How to fix the most common issues with LG G8 repair?

Are you facing trouble with the prominent LG G8 repair? If yes, read on to find what you are capable of doing to minimize the mess!

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Even though the LG G8 is one attractive-looking mobile phone with lit features and a robust camera, a boombox speaker which is crazy loud, it’s not perfect. Just like other smart gadgets you might face issues with batteries, broken screens, Wi-Fi, or anything alike.

So, if you own the same smartphone and are facing the same issues, this article will enlighten you about the most bourgeois issues you might be dealing with. Thankfully, most of them are very easy to fix. Read till the end to get the best of everything.

  • Battery Life Problems

LG G8 Battery Life Problems

The 6.2 inch LG G8 has a huge 3500 mAh battery life which lasts longer than expected. Despite that, the battery life deteriorating is familiar trouble for LG G8. There is one easy fix that you can try before taking your phone for LG repair. Change a few things in settings and you are good to go.

Firstly go to setting and click on battery & power saving and then battery usage. If there is a random app force kill so that it will stop draining your battery there. It is also recommended to uninstall applications that are misbehaving.

Other than that you can try out hasty remedies like customizing location settings, close background apps, turning down the brightness when not needed. Simply, performing these quick fixes you can boost your phone’s battery.

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  • Fingerprint Scanner

Often, there are two main problems, one being a failed scan or scanner performing while it’s in your pocket. Fixing this issue is easy. Firstly ensure that you have a lock screen password in addition to the scan which you most probably have. That way it won’t activate the fingerprint scan itself and drain the battery.

The failed scan is amenable by deleting your fingerprint and restoring it once more. It is prompted to even try saving the same fingerprint twice for more effective results and rapid scans.

  • Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi is another common issue with everyone, but it’s not usually due to the phone. But it can due to the software update or the system or some apps. Before we move ahead, let’s make sure that you check out whether or if there is any new update. It is very essential to always be on the latest software.

If you still are having the same crunch you can try the following:

  • Rebooting your phone
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and resuming it.
  • Unplug your router for 2-3 minutes and starting over.
  • Lastly, forget the particular network and connect it again.

These fixes will definitely give your device a fresh start. If not, take your device to the LG repair store and get it sorted once and for all.

  • Camera Issues

LG G8 Camera Issues

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 Common camera lag includes slow to click, focus or just performance in general. Whether it’s due to switching between two lenses, or taking a while for the camera to open or click the picture. Probably this can be solved over time with a software update and can improve its performance. However, you can try turning off HDR mode and getting a better or a new microSD card.

  • Performance & Lag

Does your LG G8 device is lagging while opening apps and games? This shouldn’t happen in such a prominent mobile phone yet the heavy usage of cell phones results in hindering of device. Eventually leading to a total knock out.

You can mend this issue by rebooting your phone, do it frequently. Also, ensure that all the apps are updated. It is recommended to use the LG smart cleaning tools and services to quickly remove unused apps and files. Doing this will basically keep your phone running at its best performance.


LG G8 has a lot going on. It’s durable and it has a headphone jack while it also is hand gesture sound promising. Overall talking this device is a pretty dependable phone but even the most prominent electronics have its drawbacks. Hence, the above article will cover you with the top-notch issues that you might be facing which are fixable.

If everything else fails, you can visit our store Wireless Solutions in NYC for LG repair. Our experts technician will most certainly mend you as good as new.