Samsung Repair in NYC: A Step-By-Step Guide to Screen Replacement

We live in a world where cell phones have become as ubiquitous as clothes. From the morning alarm to the late night conversation, everyone keeps them 24*7. As a result, the adoption of new smartphones is happening in a whirlwind, and we are always looking forward to new features in these small gadgets.

Samsung repair in NYC

Since the advent of Samsung mobiles, the mobile industry has seen an incredible rise in demand. Futuristic design, outstanding camera, and cool features are some reasons that these smartphones have become the primary choice of a huge number of customers. If you also own a Samsung mobile phone and looking for Samsung repair in NYC, then here is a complete get started guide for you.

Welcome to your Samsung repair learning Journey!

STEP 1: Since everything is uncertain, it is no surprise that mobile phones also happen to get damaged, just like other things. So, first of all, calm your mind and gather all the necessary equipment. To replace the screen of Samsung mobile successfully, you will need a nylon spudger, a SIM removal, a cross headed screwdriver, tweezers, adhesive roll, a heat gun, and of course, a new screen.

STEP 2: After gathering all the tools, turn your phone off. To perform this task, all you require to do is long press the power button. Within a few seconds, the power menu will appear and then tap on the power off option.

TIP: Record yourself while following the below steps or keep taking a few pictures of the mobile after each step. It will help you reassemble it safely without much hassle.

Samsung galaxy repair NYC

STEP 3: Take the SIM removal tool and insert it in the small hole on the mobile. Use your fingers to take out the SIM card and MicroSD card tray.

NOTE: If you are searching for Samsung galaxy repair NYC, then you may not have the SIM ejector tool because old devices had SIM try on the back.

STEP 4: Now is the time to lift the case of your Samsung Galaxy mobile. Use the nylon spudger and slide it all the way through it slowly. If you do not have the spudger, then a stiff plastic card will work for you. Do not forget to detach the fingerprint cable from the motherboard before taking off the case. This process is easy and may take hardly five minutes.      

STEP 5: Remove the fingerprint sensor from the adhesive carefully with the spudger. After removing it successfully, you will see around 14 screws on the mobile.  Use the cross headed screwdriver to open all the screws. After that, take off the NFC and wireless charging panel. Use the same technique to remove the lower antenna.

STEP 6: This is one of the most significant steps in the guide to Samsung s8 screen repair. Disconnect the cables from the motherboard with the help of spudger. It requires the precision of work, so give extra consideration while disconnecting either the cables or daughterboard connector.

STEP 7: Gone are the times when there used to be removable batteries. The latest Samsung mobile phones come with non-removable batteries that are placed with the help of adhesive. So, make sure to keep the battery free from adhesive before removing it from a mobile.

Samsung s8 screen repair

STEP 8: Show the magic of your screwdriver and take off the left screws. Lift the USB, type-C port, and other important things with the spudger. Now, come back on the top and remove the sensors, and SAT. This step is a bit tricky, and if you are scratching your head trying to understand all these terminologies, then either consider getting the help of a DIY video or take your mobile to the professionals.

STEP 8: Now comes the time to take out the volume and Bixby buttons. Get the tweezers in your hand and do it. A word of advice here is to avoid the rush; it may make things only worse. This step may look simple, but it is the most complex, and a slight mistake may deteriorate the whole thing. If you would not want to pour your money and sweat down the drain, then take some time and relax your hands and eyes.

Samsung s8 screen repair

STEP 9: Pick up the heat gun to remove the adhesive from the screen. Use it on the edges and get rid of glue with the help of a sharp knife or a stiff plastic card. Keep rotating it around all the corners until the adhesive is cleared. Finally, get your new screen and replace it with the old one. Whether you are searching for Samsung s8 or Samsung Galaxy S9 screen replacement, it is imperative for you to have the right tools.   

STEP 10: After disassembling the mobile, follow the above steps in reverse order to reassemble it. Start from the screen by using adhesive roll, then put back the volume & Bixby buttons, SAT, USB, type-c port, cables, battery, and other essential things. Put everything back just like you took out.  Besides, do not forget the screws; tighten them with the help of the screwdriver.

Now you are ready to repair the Samsung Galaxy mobile on your own.

Samsung repair

To Summarize

That was the ultimate guide to Samsung repair in NYC. As you can see, it requires precise efforts to get the screen replacement done. If you do not possess any experience of a screen replacement, getting the help of a professional is the safest possible option.