Master The Oxygen Os On One Plus 5 With These Tips

One plus 5 unveiled in 2017 and it has left an impression of a great phone on customers’ minds. Its sleek and slim body makes it a classy one in the market. And it is all the more powerful with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The curved, bright and vivid AMOLED screen looks stunning along with the dual rear camera to capture the incredible photos.

However, no matter what hardware has to offer you in phones, its what inside it that counts. The Oxygen OS exposes every corner and niche of the One Plus 5’s software experience. This software has a lot to offer to One plus 5 users this time. Read on to learn about some amazing tips and tricks for the best experience.

Customize the shelf

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One plus 5 provides a pinboard like shelf on the left-most side of the home screen. To enable the shelf manually you will have to long-press a blank spot on the one plus 5’s launcher then the “customize” button and then tap “Enable Shelf”. however, usually, it appears at its place by default.

Later on, all you will have to do is add the shortcuts and widgets to the shelf. To get the options, tap the round-shaped icon in the lower-right corner, you can even resize them. You will notice the draggable “handles” at the bottom; these handles help you shuffle things around by pressing and holding on the widget, you can move it up or down on the shelf. Wish to remove a widget from the shelf? Just press and hold on the widget and glide it to the right slowly where you will see three bars or the trash can.

Not only the widgets you can even add notes or reminders to the widget by selecting the option “Memo”.

Personalize one plus 5’s home screen

If you don’t like the default home screen arrangement the Oxygen OS gives you the ability to personalize it based on your preferences. You can do so by tapping and holding on the blank space on your home screen, after a few seconds, you will notice the center screen fading and three buttons in the bottom row appear: Wallpaper, Widgets, and Settings. The wallpaper and widgets pretty much speak for themselves where you can choose your favorite wallpapers and add home screen widgets. But the third option settings is the more interesting part.

The settings menu is where you will find toggleable gesture shortcuts. Open settings just with a top-down swipe and a left swipe to bring the Oxygen OS’s shelf.

Optimize the Battery

Although Oneplus 5 and One plus 5t have a long battery span with a single charge. It can still eat up with a few tweaks here and there.

Oxygen OS comes with a “dark mode” option that inverts the color scheme of every menu. The pixels of the screen switch off to produce the black color that helps in power saving. Head to Settings > Display > Theme and tap the theme button to enable it.

Another way to save power is to optimize the screen brightness well. Choose the option of adaptive brightness that decides the intensity for you considering the available light.

Use the physical alert slider

The One plus 5 offers something that most phones don’t, it has a slider on the side that switches between “Silent”, “Ring” and “Do Not Disturb” modes. The feature is unique on its own but it gets even more interesting with the Oxygen OS software.

You get to customize Do Not Disturb mode by going to Settings > Alert Slider > Do Not Disturb. If you do not wish to see reminders or events just toggle them to hide from the view. You can easily cut off certain people with do not disturb by creating your favorites in contact lists. Go to “Manage favorite contacts” to customize.

In Summary

These were some of the most interesting updates that Oxygen OS has brought for the One plus 5 users. Try them out to get the complete experience of this one of a kind phone.