Tips to Maintain your iPhone Data Usage

Plenty of times you notice that your iPhone features have eaten away your monthly data allotment without your knowledge. To maintain your monthly data until the end of the month, you need to be aware of what is eating it up and drains your data by the end of the month.

Have a look at the tips to maintain your monthly iPhone data usage and keep your monthly bill under control.

Avoid paying overage fees for your data usage with the following tips:

  • Disable Background App Refresh

iPhone has this feature set as default where it keeps refreshing the apps in the background, so you get the latest updates on your iPhone when you open it. While this feature is smart enough to keep you up-to-date, it can rapidly eat away at data without your knowledge. You can turn off background App Refresh entirely or choose the apps that you don’t want to refresh automatically in the background by going to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

  • Check Apps Using Cellular Data

It’s important to know which apps are consuming the most data so you can have control over them. Go to Settings > Cellular; there you will see a list of apps in descending order of data usage for the current billing period. You can toggle off the apps that you think is consuming more than its fair share.

  • Prevent downloads without Wi-Fi

Another way to reduce your monthly data usage is to prevent any downloads when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store, then toggle ‘Use Cellular Data’ to off. By turning it off, you can prevent your device from using cellular data for your downloads.


  • Download your music

Streaming music for long stretches when you are online can consume a whole lot of your data pack. Download your playlists and podcasts to listen to them on the go without any data usage.

  • Review your social media settings

Social media apps eat up an enormous amount of data to keep your news feed up-to-date with the latest news, photos, and videos. If you are someone who tends to spend most of their time on social media, be sure to review the settings in your social media apps to limit your data usage.

  • Turn off Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi assist is a feature that prevents interruption from loading pages by turning on the cellular network when the Wi-Fi signal is weak. For instance, if you work using your weak Wi-Fi network on your iPhone, then your mobile data may be assisting more and increasing the data charges. Disabling Wi-Fi assist will prevent cellular data from exhausting without your knowledge. You can turn it off later on when you need.

To disable Wi-Fi assist, go to Settings > Cellular and scroll at the bottom to turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

Wi-Fi Assist

  • Disable Cellular Data for iCloud

If you are someone who uses iCloud to move files or data back and forth between devices, then you should know it could cost you higher data charges for it. And if you work on Pages document on your cellular data, this means your iCloud is active in the background saving all the changes you make during the process.

So in order to avoid that, you can turn cellular data off for iCloud with these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > iCloud
  2. Then scroll all the way down and toggle off iCloud

This will prevent your data from using up without your knowledge.


These are a few basic tips and tricks to save you from using up the data by the end of the month. Moreover, we are here to provide you with all kinds of iPhone repair solutions, reach out to us in case of any damage caused to your iPhone.