Learn These iPhone X Tricks (if You haven’t already) To Make Your Lives Easier

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Apple launched iPhone X in 2017, it received fair demand since it was the new high tech smartphone in the market. A lot of people invested in it. If you too are on the list you also may find yourself confused with different features it offers. From how to operate without the home button to many features that have been moved around. We have compiled the list of tricks and tips that will help you get the hang of things really fast.

Our minds are prone to get used to quickly to the things we often operate and also the way we operate them. It is a little difficult to unlearn those old habits and swiftly adapt the new ones. But it will definitely be worth it once you give it a try.

Trust yourself and dive into this compilation of tips and tricks to use iPhone X:

  1. Wake it with a Tap

Absence of home button may feel like having an incomplete iPhone, it must take you a moment to realize you have to click the power button on the side to wake your phone. But in iPhone X there is a default feature “Tap to Wake”, turn it on to see your lock screen just with a tap. If you wish to deactivate the feature then you can even turn it off by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Toggle off “Tap to Wake”.

  1. Switch apps swiftly

Switch apps swiftly

Since there is no home button, you will need to learn a whole new set of gestures. We understand how tricky switching apps can get without the home button but fret not for we have a new trick to make it easy and smooth for you. According to Apple, the standardized way of switching apps in the iPhone X is to swipe up from the gesture bar towards the screen center and wait for the App Switcher to appear once you feel a little vibration. This technique will require patience and persistence. However, you can instead try swiping up at a 45-degree angle to the right. Else, just take app switcher out of the picture itself. Use the quick horizontal swipe feature which directly allows you to glide between the recent apps. This technique is fluid and fast, however, it was found that the system remembers the sequence of recent apps only for a while.

  1. Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot without the home button is no rocket science, you can simply click the power button and volume up button key simultaneously to take the screenshot.

  1. Access your control center easily

Access your control center easily

Access the control center by swiping down from the right corner of the screen. This could be uncomfortable, you might have to use both your hands. Customize the Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.

  1. Animoji stickers

Animoji stickers

Animojis are fun and super addictive, especially after the karaoke remixes. Now you can send custom animoji stickers on messagesas well. For doing this, go to the Animoji recording feature like you usually do, then tap the App Store icon which is towards the right of the camera button. Tap on the animojis and touch and hold the record button in red or tap the animoji to send an animated photo. You can even record a video for up to 110 seconds and send them through iMessage.

  1. Force quit apps

Force quit apps

In iPhone X there is a different process of force quitting the apps. In case any app freezes, go to the app switcher and tap and hold to enter the force quitting mode until you see a red minus sign on the left corner of the apps. Then swipe up on an app that you wish to quit. Then tap on the empty bottom to go back to the home page.


We understand that many iPhone X features are not as intuitive for an iPhone user, it takes time to relearn things and that is totally fine. And in case, this high-tech product gets damaged, reach out to the efficient technicians for iPhone X repair near you.