How Cold Weather Must Be Impacting Your iPhone And What To Do About It

  • by Wireless solution
  • January 27, 2020
iPhone Repair

Cold weather doesn’t only affect us but also affects our electronic devices, especially those powered by lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries cannot function well at lower temperatures. When you take your iPhone out on an extremely cold day, you can notice how the battery diminishes and you might need an iPhone repair. Those who live in cold climates are familiar with this. This is because the lithium-ion batteries diminish the flow of electricity and slow down under cold temperatures.

We cannot consider it as a flaw with Apple products because the same goes for any lithium-ion battery-powered device. You cannot change the batteries because of that, what you can do instead is keep it safe and protect it from permanent damage while you are somewhere cold.


Keep your iPhone warm

You cannot always afford to avoid taking your phone outside in cold weather so instead, just like you keep yourselves warm you can keep your iPhone warm too. Putting your phone in an inside pocket of the jacket you are wearing can work as a good trick. Inside the warmth of a thick jacket, your phone should remain in a functional condition without getting damaged. And in case you cannot do that, ensure that you keep it as close to your body as possible.

This trick obviously would not allow you to use your iPhone. However, you can use your headphones to access your iPhone, the button of Apple’s headphones allow you to control some iPhone functions. For instance, you can invoke Siri just by pressing and holding the center button of the headphones. Moreover, taking the phone out and then returning it to a warm place repeatedly would do your iPhone more harm.

Turn off your iPhone

iPhone is capable of withstanding much greater temperature range when turned off. Turning it off entirely and not just putting it to sleep can help maintain the functioning of your iPhone when not in need. Ensure when you return to a warmer climate, you do not turn it on right away.

It goes right about electronic devices and even some form of media such as video and audio cassettes; that turning them cold can warm it quickly. But the rapid change in the environment has more adverse effects on these electronic gadgets, the temperature can expand components too quickly which causes damage to the device. It is best to wait for your iPhone to come up to room temperature, you just have to ensure that it doesn’t feel cold to touch.

Turn off your iPhone

Get a thermal protection case

The high-end solution to using your iPhone in extreme temperature is thorough getting a thermal protection case. These high-tech thermal cases have fans and heating elements that help keep your iPhone operable even in extreme temperatures. These cases are generally 5 mm thick and are constructed of anodized aluminum.

Use Apple Watch instead

Use Apple Watch instead

Although the Apple Watch’s operating temperature is the same as iPhone’s, the heat from your body will help keep it from getting too cold. So your Apple watch may function better in cold weather. Since you can hide it under your heavy coat make sure you expose it only for glances.

The front of the Apple watch is sapphire glass which works like an insulator during the cold weather. The back of the device is either ceramic or composite material and metal so the body heat keeps the device warm enough to use.

Keep a charger for emergencies

Knowing the vulnerability of iPhone to cold weather, it is vital to be prepared for emergencies. In case of emergencies, like you being stuck in the snow, having a cold iPhone that isn’t working can feel like a nightmare. Always carry a car-compatible charger for your iPhone.

Keep a charger for emergencies


There was no way to control the freezing cold weather but fortunately, there are some ways to protect your iPhone during the extreme temperature range. However, even if you fail to make an extra effort into securing your iPhone in the cold weather, know that the effects of cold weather on your device are only temporary.