but less than the XS Max. The phone is a promising one when it comes to the battery life it offers.

The downside is its average screen resolution, i.e., 1792 X 828 at 326 pixels per inch. The digital zoom is less as the phone does not have a telephoto camera. There is no Gigabit LTE, and no 3D touch.


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If thinking to upgrade, do go through the detailed review. Your choice depends on how much you could spend and what features matter to you. If you wish to get your iPhone repaired, opt for iPhone repair in NYC and save big!