7 Useful Tips to Extend the Life of Your Phone 8

Accidents happen and your phone can fall and get cracked. Especially when it’s iPhone 8 you may have to be extra careful and get it protected because of its glass screen front and the back. While this glass supports wireless charging, it also is prone to get damaged.

Fortunately, there are various options available in the market to prevent your glass screen from breaking. Also, these options offer protection to your phone and make it look like a brand new device.

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Moreover, why not put some efforts into keeping it safe by yourself? Here, are some great ideas which can help you take better care of your iPhone and keeping it in good condition and increasing its life span.


  • Protect the Screen

Getting your iPhone 8 screen damaged is one of the worst nightmares. Instead of paying huge amount of money for iPhone repair in NYC to replace the filter. You can get an excellent screen protector before any severe damage occurs to it.

Screen protectors are not that much costly in comparison to getting your iPhone 8 screen repair. Buy a ductile screen protector to guarantee that it remains safe. It will drastically decrease the risk of your phone, ending up with a broken screen. So, invest your money in the excellent screen guard for your iPhone.

  • Use protective Case

It is essential to protect the glass back of iPhone 8. Purchasing a high quality back cover will not only prevent the glass from breaking, but also it will protect the phone’s camera from scratching when you put it down on a surface. You can find a wide range of protective cases for iPhone 8 that it will also transform its whole appearance.

You can find materials which include leather, soft, hard, metal, or plastic in the market. However, you need to shop for a cover that is supportive of the glass back. A sturdy case will undoubtedly ensure that your iPhone back screen will remain safe.

Charge it correctly

  • Charge it correctly    

Nowadays, all devices charge faster, last longer, and have a higher density, which means having a longer lifespan. However, you should keep some points in mind to increase the lifespan of its battery.

You should never fully charge your phone up to 100%, especially when it’s at low energy and also you should never let the battery drain thoroughly. The only right way to charge your phone is up to a certain amount. The power should be maintained from 45 to 75 in between. Keep in mind to the charge the iPhone with its original charger itself, not with any other device’s charger.

Check out information security

  • Check out information security

It is essential to make everything in your iPhone password protected. The latest ios devices have fingerprint and facial recognition, which is very secure. Always download the apps from the reliable app store only. The reason being is that the iPhone app store manager is conscientious about what kind of apps they want to accept.

Always make sure that all your apps are up to date; they usually fix bugs and security gaps. So, when you update it an easy way to keep the phone security up-to-date.

  • Use it correctly in the cold weather

Cold weather is considered to complicate the battery life of smart phones. The chemical which produces electricity in the battery slows down in the cold weather. It is advisable only to charge your device when you have managed to keep it warm. Due to the cold air, the battery will be harmed, so when you put your phone back into the pocket, make sure you do not condenses the phone.

Also, when you are out in the cold weather, let the iPhone get used to the warm indoor air and then use it. Such points will help you to increase the life expectancy of the iPhone.

  • Protect it from water

If you drop your phone into the water, you should immediately take action to save it. Dry off the visible moisture with a clean cloth. On the other hand, the detachable parts, such as SIM should be removed. As you complete the drying, place the phone in an airtight bag with some rice in it. The reason for putting the rice is that it will help to dry your phone without damaging it. Keep it in the airtight rice bag for at least two days.

Keep in mind, to never use a dryer or a heater to dry the phone; it will only cause further damage to the internal parts of the phone. Follow these steps to protect your phone from much more significant damage.

  • Remove unnecessary apps

You might have experienced that when your iPhone memory is full, it tends to become much slower, which makes it frustrating for the user. It happens when you have maxed out the storage and RAM capabilities. That makes the phone less responsive while it convinces people to upgrade it.

So, make sure that you regularly remove the unnecessary apps, pictures, or texts messages that you do not use daily.

In a nutshell, the points mentioned above will help you out to expand the lifespan of your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. With keeping the points in mind, you will save your money of visiting iPhone repair in NYC and increasing its life span. Whether you just have bought the iPhone 8 or if you are thinking to buy one, these points will guide you through it.


Here, are some things you can do to preserve the lifespan of your phone battery. It will guide you through the way of maintaining your device, which will be certainly worth your time.