Our Steps to Reduce Transmission Of COVID-19

  • by Wireless solution
  • May 15, 2020

A phenomenon like a coronavirus is no indifferent to individuals, it has no caste nor creed, it hits just the way we are. It has now become a global challenge where countries like Itlay, USA, China have become COVID-19 favorite victims.

The USA is hit by the unparalleled challenge which cannot be defeated. In the USA, New York has the worst of all constant growing cases in the whole country. The city which never slept has now become a ghost town in a ghost nation. People are overwhelmed by the situation, it is difficult to find the normalcy in abnormal times.

No one has any clue regarding what this pandemic will result into, will it become new normal, or the brief calm before the storm or a wise reaction that may allow for a change of common life?

The pandemic started at a slow pace where people began to adapt to a new grim of life “social distancing”. Everyone started excessive washing their hands, wearing masks and rubber gloves to keep them safe and away from the worse happening.

During this strange time, families are waiting for their loved ones to arrive home at safety but now arriving home comes at a cost, and to stay self-quarantine for 14 days.

The medical facilities are churning like an overburned plane to take off with too much of a load. People are discharging and confining at a rapid pace in the hospitals, while there is already national lockdown announced. Anyone who has flu-like symptoms are getting the test done urgently. Everyone in the city is watching and moving forward, one day at a time.

Individuals are panic buying all over, there are supermarkets which have now become an empty place. Each and every vegetable is gone from the food store as are snacks. Everyone is on their own.

The only way right now of this pandemic is social distancing and isolation which may help in flattening the curve which is rising rapidly. The government has made known the social isolation.

The greatest irony of this pandemic is that it punishes the people who are out risking their lives the most(medical workers). Communities with the healthiest place seem to be at a greater risk than anyone else.

Looking at the current situation it may somehow change New York City forever. Many places may stay closed, some practices may be maintained and the online world may get a boost. Right at the moment, everyone has to play their part by staying home and that’s the only way known. As outside new patterns are adopted with wide spacing and greater caution. Be it stores, restaurants everything will work in a different way. And let’s hope the world becomes a better and safe place to live again.